Ghosting you was so stupid. I just want to be around you. 

I want to see you laugh and hear you talk about anything and feel my heart thump when I catch that first glimpse of you and stare at you like a creep. 

I want to over analyze our interactions and assign new songs to you instead of listening to the old ones over and over.

I love everything about you and I really miss you. You’re one of my favorite people in the world and I’m sick of pretending you’re not.

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Why did you ghost them? You must have had a reason

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Tell the person!!!!!!!!

  • untamed flame
one month ago

This is so relatable

  • Recently Ghosted
16 days ago

Tell them. Chances are, they miss you too.

  • ejb
16 days ago

awe bb :(

  • :<
16 days ago

i lowkey wish this was for me but oh well...

pls tell them op, you never know.

  • anonymous lover
16 days ago

It seems like the ghosts always show back up eventually but it's never quite the same as it was before bc the trust is gone

  • pw
15 days ago

i wish this was for me tell them you never know

  • cj
15 days ago

I really wish this was from my person...being on the other side of it, please reach out to them

  • Anonymous
5 days ago

Tell her. I swear she misses you too and just waiting for your call.

  • A
3 days ago

I can relate to this. Although i dont regret it cause i had a reason. But i miss them so much and always think about them. Nothing is stoping me from messaging them. Except that i feel like they hate me by now and i feel like i would disrespecting them if i went back. I just wish things were different. There's a lot of experiences i wanted to share with its over. I left at the worst moment too. I just feel like a bad friend overall. They were my last best friend. :(

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