It's really been a year, hasn't it?

A year since I fell hard for something I knew deep down that I couldn't ever have, but the idea of you made my heart flutter just to think about. You know, having something to fantasize about really is comforting. Even if I'm left all alone, crying, knowing that you'll never even be aware of my existence, knowing that you'll never feel the same as I feel for you, the thought of you being there comforts me nonetheless.

I hope someday you'll realize that I would do anything for you. Even when you do the bare minimum, even when you dodge my gaze, no one will ever compare to you.

Who am I kidding, I will never have you and I'll learn to accept it. I'm only hurting myself more by daydreaming about the day you'd feel the same.

Maybe one day, but until then just know, I will always, and forever, love you.


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  • anonymous lover
17 days ago

Maybe they do feel the same

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