So you’re telling me that I let you into my life, got attached too quickly, smiled everytime your name popped up on my phone, thought you were different than the rest, and even talked about our future.....

...just for you to leave

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  • anonymous lover
13 days ago

They weren’t worth your time.

Never invest too quickly. They need to earn that from you.

  • anonymous lover
11 days ago

Maybe the thought you didn't like them

  • anonymous lover
10 days ago


  • anonymous lover
10 days ago

I agree with first anon. Don’t be too quick to fall for someone. Whatever daydreams and thoughts you have are unrealistic. Try to stay grounded and aware of the present.

  • H
3 days ago

I feel this hard, OP. It can be difficult to not get attached too quickly, but try not to feel too bad about it. The same thing can happen even when you take your time. People suck. Don’t let it stop you from trying again next time the opportunity arises, though. Just keep the lessons you learned somewhere towards the front of your mind where you’ll remember them. Best of luck ❤️

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