I know nothing will come of us, but I'm thankful for the crush that I have on you as it has made me realise that I am BI, and I've learnt to accept myself for who I am!

I’m a sucker for you. I wish I wish I wish I wish you’d be mine someday eventually. Despite everything that happened. I wish I wish I really do. Please accept me for who I am, Andrew. I like you so much. If only a miracle could happen.


You call me sweetheart?! As if I want to be your sweetheart...

Yes I do. I want to be any time.

Please say sweetheart again.

I'm yours. You just don't know it yet.

I usually talks a lot whenever I’m on school, I do have a cirlce of friends but we’re not that active anymore to each other. They are the only ones I could relay on but somethings off within us.

In our section the girls do have a circle of friends too (theres even a boys in the group) I usually spends time with them also but not as friends I guess, as a classmate only.

And now, I didnt attend to school today, I told my auntie that we dont have a lot of works on school so I wouldnt mind if I’ll be absent for today. Well, infact I’m losing some excitements to attend my school.

I often get anxious on myself, I often get anxious about my looks because I know that I ain’t good as them. I also envy my classmates for having such a close relationship to each other, I just felt... so lonely whenever theyre all around.

At first, I thought this batch will be great. But I guess, first impression doesnt last.

I feel so anxious and lonely, I dont know what to do anymore


i hope i get to talk to you tomorrow i miss your voice lots

my brain is all over the place and it won’t stop screaming at me!!! we’re constantly flirting but it also could just be banter btwn good friends!!! which one is it!!! i think we’re both confusing the other nd i hate it i could literally tell you i have a crush on you and we’d both play it off like a joke smh

Sp-sp-speak up

You good?

IT isn't a factor b

This the real world

Scuff and roll those eyes b

See how far it gets you

You asked me what was wrong. And even though I said nothing so many times, you still didn't believe it.

"What about all those messages you've been sending me?"

You felt like there was something I needed to tell you. And I said nothing. I laughed it off. But what I should have said was: yes. Yes there is.

Because even after all those messages you still don't seem to realize it.

Realize that I really, really like you.


I love you just a little bit more everytime I see you