I'm super popular at my workplace. Over the last few weeks since I started I have 4 admirers. I must be letting you go finally, because there's one that I think is kinda cute, same sign as you. It was his birthday and we've spoke casually around the workplace about work and ladida. He ushered me in close to show me stuff he was thinking about getting for his bday. That wouldn't mean much normally, but he didn't even tell anyone it was his birthday. The boss announced it to everyone and he def didn't like all the attention. But when he showed me what he wanted, I couldn't help but feel special. He included me in his bubble, and I know that meant something. The way he glances at me from across the room prioritising my reaction over other's when talking to multiple people, and the way he looks away when I look back, I know. And it makes me giddy. Nothing's going to happen between us, but I think he was the guy I needed to come into my life to show me that it is possible to feel this way without you being the one to make me feel this way. I'm so glad you left.

I think I might buy him a little something, just as a way to thank him for freeing me.

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