He is so chill, talented and kind soul. Will I ever get a chance to meet him? Why I didn't hear of him before?

Also me: I'm just one more fan to trigger his social anxiety.

  • Yes Normani is that bitch.

Im feeling a little motivational now.

I'll be yours if you're all mine.

once again, i’m too shy to ask their birth time to see if we’re compatible with each other. 🙃🙃🙃


i have to get over you

to the person who will eventually be my other half:

i don’t know how we’ll meet, or when, or how long we’ll last. i don’t even know if i’ll be your first love(r?) but you’ll definitely be mine. i’ll take care of you. i hope you take care of me too.

also get here faster will you? i’ll wait for you forever if i have to, you know that. but right now i’m in desperate need of cuddles and i wish you were here.

— v.

i miss you. i miss you and it physically hurts me to think about you? i don’t think that’s normal.

i should really let you go.

When you pretend that you have a crush on another guy so people won't know who your real crush is 

*nervous laugh*