Damn you and your neediness!

I looked. No! No! No!

That ridiculous ploy only worked a little bit. I'll think about it......UNFORTUNATELY!

The photo got me though. I'm rolling my eyes at you and making a wince face. You really need help. Where did u find a payphone in 2021? A museum?

I never thought i would find love until I met you.

It's been awhile so I guess I can look at your Twitter feed again. I shouldn't but I will. It's usually dumb but I've got time to kill.

If they loved ypu once

You've just gotta' retrigger the spark

It's not very difficult

i am literally what makes guys realize what they want

but they don’t want it with me

what a joke.

I may seem like a risky investment but it’ll eventually pay off.

I just haven’t met the right dude yet.

thank u, next.

Don't fall for FOMO

You've got all the time in the world

Rejection is God's protection

Let them seek you out. Let them prove their worth to you.

I can't bear my own company