had a dream of my ex crush but i remembered venus is currently in retrograde lol if only he was that gentle and kind to me irl

yeah...i've decided im super undesirable. Hope i find someone who will love me.

It just wasn’t in the cards.

Im pleading with you because I see an us and I hope you do too.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Shoot your shot! 


Look I am always trying to get your attention

Is it even working?

help me stop fantasizing and help my dreams come true

when i came back to the store, you were playing the song im always playing, in your eyes by the weeknd. only I prefer the one with doja cat. they're right you know, i look away sometimes too because im scared that you'll see the truth if you look too long.

I feel connected to you in a way that I've never felt with another person. I think I love you...

I dream of a reciprocated romance.