I stand in front of the lunchline, waiting as the lunchladies are finishing up from the last group. Behind me is your bestfriend, and behind him is my friend. I remember it oh so clearly. But then, all of a sudden I hear a voice calling my name. You’re right there, in line behind me. I don’t remember you there, where did you come from, heaven? You try every effort to strike a conversation with me, and I chuckle everytime. You ask me what a certain item is, and to be honest, I’m not sure either. You say my name so I’m sure you’re asking me. I point you to the menu that I can’t see from where I am, an effect of my horrible eyesight. You inform me they’re burgers, which is helpful as I was a bit confused what they were, actually. I think I acted too cold, gosh why do I have to mess things up?

Wait, did you just cut in line?

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

Take initiative and say hi next time

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