It doesn't matter how hard it gets between us, I'll still fight for our love, even if you can't find the strength to do it. And I'll do it a million times over, because I love you, and to me it's still you.

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Gosh. I even said to myself when I first saw you at a work lunch in May, "who is this very attractive man?" "don't get any other thoughts about him"... It's too late now.

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When you talk it's like a movie

And it's making me crazy,

'Cause life imitates art

If I got a little prettier can I be your baby?

He tells me, "Life isn't that hard."

Hey Jordan,

I highly doubt you'd come across this site and if you did... I'd be super surprised.

I just want you to know that I have hots for you - like a lotttt.

Anyway. See you on Monday.


I barely ever talk to you and you probably find me annoying when we do interact, but I just want you to know that you're really nice and attractive.

I have only two emotions

Careful fear and dead devotion


I'm glad I got to talk to you today. Sometimes I wish you didn't live so far away, but I'm still grateful we kept in touch