Oh god. I love him.

I'm in this too deep.

And I have fallen hard.

I love your caring nature

i should hate you and what you did to me but... i can't.

i still hope for that day you reappear and tell me that you still like me.

I love your eyes.

I guess sometimes heartbreaks happen to push you closer to God

Gooood I miss you

Captain America,

I want you to believe my words......But I know you did before, and I let you down. So I hope you'll give me a chance to prove them to You with my actions. Think of me.

I think my problem is that I fall a little bit in love with everyone's kindness.


for fuck's sake...

heart, stop beating like an idiot when they walk past


omg i didn't know it was your birthday today!! ugh, i wish i could wish you but it'll be pretty weird especially because you didn't tell me when your birthday is.

i'm about to watch kingsman 2, I'll write your birthday wish here later.

- nugget