you noticed me. your voice... it just... gets to me.

it’s weird that you noticed me because I never would’ve guessed that from someone like you

but then you learned my name— quickly. And the other pieces fell into perspective


that’s... not a usual one.



you’re a gem. an absolute treasure. the best find.

your heart seems light and pure. full of life and contentment. a joyful place to be.

“too cute”


do you still want to chat? say hello?

you make me a little bashful.



you’re a different, aren’t you?

you’re sanctified. set apart. it shows all over.

you’re bashful with a sense of humor hiding underneath, I think

you have a lot of life ahead of you

the nervousness in your voice.... it takes a lot to stand up and speak, doesn't it?

brave. faithful.

your voice. it’s sweet.

your eyes sparkle, too

I used to count the days I would see you. I lost count

but the amount of times you’ve spoken to me?

four. It’s four.


as time passes, it only gets more interesting.

why has life played out like this?

I’m unsure


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  • anonymous lover
4 months ago

I see you around here writing a lot, keep it up! Your pieces are always so well-written, and so beautifully heartfelt!

  • BeeSumthin
4 months ago

This is written so well and I connect to it 🙌🏻

  • ramble
4 months ago

thank you both for your sweet words ♥️

  • BeeSumthin
one month ago

^^^ It makes me wet down there to this day .

  • mm
one month ago

your writing is absolutely gorgeous. and the way you love or lust or like is magic

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