i never noticed you until that one day in chemistry class and i realized that you are the most perfect boy. i'm sorry for that one time when i harassed you to be on our parade float but you said you were cool with it. i realize that you probably think i'm really weird, but i'm crazy into you and can't believe how oblivious you are to the fact that i like you. i like you so much i get butterflies in my stomach whenever i see you. i'll never forget the smile you give me when i talk to you and the way you laugh at my jokes, even if they're not that funny. god, writing this all down is making me question if you really like me or not. i know that i should just tell you that i like you but i'm so scared of what you're going to say because i know the answer is no. the same way i know that one time you crashed your dirt bike or the time that you got a 60 on our pop quiz in AP world but lied about it because i got a better grade than you and you didn't want to tell me. i will never forget the way i feel about you and all the time that i've spent writing songs about you and wondering if you feel the same way. if you ever read this, let me know how you feel if i haven't already told you.


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