It’s been months since I last saw you and for some reason, I keep holding onto you. I wish you’d open up and talk to me. I don’t know why I keep holding on when you probably moved on by now. I hope you never forget me at least. I’ll just be sitting here thinking what we could’ve been…

i love you

thats it




I got three gifts and started bawling my eyes by the third. He's too sweet :(

Sometimes a man falls in love with a woman. Love so pure, so powerful, love that takes over. Love unexpected, love not for her or her but her and why her, love beyond reason, a deep yearning for what can never be. Sometimes a man suddenly stands in complete awe in front of a woman, making him feel so infinitely small. Sometimes a man loves a woman despite all signs pointing to no. Sometimes it's just love. Sometimes a man sees inexplicable flashes of an entire life when he should see a mere fantasy or nothing at all, because he doesn't even really know her. Sometimes love happens. And this is what I feel for you.

You look cute when you sleep

i asked for some space to think and reflect about what happened. although i dont think it's helping since youre the person i would normally talk to about stuff like this.

dec. 4, 2022

i kissed u and i told u i liked u yesterday. i was kinda high and kind drunk but i hope u know i meant it.

i can’t tell if it’s me being full of myself or me having low self esteem that makes me think things like “shouldn’t someone be in love with me right now? doesnt someone deserve to see my cute sleepy face like this?”

hi c,

i miss you. why did u have to leave me hanging?

i was ready to face everything with you. but you aren't.

goodbye. im letting you go, my sunshine.



He said he got a gift for me...

My head is telling me he's trolling me. It's going to be a mop or something lol.

But will see.