You ever have a crush and just think, "I have no chance, why am I trying?"

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

All the time

  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

Yes Welcome to our Club.

I could care less what people say- there ARE leagues, and he is way out of mine.

  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

That was me as teenager.

  • anonymous lover
22 days ago

Thing is...

Thing is that I’ve had at least two boyfriends that started out as the untouchable out of my league crush

And yes it feels like you manifested your dream

And yes it hurts so bad when it ends

But it can and does happen that people date outside their “level”

  • yes! ^^
20 days ago

love this ^^ so true! you always have a chance

  • Sam Aponte
16 days ago

Man listen, in high school I was the awkward unnoticeable girl people didn’t even remember going to school with. My friend was the popular girl oddly enough, long black hair bright green eyes.. everyone fell over themselves for. I made friends with this guy whom I instantly thought “ah shit here goes another crush that’ll never happen”

One day in the winter I missed my bus and he gave me his hoodie to wear on the long walk home... I came back to school and my supposed friend was in the counselors office crying her eyes out saying I stole her boyfriend. Never knew she had a crush on him and what’s funny is he never even met her before. After that to appease her I stopped talking to him all together I dodge him in the hallways everything... til one day he caught me and yelled at me for ducking him. He gave me a huge hug.. when conveniently some girl shoved me right next to him and asked me why I took her cousins boyfriend Josh from her. I said I didn’t they weren’t hearing it. Josh told her to cut it out and kick rocks. To which she responded “ and who the hell are you” to which he says “ I’m Josh” she sat there stunned and then asked “so are you guys dating.” He told her it was none of her damn business.. and before I knew it I was dating the kid everyone seemed to have wanted. Lmao. The shit is I thought that shit only happened in movies. But it happens... and don’t think any less of yourself if doesn’t...

  • anonymous lover
10 days ago

I stop trying a long time ago.

Good things never happen to me. I am always the girl who had unrequited crush in the history.

  • anon
4 days ago

not to flex but the guy i last had a crush on ended up liking me back... but he had emotional problems so we never ended up dating,18 months wasted :)

  • ^^
2 days ago

For us girls easy though ,just a little flash 😈 & we can win any heart lol.

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