i loved you at your darkest.

you walked away and took all the stars in the night sky with you.

i remember it so vividly.

I remember the empty feeling.

once again, someone leaving me behind.

i lost myself.

always having to kiss a bottle to end my days.

but you see, Vodka was easier to swallow then the fact that you weren’t coming back.

“Don’t forget, you still mean everything to me.”

i can still hear your voice telling me that.

as if it just happened.

life’s a funny thing, taking us on new paths.

yet i’m still bumping into you.

souls don’t speak. yet ours spoke fluently.

yet it feels forbidden for us to speak the words our souls are saying.

I wish...

i don’t even know..

~McKinzie S

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  • anonymous lover
4 months ago

What do you wish

  • anonymous lover
4 months ago

I love your writing.

  • McKinzie
4 months ago

i don’t even know what i wish.. things have changed so much.

thanks for the compliment, it means a lot ❤️❤️

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