what am I supposed to do on nights like this..?

where all I want to do, is hold my little girl.

I want to meet her up in the stars.

she deserves so much love.

maybe I have always been grey, but you gave me her.

You gave me my entire world.

Yet you don't even see me as a place in yours.

this life down here doesn't feel like there's a point anymore.

I want to join her.

I want to help her paint the sunsets for you.

I want to teach her, how to make your sky the most beautiful. So you always remember, we love you.

And when it rains, know that its us reminding you it's okay to cry sometimes. We are crying with you.

I want to tell her, about how we chose to love eachother, even when the world was against us.

I want to tell her the story of how she got her name.

I want to tell her how much you grew to love her.

Our baby sleeps in the stars.

and you left..

how can her heartbeat sound so similar to your voice..?

why was it, the one distinctive feature she developed.. she got from you.

It should've been me that died that night. I should've gone with her.

Right now life feels so empty,

I'm sorry for whatever I did that made you decide to leave.

but I promise, when I leave,

you'll be able to see me and Delilah up in the sky, always looking over you.

~McKinzie LS

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