If they won’t give you their time. They’re not worth it. You are worth so much, and I promise you, you will find someone who values you as much as you value them. This is why it’s worth it to not give up.

Everything is going to be so good so soon if you keep moving forward. The worst thing you can do is give up on yourself. Love yourself more than anyone else because you are the main character in your life, and when you have no one, you will have yourself.

You are worth learning to love.

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  • Sigh
4 days ago

Thanks OP, I needed this badly.

  • untamed flame
4 days ago

Needed this, too. Thank you!

Sending love <3

  • dead end
4 days ago

too late

i gave up a long long time ago

they dont even respond anymore

  • anonymous lover
2 days ago

good timing :)

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