What was the point

there is someone as interesting as you out there in this world and we were so close for a bit. but in the end i cant have you.

i hope we meet again, s. im not sure i can stand to be where you dont see me

i guess i couldnt help trying to be your best american girl

my horrible dream came true

After we lost her I thought we would be bonded for life, but no. You decided everything and everyone else was better than me. You two left me alone. I'll be kind but ill never forgive you girls for not including me and loving me as I did for yall. If I did something wrong I wish you'd just say it to my face alaya.

Have fun with your tinder boys or whatever it is you do now.

Maganda siguro lage topic nila sa kabila 😅

Ganyanan pala ha hinahide mo pala ha.