this life is an art installation. a line i cannot uncross. a labor of love. an ode to each moment. a balm for the past. a promise for the future. a sensory seeker's delight. a choice. an inevitability. a secret. a declaration. a rock overturned on the rocky shore with crabs scuttling underneath. an albatross around my neck for all to see. a disguise. a carbon monoxide alarm. an elephant in my mother's room. a patch of pilled denim. a counterculture statement. the thing i have wanted the most my entire life. a gift for someone who will want it later - a fucking masterpiece for the girl who finally unwraps it. it's for me, but it's for you too. keep an eye out for me. the longer i sculpt this work the fewer thumbs will even look at it.

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  • Sloth Kristy
2 days ago


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