It hurts me that I probably won't see you anymore, last time I didn't see you for a few months it was heart wrenching.

Hi Sean,

How are you doing? I hope well. Hope you are happy. And I hope you don't have a crush on Jenny anymore. Jenny is nice now, but she was mean then. I was better than Jenny.


Hi Sujin,

Maybe next life, we will make it. Until then, stay healthy.


we can still be. it’s going to take a lot more than we’re both offering now and im not sure if either of us is ready or willing to change for it. but we are beautiful together and always have been...

Needless to say I keep a check

Chem M.D

I didn't have the mindset to realize that it wasn't a favour. None of it was. And now I take this with me wherever I go.

Fuck my life.

I’m tall for a girl. In addition to track I play field hockey...I even had some offers from D-1 schools.

He’s a good bit shorter than I am. even in my flats. He’s not athletic at all- skinny. into books. Philosophy. Things like that.

And yet even though I had 2 offers from football players for the prom I think I’d rather go with him. I just can be myself around him and we always make each other laugh. plus I know he cares about me And I can trust him. where I think the football players just wanna say they nailed me. I hope he asks me....

So yea. ❤️

I love you, darling.

Here’s to another day wishing I could tell you just how much you mean to me.

There are so many conversations I’d love to have, so many little things I want to know about you. I want to know what your family does on holidays. I want to know if you randomly burst into song at home like you do at school. How... how often does your younger brother decide to practice his trumpet at 10 at night? Is that a regular occurrence?

I’d love to binge watch Star Wars with you. (Never seen the Clone Wars cartoon- but I’d watch it with you) What kind of snacks do you like? What are your cats like? Are you a cat person, or a dog person whose family just has cats?

I want to know you.

Would you want to know me too?

i feel like if i’m the happiest & kindest version of myself, that’s the best ‘revenge’ possible