When suddenly you face the reality that your BFF became your crush.

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  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

Do you plan on confessing?

  • Op
9 months ago

Scared to ruin everything- though I think he’d be cool about it. I just worry it might make him uncomfortable? Then put a strain on things? Especially if he knew how deeply I fell....

Think I can hide my feelings?

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

Keep it strictly platonic for now.

If you think he reciprocates that should be the perfect time to tell him.

  • been there done that
9 months ago

I confessed to mine, despite all the red flags and it was awkward for a month, then we got close again, then things kinda never get back to how it was. The oversharing & fllirting and all that kind of slowed down. To me, It’s better than wondering forever? But be prepared for things to change as well. So don’t rush it if you know deep down you/ they’re not ready.

  • anonymous lover
9 months ago

Well how can you be sure he doesnt feel the same way? Sometimes confessing your feelings has a way if working out

  • Cry baby
6 months ago

Tell them you will regret it..

I developed a crush on my friend Josh.. turns out he felt the same. But I was scared to ruin our friendship he was my safe place. He promised, he’d never dream of hurting me...I was too afraid.

He was my everything...

Some years later he got back with the same girl that broke his heart and had a baby by the guy she cheated with.

One day I txt him and go a txt telling me to stop texting him.. which wasn’t like him. It was her. She made him cut me off, she made him cut everyone off.

I havnt heard from him in 8 years and honestly it hasn’t gotten any easier.

Myself and other friends of him have left him messages every year on his birthday reminding him that we still miss him and love him... but nothing.

I still dream of him and those eyes of his...

I knew he would of been everything I wanted and more... if only I wasn’t so scared..

  • ^^
5 months ago

Just express and get it over with .

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