i sincerely hoped your 'next time' meant tomorrow.

it's been a year and a half love.

i should have known your 'next time' meant 'never'.


if this makes it to front page, i'll take courage and message him first.

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

don't. if they wanted to message you, they would

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Sometimes people are just shy

  • Puffin
one month ago

sometimes people lose the contact information... the trail is lost.

and a spontaneous, random meetup has low probability to reoccur during one’s lifetime

planet earth is very big

with billions of people

  • im a creepy human
one month ago

contact info can also be changed over time

maybe they don’t want to be found

  • sadone
one month ago

i think you should do it, take the leap. if you did it already ,how'd it go? hoping for the best:)

  • anonymous lover
one month ago


  • tacenda sa
one month ago

if its been more than a month,,,i would not do it however if its yourself to get closure, i hope it brings you future comfort

  • anonymous lover
29 days ago

this is on the front page!! if u really wanna do it this is the sign to shoot your shot :)

  • anonymous lover
20 days ago

no matter what you choose to do, we're rooting for you OP. hope it turns out for the best

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