This letter goes to: A former friend.

Hi, long time no see. Now, let's cut the formalities and go straight to the point. I'm glad you managed to see the truth unfolding right before your eyes.

Your rival wasn't and never been me. It was your friend Loise or Lorena, she uses different aliases now.

So. How does it feel to know that she brought MY NAME into drama? Spreading lies that I was in a threesome? It is awful. And still, you believed her to the very end.

All this time, she forged the dirtiest lies. She was desperate for your ex-boyfriend. Then, became obsessed with - - - - - -, who I'm seeing from time to time.

I thought you were smarter, I thought you were superior, it just proved to me that your Ego can make a mess when you allow it to be.

It's tragic to see you falling for this. Long ago, you've been under a heavy stress thinking everyone is targeting you. And, you never batted an eye regarding her intentions? Everybody else is the problem, not her. Who you trusted blindly.

May the greater forces out there enlighten you, Ivy.

The Symenestra.

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  • You’re missing-
one year ago

…but everyone makes mistakes. I once heard that the 3 most powerful words in the English language are “I forgive you.” So I forgive you. Let’s start fresh.

  • a knight of anything
one year ago

it's a beautiful message, anon.

In this circumstance (letter by OP), I don't think there is a way to salvage the friendship.

  • From anon
one year ago

That’s too bad… I will say a prayer for both of you tonight that some how that can change- and if not, may both of you find peace and happiness…

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