if anything is meant to happen with us, it will need to be you who reaches out. It will need to be you that makes the first move. And it’s not (totally) because I’m a coward.

It’s because I don’t want to make you feel like you need to do anything you don’t already want to do. I’m scared of rejection, but I’m more scared of making you feel guilt or anger or confusion or even fear. You already feel so much; that’s just a part of you. so, please, if you ever decide to do something, do it when you’re ready. I’ll still be here. Always.

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  • sad, not op
one month ago

never wait for someone

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Nah ur def just scared of rejection lmao

  • Cee
one month ago

I totally understand this, but it is entirely OK to tell them how you feel and then also let them know that there’s absolutely no obligation and nothing about the relationship as it is has to change if they don’t want it to. When I was told that it’s reduced so many of those scared emotions and I was relieved to know I can continue a friendship or progress the relationship if I wanted to.

  • Not yer mama but…
one month ago

Don’t wait for them to reach out. They might be waiting for you too and every day that is wasted by waiting for the other is one day less you will have with them. You don’t need to declare yourself but at least send a kind message and tell them you are glad to have them in your life, small steps are better than no steps. You’ll be surprised how fast things can change. Don’t delay. Don’t lose them. Go for it.

  • Relatable
one month ago

I am probably not your crush but if I was I would definitely want you to make a move and make it now. I would not want to wait another night for you. I would want to be surprised and feel the rush you get when something you have really wanted for so long finally comes in for the win. Can you imagine that moment, does it make you slightly sick slightly thrilled mostly ecstatic? I am not your crush, probably, but the mere thought of you making a bold move tonight and waking up to your message in the morning has me swooning a little.

Ps if you are my crush, post an inside joke here. If it is you, heck, I will make a move first.

  • If this is you…(not likely)
23 days ago

Absolutely foxing not. I made several first moves, it’s definitely your turn

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