There’s so much pain. All I wanted was for you to want me.

I’m letting go of the fantasy. Not the love but the fantasy.

Love you 💏 😗💕

So can you tell me what it was you wanted? Or did you never have any idea in the first place? Why would you keep making intense eye contact with me and being flirty when you're in a long term committed relationship? I wish I had more self esteem and wasn't so messed up emotionally that I didn't feel this way about you just because of the few crumbs of attention, kindness and possible signs of attraction you showed. I mean it's not just how you make me feel, it's that you are just so attractive to me on a physical, intellectual and emotional level and you have a similar sense of humour. I guess I was so flattered to even entertain that someone like you who I admire, respect and like so much could possibly be interested in someone like me. I really fucking miss you. But I think whatever it was you got over it.

5 days and counting..

i found an old letter that my ex-boyfriend from high school gave me after we broke up.

in it, he wrote, "i have thought a lot about what would happen if we were to run into one another at a coffee shop in the future. would we exchange hellos? be lovers for the night? or just ignore one another? the strangest thing is that we'll never know."

and it hit me. we will never know.

so why am i getting teary-eyed from words written two years ago but cannot get myself to MAKE A MOVE on the boy i am currently crushing on so i don't have to wonder this very same thing in two years to come.


You made it perfectly clear to me that you felt nothing for me in that way, even though I was under the impression that we both felt the same about each other for the months that we had got to know each other. Then in January you sent me that didn't even want to be friends with me anymore. Why I still have feelings for you is crazy, and why I don't want someone who actually feels something for me is also beyond my belief. You talk to him/meet up with him, so why should I feel any guilt what so ever?

I'm still in deep I guess.

I'm lonely. Lonely and bored. That's the reason I like you.

P.S: I’m a girl 

um, could anyone help me out with usernames? I want something that ends with ‘.exe’ or something


I guess I’d appreciate anything right now, I need a gamer tag for my psn and stuff so yes

I’m trying to change it since the username change update’s here, I’d really appreciate if you guys help out

That reminded me of being alive

A smell that is so familiar

From the ground


But not like in a basement

Of a

Up close

And personal

Leaving pages inconsiderartely blank

But i strive to figure it out

I know it already

Im lying

I saw it blank and knew

They bought the ink for me

I paid it with taxes

I said it's fine

It's all fine for you