How many times are you going to violate human rights by having Aaron do that?

Why is he in the building? Why is he allowed to abuse and torture? Why is he allowed to put people in the hospital and cause short term and long term physical damage to his victims?

He’s continued to do this since January 10th. Why are the appropriate authorities not doing anything? He admitted to everything. He exonerated the two of them. He is thrilled at the idea he gets to keep doing it and is currently making plans to further abuse people. 

He does not want to stop. Is anyone going to do anything? Or are you incapable of upholding the rights and freedoms and human dignities of people who do not consent and are unwilling victims to his abuse and that of any other associate of his?

We all know two years didn’t have a point. It was for the entertainment value. We are well aware and don’t need to argue on that. It was absolutely pointless.

So maybe at this point, you might want to do something that actually helps people. We don’t stand by anyone who abuses us, no matter who they are. It’s enough. It stops now. We are done.

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