Call me babygirl one more time and so help me god i wont hesitate you idiot, i WILL kiss you

Falling for you was th easiest thing ive done, you made it so simple. You began as my friend, we talkes and talked about our likes and dislikes. We went from "whats your favorite kind of porn?" To "so if marriage is basically just a legal institution, is it really the biggest testimonial for love?". You asked me how i was when no one would, you would hug me just because, you would make me laugh just because. You made me feel special, like i mattered. How could i not have fallen for you?

Gosh your gorgeous. I mean your eyes? The way you talk? Your voice? Gosh its heaven its all heaven and its so much for me. Youre too much for me. But youre also my safe zone, you make me happy and calm and sad and crazy and absolutely ridiculously enamored with you. Like who made you? Did you know that when you look at me its always with this glimmer in your eyes like you want to cause mischief? Did you know that when you hug me tight i dont fully reciprocate because i cannot be pressed against you, i cannot be that close to you, my feelings might accidentally show. Did you know that when you touch my waist, my arm, my anything i loose track of time and space and everything goes quiet like the volume went dowb. Gosh your GORGEOUS. Have i ever told you that though? Of course not.

You were so distant, I forgot you were there at all.

I am so overwhelmingly in love with you, it's a wonder I don't go around terrorizing people with stories of you every few minutes.

I fell so numb most of the time. It’s been two years since I ever had a crush. I feel nothing at all. What’s wrong with me?

I’ve never kissed anyone before so while the fuck was I thinking about kissing you when I’ve never even done that before?

Whenever we’re together, I always find myself wanting to get closer to you. Even if it’s just out legs or arms touching. Feeling the warmth of your body calms me down and relaxes me.

I CANNOT find a book that I read when I was SIX. It was a book with dragon stories in it.

I only remember one part of it, and I don’t remember it clearly. But I really want to read it again. BUT I CANT FIND IT. Ive been looking for yeeaarrss!

The part I remember is something like this, there’s a colorless world. Black and white, you know. Well this dragon stares at the sun for like 3 days and becomes a rainbow of colors. And if I remember correctly he gave color to everything else.

Ugh I want to read it so badly 😭 it was the first story I ever read on my own.


Oh my lord my heart. You’re so cute !!!