I sent him the letter word for word that I wrote here,...I bared my heart and soul full well knowing he could strike me down so easily.

Now I see him regularly and I think he's the one.

Take the risk you guys...it may not turn out the way you want but if you don't you will never know. Living a life of regret is far worse than putting your neck on the chopping block momentarily.

Just do it. Send them your letter.

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  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

I'm happy it worked out in your favor!

  • OP
2 months ago

Thank you kind stranger

  • anonymous lover
2 months ago

congrats to you

  • Sayuri
one month ago

This reminds me of the thought catalog Tell the People You Love That You Love Them:


It’s well worth the read and I still live by it even years after first reading it.

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