I'd like to write you a happy letter since I've been throwing shade so much lately. Also because I've had a couple shots of tequila and am in a good mood.

You're important to me and I'm sure you see right through my facade. I don't mind. As long as it doesn't cause problems or make you uncomfy. I hope your health is treating you well these days. It was so nice seeing you, even if I only glanced at you for less than a second.

I want to tell you so many good things about you but it's not my place. I want to buy you gifts and send you candy anonymously but that's crazy and I can't. I want to leave you love letters in your desk or other places you might find them but I can't do that either. I want to send you articles and songs and mail you books I think you might like or find interesting but that's just not within the realm of acceptable behavior. I can't do anything I want to do so I just pray for you. I pray that if you're dealing with any challenges right now, you find relief. I pray you slay whatever goals you've set for yourself this year. I pray you find the motivation to keep going and you can maintain the same energy near the end of a project as you had at the beginning. I pray you get the recognition you deserve- be that from your boss or someone you've helped or even someone you've just passively influenced. You're so smart and kind and loyal and...You're just a good person that deserves all good things. I am praying for you, always.

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  • anonymous lover
3 months ago

This is a very sweet letter. I hope that you are as kind to yourself as you are about this person

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