I can't get away from the ghost of you. How am I supposed to move on ?

How do you help someone with a broken heart when the fact that they liked someone else broke yours? Why am I still in love with him?


love me or don’t, this is such a dead fucking story.

I don't know much about you, but I already admire the determination that fuels you to chase after the things that you want in your life. I'd like to be more like that myself.


If I could go back, hand you your dropped lid and say nothing of the time. If I could go back and just continue that conversation with you longer.

but then, if I am honest, I’d love to have that conversation with your arms around me.

I know I always come and go, but it’s out of my control 🎶

Chem M.D


today is our 6 month anniversary. it feels like it's been so much longer, like i've known you for so much longer. i'm listening to my sunshine playlist right now, thinking about you and the wonderful day we had. i'm sorry you were under-the-weather, but we still had a lovely time and got to be wondrously lazy. i think we played minecraft for about 3 hours XD. soooo technically we have a house together and a pet sheep named Clue who won't stop spinning, and we visited Peru, and we slayed monsters and have just been awesome in general. i must've done something right just came on and the lyrics feel like i could have written them.

thank you for an amazing day and for the love you pour into me. i love making you chocolate tea because you always get so excited, and i love holding my arms open to cuddle because i know you'll jump right into them. thank you for the poems you write, they truly are incredible and so beautiful.

my tears at the end of the day were of happiness-- i don't want you to worry. it used to scare me a little to feel such strong emotions, but you make me feel safe and loved and so special. the tears were just the emotion welling up and finding a way out that couldn't be captured with only a smile. i love you so much and can't wait to spend *insert as much time as possible here* with you. i love you.


your sunshine

Fr tho, how do people form relationships because this shit is a foreign concept to me.

My ability to ignore someone is really strong..