I often wondered and tried to imagine the kind of person who could love me back and I always come up blank. Surely no one would be able see through all the facade and still want to date me as much as I want to date them. It’s just not possible. Its just one of those things that I have always known would never ever happen. 

Then I met you and you are absolutely the last person I would expect to fall in love with me.

I have written so many letters here. Some to my once crushes, others to random strangers and a handful addressed to a no one, a shadow, a person ive always wanted to think into existence but never could.

And when I met you, you are the last person I would think to fall in love with but I-no-we did. 

I wrote a letter here once about life not being like fairytales and how im not a prince, a knight or even an ogre, and I could never get the princess because I’m more of the stable girl but look at me now, I got the queen ♥️

-17/ writer in love with another writer

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