I didn't include your entire name in fear you may someday stumble across this. I am cemented between a double edge sword of dying to reach out to you, but cautiously remaining silent. From the first moment i saw you i instantly felt this peculiar hinge of tethering between the two of us. You caught my eye from across the room and then i experienced what most great writers reminisce about. The awakening of my inner monologue screaming towards you while the rest of the faces in the room in an instant become lifeless. You not only lit a spark inside my heart, you carefully opened it with your delicate hands and with a broom named love you swept away the dirt and despair that was weighing me down. You took a silk ribbon with your name stitched on the side of it and closed my still beating, once cold heart and created a home for you. I keep pieces of you in there hoping one day while on your voyage of life you will take a map out of your pocket and follow the steps back to me. With my heart being a large red X upon other small x's that could never compare to depth of the timeless ecstasy we once shared. My love, such a commonly used term. I never was one who fully grasped the four letter word before loosely using it with many, but you have taught me the true meaning to this four letter word and gave it life. Hopefully by the time i come back this to this site i will share our train ride of companionship together. Until then,


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  • untamed flame
one month ago

This is beautifully written x

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

thank you

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