I don't know if anything will ever progress from friendship, but know this you special dude.. You're the only person I have a continuous flow of conversation with every day. You're one of my only true friends. Even if you don't realize it, the stupid shit we send each other back and forth really makes my day, and it makes me feel seen and cared about. So if nothing else comes from this, thanks for that. It's nice having you in my life again.

Also, can you clean the mold out of my toilets?

this can't be happening it can't be happening it can't be happening it can't be happening

literally earlier today i was fantasizing about a specific symbolic act of love

and the later tonight SHE DID THAT EXACT THING for me

it can't have meant the same thing to her. it can't have carried the same weight.

god i’ve turned into this cynical mess. angry when i read beautiful letters wishing in another lifetime…when the other person is ready...that they could try again.

i wish i could tell you that the chemistry between us has always felt palpable from the moment i met you. but i would write these imaginary stories of could, would, should…things i wish you’d do.

i think that’s what happens when you have a big imagination and a wistful heart. it makes you yearn for all the pretty romantic things that you read in the books. watch in the movies. witness in real time…as your friends find partners…and wonder if there’s something about you that makes you…unlovable…or just scared of love and vulnerability itself.

anyways i haven’t stopped crying over you. it’s kinda ridiculous.

somehow…there’s always a little hope in my mind that wonders if one day in the future…our paths will cross…and our eyes will meet. and i’ll still be in love with you…after all this time.

—but that’s just for the books isn’t it?

- pinkfluffyclouds

Because I struggle with telling you how I feel, I show you through my kisses and touches hoping you get the message. It’s more than sex for me. I want you so bad.

I always have to wonder.

I know I deserve better and I should look for someone who could treat me right. But my heart keeps wanting the wrong person. The one who just treats me as some option they can screw around with. And yet I look past your flaws and there are little things you do that shows me maybe you do care about me. But I think you only see me as a ”friend”. And that’s the sad part. Because a part of me wants more…

You're only talking to me because the other girls aren't down for whatever.

If you gonna treat me like a Plan B, just be gone.

I just want a meaningful conversation, a meaningful relationship. Ask me questions, let's talk about something that means something to you. I'm tired of being the one reaching out and starting a conversation. Put some effort in, stop sending me fucking memes, videos and pictures.

It is love, I know. I feel it when I look at you, and you look at me.


they say that we have different experiences with falling in love / having a realtionship with people like no love is the same. it should also apply with moving on