i think i’m learning that…love is a choice you make.

it’s really hard though. there’s a lot of sacrifices and compromise.

i guess i just want someone who is willing to compromise with me. overlook our differences and help me face challenges. make me laugh. bring me joy.

be a good husband. a good father. a good friend.

i can picture the life we would lead if i choose you—if you choose me. it has to be your choice just as much as mine i’m realizing.

…i don’t really want to choose yet. that’s why it’s easier that i said no. i think i know how to make love work to be honest. it’s just my heart doesn’t feel ready because it’s still very in love with you.

and that’s the issue. i’m having trouble being all in for someone else because i don’t want to be all in for someone else at all.

what a messy situation.

- pinkfluffyclouds

I dated a lot when I was younger and a little bit when older.

At the younger age, you're afraid of nothing. You have unlimited time. And you have nothing to lose.

At the older age, you're afraid of everything. Your time is limited. And you have a lot to lose.

esmeralda, my emerald… my shining jewel.

i always yearned for a love like this. one that would swallow me whole. leave me breathless, begging for more. one that could put a hundred suns to shame. one that could bring the moon to its knees every night.

she is the sun. she is the moon. she is the sky. she’s left me completely captivated. she inspires me endlessly. her skin makes me want to write poetry, her lips make me want to sings songs, her eyes make me want her to be the only thing i ever look at again.

how can a person be so magnetic. it’s like she has her own center of gravity. i want to fall, completely & blindly in love.

it would be an honor to have my heart broken by you.

I wish you believed in us enough (or at all) to know I only want you

Why the fuck do I attract sociopathic, manipulative men into my life? Whether that be friends, or people I'm interested in? Like what the fuck? Like no empathy whatsoever. Like who the fuck are you? I end up talking to walking shells of people stg.

- Prophesy

every time i meet a new man i tell myself there are so many coincidences that led to us crossing paths, but i swear. with him it's different. the difference is that he sees the coincidences, too. suddenly, it's not my own lonely daydream, it's our journey together, figuring out what our purpose in each other's story is.

This resurfaced feelings that I hadn't felt in a while. You are an amazing human. Always ready to give and always so good at listening. And no way. For sure you are a better person than I'll ever be. I just wish all the nice things for your future. I wish you a beautiful life. You deserve it. Thank you ❤

lmfao, he has a crush on my fucking roommate. guess i’m only a wingman to him.