One of the things that made me so infatuated with you was the thought that I could learn so much from you. You could have taught me so much and I would have soaked it up. I always wished I had someone wiser than me to learn something from. You’re so knowledgeable in things that really interest and pertain to me. I just wanted that a lot.

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  • anonymous lover
13 days ago

Word of advice in case you needed to hear this: you have this wisdom and intelligence inside you too. Don’t ever think that just because you can learn a lot from them, you’re not on their level

  • d
10 days ago

I once thought the world of someone (I still do, in some ways) because they had so much fire & passion for learning and was so so knowledgeable. Subsequently, I realised I do have the capacity for chasing the same pursuits in my own right, to feed my soul the same way. We always do have it within ourselves, as mentioned above. :') huge hugs!! never fail to recognise your fire.

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