I hate that I still think you're a good person

Well apparently no one will ever love me because I am not wild and mean enough. Women love to tame wild and mean things. At least that is what all these biologists and psychologists want me to believe.

Hekc im falling for them completely, but im pretty sure D likes someone else so :)))))


short but sweet. the sweetest feeling i've ever had. your lips were soft, soft and warm. your eyes were piercing, like usual. the hazel and chocolate, the light green mixing to create the most perfect combination of colors i've ever seen. i looked down at my feet, face pink. you held me closer than ever. and that kiss- oh how do i describe it? i would die to feel that soaring of my heart again. baby, i love you sm. i'll miss u when u go

I am over my crush but am still lonely. I need a new crush. I need a person to look forward to. Of course I love myself, why wouldn't I, I'm awesome. I am also more than happy spending time alone. It doesn't change the fact that I want a tight bond with another human being. I want to be in love. I miss it so much. God I miss it more than anything.

The full impact of the realization that I am in love with my bestfriend happened when I was informed that he will be settling down overseas and I might never see him again.

Come back home. 💔

it’s great that i wake up not feeling empty anymore.

but it still doesn’t change the fact that i miss you and i’ll always wait for you, md.

Knowing that I'm not helping you with your misery is like a hard slap to my face.

I wish I could do something.

Let me in.

so this is what happened.

"maybe i shouldnt be with you and be with a girl"

(I am a girl) "yeah maybe you should find yourself a girl."


seriously? you're so petty over a sarcastic remark and you hangup lol.