Work crushes suck..

Why start a friendship like that if you didn't feel the same? All seems a bit pointless to me


I heard a chilling story regarding the thalassemia patients 

due to covid 19 pandemic they are getting less blood hence risk of life 

and some organisations are suffering from financial support too 

I heard that a poor family with  children had thalassemia 

they were so poor that they asked the organisation people how much it costs the blood transfusion 

the organisation guy told them 

the mother said to that guy 

is it possible to keep my child alive without blood transfusion for a month or more 

If it is then can you buy us food with that money which you would have spent for blood transfusion

so me and my other children can eat at least a month 

please support such people if you can by donating blood or helping such poor by buying food for them

Spread the word 

Yours M

I absolutely love emotionally carrying a relationship just to get little to nothing in return. You doing the absolute bare minimum really makes me feel special.

We'll do whatever you want, travel wherever how far

We'll hit up all the old places

We'll have a party

We'll dance 'til dawn

You're brighter than the brightest stars

I love a good Broke Straight Boys.😂😂😂😂😂

In your orange shirt 😊

Aww, I caught a glimpse of you today....makes me feel better to know you are ok.