i love the way you smile when you talk. i love the way your neck looks when your hair is over your shoulder. i love your passion. god, i love your eyes, i really do. they shine amber, you know? when they used to meet mine, i felt my stomach drop. i could hear my heartbeat. it was so good to see them again. bittersweet, but worth it.

i want to write about you, but i won't ever talk to you, will I? still, still, i'll think about your smile for a little while longer. do you mind? you don't know, you never could, you don't know me. you might not even remember my name. but you're in all of my bookshelves.

i want you to meet my dog.

(that's the best declaration of a crush i could think of).

love, a writer.

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  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

This is so sweet!

  • anonymous lover
8 months ago

I want him TO BE my dog

  • ^
5 months ago

Dogs are ewww i prefer cats they are awesome.

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