Yes, I loved you. But your attitude was s****

Creative writing is all it is

Y'all worry me sometimes

goodnight sl, i miss you but i didn't know where to find you..

i hope i get to see you soon. i also hope that ranger in rachel isn't one of your alts because i've been avoiding him every time i go there to check if you're there. i guess i won't go there for a while since he's hanging around longer than usual.

may your dreams be kind tonight :')


You had nothing to envy me. I took nothing from you, except maybe your heart, and I’m not sure about that- but in any case that’s nobody’s fault or choice. Two of you have taken mine, and that’s not something I chose either. I’m not happy about it, but it’s nothing to cry over, either. It’s life. At least I’m not an abuser. Losing in love is just part of life.

You're a piece of work alright



I'm sorry I was spiteful and jealous

That happens sometimes when a person's life gets ruined, like you ruined mine

I feel better now 😌 and really, that's all that matters.


You'll need to catch me up on a lot as I've been purposely trying to avoid anything associated with you since January. Plus those years I was doing my own thing and not working out the logistics. 🌜

Will you sing to me with your guitar?

I usually hate when guys do that because I never know where to look as they dramatically stare at me. You're such a masterpiece, I'll enjoy every moment.


I need to return to writing erotic literature and finish my 80s themed musical using songs where the copyrights are cheap.

He introduced me to his friends, held my hand the entire time, and didn’t make me talk any more than I wanted to. They all might have joked and said they’re sorry that I’m stuck with him but I couldn’t be happier with him. He sees the overwhelmed in my eyes when the socializing becomes too much and pulls me closer promising only a few more minutes, and holding to that promise. I do not deserve him in the slightest but I’m sure glad I found him

You should really see someone about your gnome fetish. That has absolutely nothing to do with me.

You are nothing but a name to me now.