I built my walls high to create a shelter around my heart. If you want to come in, all you need to do is knock.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason you joke about the way people think we’re a couple is because you couldn’t imagine ever dating a person as dull as me.


Bring me to your house

Tell me sorry for the mess

Hey, I don't mind

You're talking in your sleep

Out of time

Well, you still make sense to me

Your mess is mine

Loving you is hard. Your walls are so high and I don't have the energy to climb them. We have a physical connection that I appreciate, but it isn't fair that you aren't there for me emotionally. I need both. If you can't give that to me, I have to move on. I will mourn our lost friendship, but i will gain my self respect and sanity. I have to love me enough to know that i deserve better.

I know we are no good for one another. You are a serving of strong, harsh, black coffee, and i am sweet tea.

The time we spent together mostly consisted of you repeatedly hurting me, and me allowing you to continue, thus i was hurting myself.

You are right. I am attached to you, and you to no one.

I still listen to the glimmer of hope in my heart that although you no longer want anything to do with me, that we will change as we grow older, and grow back together.


So this boy has been trying to talk to me for months, I’ve told him I’m taken several times.. and I reminded him of it today.

And he just nonchalantly asked if my coworkers had boyfriends too. Like what? You’ve been trying to talk to me for ages and as soon as you realize it isn’t happening you’re gonna try for my coworkers?

I cracked up right in front of him... and felt terrible after he left but I just...

I mean..


Have some class 😅

~Del 💙

I feel more optimistic than ever about my love life despite another unrequited romance.

I’m getting closer and closer to something (or someone) greater.

The frequency I put out is miles higher than yours.

That’s why we don’t have that chemistry.

And that’s okay.

I’ll find that person that matches my vibrations.

Falling. I want more.