Im at another low point in my life with these failures. I feel so unworthy of anything right now. There are other people the same age as me who have their life figured out.

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  • Don’t give up
4 days ago

people figure out their life then unfigure it again. and age is just a number. good luck 💙

  • Never compare yourself to others
4 days ago

No 2 life- situations are alike. This is a trap we all fall into, but it is a trap none-the-less. Besides, we only grow through “failures.” Meet someone who is perceived as being successful at everything, and that person most likely appreciates nothing, and will crumble at the first setback that occurs.

All these failures are life lessons, and they are all happening because they have to happen, so you can become a success at what you are meant to do. Keep plugging away, hang tough, and don’t this stuff so personally....a lot of the greatest minds had tons of failures, but kept moving forward in everything- including love.

  • Failure and success is subjective
3 days ago

Figure out what makes life worth living for you. Don’t compare yourself to others.

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