‪I deserve so much better. ‬

‪I deserve a guy who is excited to call me his girlfriend, not someone who wants to “keep it casual” for over 4 months. ‬

‪I deserve a guy who wants to spend time with me, not someone who puts me last on their priority list.‬

‪I deserve a guy who calls me beautiful and makes me feel like the only girl in the world, not someone who constantly comments about how hot other women are and rarely ever hands out compliments to me. ‬

‪I derserve a guy who enjoys doing thoughtful things for me, not someone who “forgot” ‬or won’t do something for me because it’s not convenient.

‪I deserve a guy who reassures me about our relationship because he knows about my anxiety, not someone who thinks it’s fine to suddenly act different and then have no explanation why. ‬

‪I deserve a guy who validates my feelings and let’s me know how they feel, not someone who gives one word responses when I’m bearing my soul to them. ‬

‪I deserve a guy who puts in the same amount of effort that I do, not someone who puts in the bare minimum. ‬

‪I deserve someone who makes me happy, not someone who makes me cry every night before I fall asleep.‬

‪I deserve better.‬

‪I deserve so much better.‬

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  • anonymous lover
3 months ago

Hard relate to this

  • anon
3 months ago

you know your worth. you deserve better. so go find it!!!

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