Just wanna acknowledge that there's so many kind and decent people use this site as well. We all have our own challenges and problems, and at times I've been projecting and making negative comments too when I've felt triggered.

Maybe right now not so much, but when I've been at some of my lowest points over the past few years I've also received really kind support from people here, people who understand what I'm going through or well meaning advice, or just long chats in the comments with people in similar situations.

For someone that is so closed down and guarded, unable to really trust others in their life to talk about emotions, relationship problems and so on because of their life experiences, this site has really helped me feel less isolated and connected to people even tho they are strangers.

I don't know what the person's issues are who keeps projecting and impersonating others but I imagine it's not a good place to be in. If that's the only way you feel you can connect to your crush and/or the community here.

To everyone else, I hope that you continue to express your thoughts, problems and feelings on this site about your crushes and that we can all feel a little less alone, and be reminded of the fact that as human beings so many of us struggle, but sometimes a kind word or gesture can make the difference between life feeling worth living or not.

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  • Tegan
one month ago

Definitely agree with your letter 100%

I’ve been on LTC since I was 16 and I’m now 27 - it has always been my safe space over the years and I am grateful for a site like this one.

It is sad to see people doing these types of things, cause they don’t seem to realise how much it hurts others feelings. I hope they get the help they need.

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

I apologize to the writer

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