I feel guilty for asking for an apology from him even though he lost his temper and shouted at me for no good reason, when I was just trying to help. It's horrible when someone blames you for their inability to manage their emotions. I hate this life sometimes. I want to entirely cut ties with him.

hello heavens,

Please hear my wish. He leaves in less than 2 weeks to go overseas. I told him to let me know when he would like to talk.

Can you please nudge him because time is ticking and I may never see him again...


i know it's dumb to ask but post more, not about me or anything specific, i know you probably won't care for this but i love seeing little updates on how you are and what you're interested in/your rants even if i can't contribute to a conversation. it's just nice knowing you are there and well and i miss our little talks

ive never felt this before for a crush where i just wanna fuck

it's strange but it's been occupying my mind recently you're so cute i just wanna ruin you

i feel bad being so into you when i'm with him, but the thought of getting down on my knees for you is enough to make me finish you're so goddamn hot i want you to beg for me

I want to attract good people with the same ambition as me🤞

Why is it always the people that we don't even like?


when you close your eyes, who do you see?

I get to see you tomorrow, I hope we have a laugh. I hope I have a good day