Didn't think i would post here again but her personality is awesome and she is really cute too. Her prior hook-ups don't faze me at all...

Tomorrow will mark another semester of not talking to him :) love social anxiety it’s my favourite

I hope you know I will always care about you.

To Jason,

You excite me, that's for sure. There's something about the way you think, talk, dress, move... it's all so so endearing to me. You say one nice thing about me and I think about it for days. I want to get to know you, but I have no idea if your mind is in the same place as mine. I hope so.

I also hope that small things will start to remind you of me, make you think about me, like what's happening to me. Songs that I've known for years suddenly have new meanings.

I like holding your hand. I like looking up into your eyes, and touching your perfect hair. Are their things you like about me? Are you curious about me the way that am about you?

Hangout soon (should I be so lucky),



I’m still living off of the last kiss you gave me (in the food court, at the mall, of all places). You insisted on taking my tray to the trash for me and then you stood up behind me and I kind of tilted my head up and then. You kissed me. It was so soft. It felt like our first kiss all over again. I still wonder if I only imagined it.



wouldn’t it be interesting if you and I, both, were on this site...what are the odds you are here.

but this website isn’t really popular

I think I will love you forever.

Do the right thing because God is watching you

I could really use a dick pic to cheer me up right now

I wanna get laid... specifically, laid by you