hey em,

idk if i like you or not. I'm still not sure of my feelings abt you. I crave for your affection, your touch, your attention. You know, maybe I like you but also don't? i want to be your girlfriend but at the same time, I don't. Ever since my friend told me that you liked me, you started to look attractive to me. My heart beats fast when you talk to me. I can't even make eye contact with you for too long. Whenever you sat beside me, whenever you try to make a move, whenever you make silly ways to hold my hand... Do I like you or do I like the feeling?

I'm afraid I might hurt you afterwards. So I'm not telling you unless I'm sure abt it.

Also haha, I'm happy when you're around, gets sad and misses you when you aren't.

I'm always like this and I hate it.


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  • j
one year ago

i think maybe I'm just using you to move on since I just broke up w/ my ex. I don't want to hurt you so maybe I'll just stay away as I can from you..

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