I want to wake up and have someone be the first thing in my mind. Fall asleep thinking about them. Go through the day with them never leaving my mind, looking forward to the moment I can see them again. I want to be excited to live. I want to be there when they need me, just as they would be for me. I want to go through life with someone always by my side. I want this lonliness to be gone forever.

I want to feel those feelings of love that I have barely scratched the surface of, to explore those feelings, explore the world, explore ourselves with someone.

But is there a someone out there for me?

Or am I bound to lonlieness forever?

~Awkward Nerd

My songs know what you did in the dark 😏

I'm paralyzed by remembering. And I guess you're a nice, good holy man until it comes to this. And when you lose sight through some unforeseen pain, I hope someone is more forgiving than you ever will be. But I remember now, how I stuck up for you and the way you were once nice to me. But you win. I hope victory feels and tastes so good. I hope you read this. I hope you don't forget the good person I used to be. And you don't have to believe me, you have no reason to. But I swear it will always be you even though it is no longer me. And I'll remember you in the way summer felt and how going out of your way for your first time can change two peoples lives. I hope you're always happy, you obviously are. I hope no one ever takes you for granted like I did. And I promise I could never forget you even though you no longer care for those things. I thought I had been to hell and back with him but this is the winner. This is my final. And if you ever find it in you to need a friend, when life is getting you down, I'll always be here for you.


Hey-ya LTC.

Let's talk about Tech: FB Hacks

----------------MY POV----------------------

In the end they're all the same, you need to complete a survey or an offer to download the desired info. And of course, it's scripted. See those virus scan? It's part of a script to run it. Click the download button and voil�, there's a survey and a overlay preventing your access (if you used inspect element to remove the survey box).

I guess none are legit.

Who would take a risk?

Would it be worth it?

Can you be sure that you really will get the correct information?

For what? Thrash the profile? Spy it? Or simply change few things like email, phone number and password so this account is under your control now?

Your love was handmade for somebody like me. Come on now, follow my lead.

Oh, please, believe / It's in her eyes / It is inside

It's in her heart / the same relation from which / I once led astray

Oh, please, believe / It's in her eyes / It is inside

It's in her heart, the same delightful place / I once felt in you


I wish You could be a part of everything I’m doing, and I wish I could to You every time I’m overly excited. I wish I could be a part of everything You’re up to. I wish on this cool, grey day, we could be sitting across from one another learning about one another, inching ourselves closer waiting for that perfect moment that makes hearts twitter and hands shake and faces red. I wish I could be openly tell the world that You are my inspiration for my best work, because You inspired my heart to be happy. 

Time brought our hearts together. It guided our feet over mountains and seas, waiting patiently for our paths to cross when the time was right. It waited for that fateful spark to ignite within us.

It led your hand to mine. I could survive a hurricane, hike the tallest mountain, swim across the roughest sea, trek through the cruelest desert as long as the path led me to you.

I can make any voyage if in the end it guided me into your arms.

With love,



The Chem Prince

I guess I don't know what I want again