YYour so handsome you make me deceased 😖

YYou've made my day seeing you 👄 I love you so much 🙍👀💞

Oh boy you're the only one that can turn me on. Just by breathing.

Her eyes, her lips, her laugh

The way she looks in that dress

Her hugs, so soft and sweet

The way she lights up seeing me

I wanna hold her hand

I wanna touch her face

I wanna be with her




I wanna kiss her

I want her to push me up against the wall

Yeah I wanna kiss her

So hard until she falls

oh no

i think I’m catching feelings

Listen, my love, I can push you up against the wall and entertain you for as long as you want. Or I can hold your hand as we walk down the streets on cute little adventures. To me, it makes no difference. All I want is to know you better and ample opportunities to make you smile.

Love, By: Storm

for some reason he tends to look at me more often than usual when i’m upset. i wouldn’t put in too much thought if it only happened on a day or two but nope.

am i that transparent to him? none of my past crushes gave a shit..

Alexa play I hate u, I love u by Gnash and Olivia O’Brien

Here comes that rainy day feeling again

And soon my tears they will be falling like rain

It always seems to be a Monday

Left over memories of Sunday always spent with you

Before the clouds appeared and took away my sunshine

I miss the old you and how we used to be