Oh no, I think I’ve got a crush on you.


We haven’t seen each other for a few weeks until today. we met at the lab and you took me to a different room to fill me in on new ideas. You took a step back from and just stared at me with the biggest smile, I couldn’t help but reciprocate. Then at the same time we both said “how are you, good? Good!” And smiled again.

It also seemed like you were about to go into a hug but didn’t. When I was about to leave, I reached out for a hug and you gave me one and it was a long big hug. You held me pretty tightly and for a good time. Then I said I was glad you were coming back to the project cause I missed having you around.

On my way out, you were teasing me and giving me a hard time about my campaign but when I texted you later if you wanted one of my campaign shirts, you responded right away with a “hell yes!” (meant a lot especially since you told me earlier that you are bad at responding)

Shoot, I can’t help these silly feelings for you

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