Happy birthday

I feel unsexy and undesirable.

But I also don’t want be objectified.

It would be nice to have someone have eyes for me and me only though.

maybe i'm just overthinking

Okay maaaybe I'm here too early. But guys, I think I'm developing a small crush for my best friend and if that happens.. IM SCREWED. Because sooner or later those feelings are finna be intense reaaal quick. But god you should've seen him at the beach. He's not really a confident fellow but when he took that shirt off.. 😳 He ain't really ~visibly~ muscular, but boy when I tell you I peeped those muscles I might have melted a bit.

Okay so maaaybe I'm just physically attracted to him.. a bit. Damn it. Guys help me pry him off my mind. And I literally can't forget it when some little kid started saying 'daddy' and I out of curiosity looked up and he was looking right at me and just wow.. Maybe its just my hormones acting up. If I come back here, heh I'm so done for.

When is the next time you get to see your person?

You broke my heart like the snap of a finger- way too easy and quick.

Not sure which is worse- my broken heart, or the shock and fear of your power over my heart...and soul.

Without you in my life, I stumble in the darkness.

Chem M.D

And our love is a ghost that the others can’t see

to shy guys. Did you ever regret not expressing your feelings to someone you deeply loved?

You backtrack a lot. Like your extremely hesitant to share any of your thoughts. And when you do, you immediately regret it.