I imagine that a lot of people fell for you the same way I did. You’re so charismatic and you don’t even know it. You just exist and I fall. Lord.

Hey Boy.

just to let you know.

You are mine.

And I can’t wait to pop your cherry.

Baby, I am going make you feel so good....

I love devouring virgins. Makes me feel like it’s my first time too.


Oh, you can wear it

Heart on your sleeve

And I'll protect it

Baby, believe

Know that I can do it

Even in my sleep

Yeah, I protect you


i really wish i could move on but i cant

But like, I do wonder if you watch my videos

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wow you changed a lot

First I was afraid...

So take my hand now,

We’ll run forever,

I can feel the storm inside you.

And I need you now tonight,

And I need you more than ever.