The main thing that keeps me on this website since I was 14 years old is that there are some really good treasure trove letters on here that actually give hope that true and real love still exists in this world. Happy endings. People who fight for each other. That real men are still out there who would choose to love and commit to one woman for a lifetime. I honestly almost gave up hope on that fairytale sh*t because I've been hurt so many times. I get tired. But rereading those letters gives me hope that if my vocation turns out to be marriage, then some guy must exist out there who will actually choose me one day. Even if it takes a long time. I'm willing to wait and I'm going to wait. For now, I'm done chasing after guys who don't even care to choose me. I deserve better.

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  • ??
5 months ago

Anon, I hope for all the good things to come to you. You deserve everything! Stay happy and healthy. :)

  • Op
5 months ago


And whoa didn’t expect to see my letter on the home page. Lol.

  • anonymous lover
5 months ago

me too though can we invite each other to our weddings if we ever do find true love? ig: madirumfelt

  • Unidentified male
4 months ago

As a guy i would like to apologize and i hope you find one of us that's worth it

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