people aren’t gonna want to see us together. they’re praying on our downfall. if you really love me, i hope you’re prepared for that. i am.

I don't want to do the separation thing again, it kills me a little more each time

Everything I feel for you is honest and real even when i get fed up and upset with you.

What's going on with LTC?

I hope they don't fall for it or your manipulative ways. One day they'll see through your lies.

I sent you that song because even if I can't relate to every lyric, I fully resonate with the intention, every note, and the message. Everytime I hear it, it sounds so angelic and I think of you. I hope when you listen to that song, you connect the pieces and maybe you’ll hear what I want to tell you but can’t articulate very well. Maybe one day we will meet again and we can listen to it together.

Now that the problem is dealt with let me start us back off to business ✨️


You are such a sweet soul, but there's something dark about you. I wanna know what it is. You are irresistible. Text me back :)

what happened to letters to crushes?😭 I can't read the letters anymore

Don't worry, I'll handle this loser you guys


I think you're pretty cool. I hope you'll remember everything we've gone through together. Please continue thinking about me. I will if you will. Never forget me. I know I'll never forget you. Please talk to me again... I promise I won't make it awkward. If you talk to me, this would unlock us again.

Remember when you watched me reading? Remember when we worked together in that class? Proof that we have fun together. I know that we can have that same connection again!