I don't really know if there's anything there. I don't know if I'm reading too much into the way you go out of your way to show up for me, the way you laugh at my jokes, the way you gaze into my eyes. When I'm with you, the air around me feels electric, and there's a part of me that thinks maybe, just maybe, you felt it too. But it's not like you call, or ask how I'm doing. People say that you're just too shy, or just too caught up in your work to do anything with romance — that you'll come around eventually. But it's been two years now.

I almost want to tell you how I feel, but what if I made everything up in my head? I don't know what's worse: making you uncomfortable and making a fool out of myself, or leaving everything up in the air like this.

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  • anon
one year ago

Tell them! Tell them in the briefest way possible so your feelings won't make them uncomfortable but you'll never know how they feel unless you tell them. Also I feel like it's a kind thing to do for yourself if you tell them, it's a way to love yourself better.

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