I wish society didn't push for romantic relationships over platonic ones because it's really the friends in your life that can change you forever. I have never been so grateful in my life, and I want to see you have deep and rich experiences to help further your own growth as a human being. I have been noticing all the little changes in you, even if they are very little. They all add up. And I've come to trust you, and be the truest version of myself around you- maybe you don't know that. But you've seen me at my worst days as much as my best ones, and every step of the way, you have done nothing but encourage me to still be the best version me in every circumstance. You have been a steady tree in my life, and your family has been so incredibly kind to me. Whether you see this and recognize my voice or not, I don't care. But I am so grateful for you, and I hope I have given you the same amount of love you have shown me.


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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

I don’t think society pushes for that. The reality is while friends are crucial, they are a dime a dozen. A truly healthy, loving, romantic relationship is why we were born. People (“society”) know that the most growth and positive change usually occurs in the right romantic relationship. That’s why romantic relationships always get precedent.

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