So take my hand now,

We’ll run forever,

I can feel the storm inside you.

And I need you now tonight,

And I need you more than ever.

Sometimes I wonder what your Spotify playlist looks like.

who likes chocolate mousse

🎶 A-well-a, it was on one moonlight night

Stars shinin' bright

Whispered on high

Love's said goodbye

🎵 🙏

I want to massage your feet for the rest of your life and after every session you can walk on my back for 1 minute only

Lol diggin through some of my letters from 2014. I was all up on people’s letters, really thinking I was talking to someone I knew. So embarrassing. At one point, I was so convinced someone on here knew me, I emailed a mod and told them I was being harassed 🤣. It took being here for a while and noticing how a lot of new people go through the same thing before I accepted that it was all in my head. I was so sure back then. Songs I’d listen to and references I wrote in my blog would make their way here. Even mentioning similar things to what I was wearing and/or doing. But you get to know the website after a while and you realize that these are just coincidences. We all sort of feed off of each other, here. We are in similar situations and a lot of us have similar personalities. We are the type of people to frequent a site like this. So we trigger each other. It’s maddening sometimes but at the same time, I’m so glad I have a place where people really understand what I’m going through. We are all going through it.

Keep on shining.

Shine on the one that's gone and left me blue.

I guess what bothers me more of this whole situation is that you never knew that I actually loved you as well. I just didn’t know how to tell you or if to even tell you. We were never official. Yet when you confessed your feelings for me, I panicked. I denied having feelings for you because I was scared. I’ve been hurt before.

I know we cut contact without wanting to. I know you have a girl that your happy with now. But although it’s been 10 months, I still cry every week about you. I still miss you and I still love you.

What triggers knowing that maybe you would’ve stayed, if only you knew how much your parting has affected me, and if you knew how much I loved you as well.

I’m still mad at you.