I have a dream outdoor get away with you...although, I'm pretty sure you don't really outdoor. A Cabin in the woods, with a stocked fridge of meal ingredients for 3 days. Fireplace in the cabin for late night chats, and a few games. After the first night, we go canoeing with the sun rise and we observe the wildlife on the lake. We debate whether we should take pictures, of the cranes, turtles and Foxes or just take in the moments.

After about an hour on the lake we go back to the Cabin, and debate on whether we go hiking of just make the best of our private and quiet time. We make some noise for about an hour, and its not even noon. So after that, we take out the ingredients to make a brunch. With fresh fruit, we savor the flavors. Staring at each other fully embracing this moment, we smile and anticipate the next time...

The rest of the day we steal looks at each other on the tour boat around the Lake. I take pictures of you on the front of the boat looking out at the landscape surrounding the lake. You say stop, and I say Aye Aye Captain...

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