And you come way with a great little story of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you.

He’s the one.

Watching "The Last Boyscout" and Darien 😳, that's your daughter 🤣😍...

…work ended, and just about everyone left. We talked about going out with the rest of our colleagues, but ultimately decided against it. 

So we just chatted…and laughed…for like 40 some minutes. It was bliss. It was Heaven. No need to go out this weekend…no need for plans…. That was my weekend, that was my plan. I tried to act normal, but the longer the conversation went on, the more I had to surpress the big, long-held secret— I am so in love with you.

Then reality kicked in. You had to go Home to your spouse and happy marriage. I had a few more things to do at work.

….I don’t want to love you, you know?! I have actively tried to not to love you, but it’s no use. And I can’t find a job elsewhere, I’ve tried. This is getting worse and worse. My my my, what a lovely hell I find myself trapped in.

i loved you so much that even when u hurt me i tried to understand u


It doesn't matter how hard it gets between us, I'll still fight for our love, even if you can't find the strength to do it. And I'll do it a million times over, because I love you, and to me it's still you.

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Gosh. I even said to myself when I first saw you at a work lunch in May, "who is this very attractive man?" "don't get any other thoughts about him"... It's too late now.

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When you talk it's like a movie

And it's making me crazy,

'Cause life imitates art

If I got a little prettier can I be your baby?

He tells me, "Life isn't that hard."