She never tells me what's going on and then, it sets her off like a bomb. On her limit. Not holding back. I did an effort to be there for her.

Sadly, she still repeats patterns: Letting abusive people walk back to her life including a guy she met at a text game, I wish good luck to this MF 'cause it's coming to get him.


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  • nanno
one month ago

Hi, I'm sorry you had this terrible experience. All because of a stupid online game. Your girl needs to get her sh*t together and stay away from this stuff.

It did more harm than good. And, I think it is an addiction.

It's only a hobby. You tried to help her, after all.

Don't beat yourself over it.

  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Op are you okay now? Life goes on, buddy.

If she suddenly changed because of this guy, she's not over him.

I hope you find someone better.

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