Not a hypocrite. That would be you. Claiming to be a Christian and punishing people for their affections? ‘Let he who is without sin….’ I don’t pretend to be a Christian. I had experiences which caused me to lose my faith. I did what I had to to survive. A true Christian leaves judgement to God, and does not go about bullying others, that much I remember. If you were being true to God you would not have done it.

What do you have to say to that? Nothing, because you’re a shady little c*nt who flirts with people and pretends to like them in order to stitch them up according to your sense of justice. Tyrant is the word.

What actually happened was that I evolved from my previous beliefs, was even a tiny bit transparent about that, and you took it as licence to destroy me.

You’re happy because you’re a sadist. You’re happy because you love seeing someone suffer just because you can overpower them. Keep that icy wall around you, never have a loving relationship, and keep blaming me- but that does not make me evil. Being angry at your actions is natural, not evil. your actions were sub humanly cruel.

You’re saying nothing because you know I’m right. I’m no more evil that you are, you just like dropping the axe on people’s necks. I had a higher authority all my life who told me not to do that, that that was his place. Yes, it bothers me that you have played God in my life, and now conveniently found him. It is doubly cruel.

The relentless stalking aside, the idea I moved here for the gay scene is ludicrous. I just wanted to get as far away from you psychopaths as possible and get some space to breathe. Seems it didn’t work, you’ll follow me to Timbuktu.

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  • So why give up your faith because of a few jerks?

You want a good, non-judgmental Christian? YOU ARE! And you will attract others. There are a lot of nice Christian’s out there; like attracts like!

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