Next time I will say hi, that's a promise. So sorry for being weird.

My old group of friends admitted they thought I was a mean person when we first met because I looked mean??? I guess this explains ALOT of things now.

Dear JH,

We've only talked a couple of times, but I want to get to know you better. There's something about you that pulls me toward you, and I know that sounds cheesy. I can't help it. The universe isnt fair though, because school ends in a couple of weeks, and we've never had one class together.

xx JC

I still think about you

Letter To You #2:

Yesterday was perfect.

Like actually,


Just wow.

I've never had someone I liked actually want to hang out with me instead of their friends.

This is new.

-Fellow Broken Girl

describe your crushes! i’ll go first:

dark hair, greyish brown eyes, tall, pretty pale, athletic, always wears hoodies (just like me ❤️), funny, really nice, sometimes super quiet and shy which is really cute


He looks at me with those eyes from far away in a loving manner. Do you love me? A simple stare of the eyes couldnt possible mean anything. After all these years of you ignoring me, do you love me? Could it be? All my suffering, was it worth it at the end? Has my wish come true? Whatever occurs, i love you. Always had, always will.

the amount of happiness and sadness u give me is alarmingly the same amount.

fellow ltc,

please help. i'm hurting. i'm hurting so much. he left me there, without a single word and now it just hurts so much. all the smallest things remind me of him. i can't get rid of it. how can you get over somebody that you love so much?

A moment of hesitation. Thats what made me smile. Thats what brightened my day.

Your hesitation.

It might be nothing, but just let me float on this good feeling.