I wish I knew if you felt that spark, that connection we shared from the beginning. I don't know if my emotions are deceiving me; maybe it's just all in my head. It's so hard to ignore it. As time goes on, I can feel it fading away sometimes. We're both not ready for a relationship but maybe one day when we both are, maybe we could try to be together.

A part of me wants you to be the one I share a life with. The one I could depend on. Can you see a life with me?

Some days we talk so much, texting constantly back and forth, and then other days not at all when one of us is busy. Do you think about me even on the days when we're not talking? Then maybe that shows that the connection we have is real and it's not all in my head.

Sigh, maybe I should just confess but I'm not sure if it's even worth it if we can't even start a relationship together right now...

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  • anonymous lover
3 months ago

You should definitely as the person. What if they feel the exact same way about you and you just don’t know because you haven’t asked yet. If he or she is worth it… you would ask :)

Just go for it… you cannot lose something that you’ve never had!

Good luck

  • In my head
2 months ago

It hard isn't it. This guy I have known for ages started being different around me.. maybe becoming closer friends I don't know. This feeling is unmistakable but yet, I also feel it is all in my head.

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