WHY ARE ALL THE GUYS I LIKE TROUBLEMAKERS????????? like I start liking someone thinking oh he's a good kid.. well I'm 99% of the time wrong

I think I've just seen a picture of the guy I like naked... I'm so confused rn .... (it was his group of friends at the beach at night time so the picture is a bit blurry lmao)

I like two guys at the same time and I don't know what to do lol

When you hugged me for the first time beloved it felt like the very first breath when your heads been drowning under water. When your arms were around me I felt the lightness in the air when we are chest to chest together. When I held you in my embrace I felt the warm sunshine during my darkest and coldest days. When I stared into your brown eyes finally knowing what beautiful was for the first time, thanking God that he created you darling.

The Chem Prince

I gave you my number yesterday and you haven't texted yet...

This wait... is the worst...

I fall to fast. I need to stop doing so.

I pretend I don't until I believe I don't and then I tell everyone I don't and I tell myself I never really did. But oh I do, I really do ❤️ 

I love you so fricking much.

For once could I go to a party/drunken event/social gathering and actually kiss you, the guy I like, rather than every other person in existence...?! Never mind sending you mixed signals, I'm sending them to myself XD

"By the time you read this

I'll probably be on the plane so

This is gonna be really corny but you're literally up there as one of the best things that's ever happened to me

I can't think of someone else that I've been this close with and that I feel this way towards

We'll be apart for one month but what I feel toward you can't be killed by mere time

I love you and I still will through this hell that is 5 weeks"

-the text I woke up to this morning, him flying to china and me heading to philly