I still can’t find the strength in me to dislike you. Your spell is strong.

You’re weird. I dig it.

uMad bro?

Last summer I failed to get over you, and one year has passed..

Last summer you also failed to get over me..

School is almost over which means I won't see you again. We will be heading into summer in one month..

Is this year the year that we will finally get over each other?

~Your Other Half

a picture can speak a thousand words but an emoji can make a thousand words seem way less serious... just sayin

Perhaps, among other things, you realized that I was off-limits. Even if for a while there you made me forget, or not care, that I was. Or perhaps you knew I was off-limits and you didn’t care.

Will you be there at noon? Just you or you with phone attached? I want just you. Ive been missing you.

I Told him the Truth💁I Never Loved You🚶He Messaged me back Saying so You lied You never loved me Leave me Alone Wow what a Big Baby👶🏻😭🤧🤣couldn't take the Truth🤕He's Been Hurting inside Sick for 7 Years now🤒Truth hurts doesn't it😬 He just Hides He's Pain💔 and Tears😪By Ignoring me It's Cool 😎 let's see how long that will last🤔before he Contacts me Again after Years