I like you so much. You’re the reason I go to school every day, the motivation to come to school, the reason I dread weekends and long breaks. I honestly don’t know how I survived summer vacation without seeing you for two months straight. I think of you everyday, not in a creepy way. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat and I always want to be around you. You’re so funny and nice and fun and interesting and everything about you is so perfect. Every physical touch is so… nervous? I like the feeling because it makes me feel closer to you. I loved waltzing with you and hated that I missed a practice because I was called away. I love when it’s raining because that means I get to share my umbrella with you because you never bring one. I wish one December 3rd i would get a sweater from you. I become a little sad with sone jealousy whenever you talk to her because I always feel like you ignore me when you talk to her and that you would rather talk to her instead of me. I feel like a ghost that died twice when I’m in a “conversation” with you two when it’s just you two getting all close and touchy and talky while I just stand there like a sad little person. I watch all those crush videos and those silly Tik Toks about initials and I think of you every time. It’s so fricking cringy but you’ re just so likeable. Literally every girl has had a crush on you one time or another. I reject the shipping that everyone does and roll my eyes whenever they say something about me and you but deep down I wish it was true. It’s not just a hallway crush where you just “like” someone for their looks and don’t really know them. I can maybe imagine a actual relationship with you but you’re sometimes just so.. distant and ignorant of me. I genuinely feel like I annoy you sometimes. It’s so awkward whenever we walk alone and I try to initiate conversation but I feel like you just want to get away from me. I feel like that sometimes you just see me as a homework buddy and not your actual friend and I want something more. This all sounds so stupid and obsessed stuff about a silly little girl thinking about her crush. I can’t ever actually tell you this because I’m waayyy too chicken and I don’t want to ruin our friendship of three years and counting. I get way too excited about simple things from you like waiting for me after class or asking about my day which a normal friend would do so I’m trying not to be so close. I hope you know this but also I’ll neve r tell you ever. So I guess it’s a one in a million chance you’ll see this.I left a few hints if you do and I think it’s pretty obvious here and in person. I’ve dropped so many hints there’s no way you don’t know. Bye rebel



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