I literally wrote the beginning of 5̶ 6̶ 7 different letters just now. Each one of them I was trying to stay positive and not express how I'm actually feeling. Maybe this is how you are feeling too. Maybe this is what you were trying to tell me, maybe I read the situation wrong.

The crazy thing is that, I was fine before I started writing this letter.


Sad man seeking acknowledgement

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  • anonymous lover
11 days ago

Here I am again, feeling like this was all in my head...I am crazy for going this far. Implied love isn't Love. Its torture, and I am...

  • Kiizhikehn
11 days ago

It’s okay to be real, here. Thats why it’s anonymous. Explore your own feelings. It really helps to sort out what really going on in the heart and the mind and how they align (or don’t). <3

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