I've been on that high and it feels like I'll never reach nor surpass it.

That's how high he set the bar.

I hope you see it as a compliment

but it doesn't blind me from reality

I intentionally try to ignore the reality because I think you're attractive

as hard as it is, it's not love that's binding it all together. what about other important factors, such as, commitment, values, future perspectives, communication and honesty?

we either choose to stay or we can choose to go with respect to love. i'm finding it difficult to communicate with you due to the distance as I'm so used to seeing you everyday. I understand I'll need to adapt but couldn't we make things easier between us?

a 7 minute phone call is great but, it could be better. we don't talk at all and the only time we do consistently is when we're about to sleep. it's sad.

i know you work hard all day throughout this pandemic, and you're putting yourself at risk - but I'm just asking if you could help me, to help you. I guess what I'm really trying to say is, I'm showing all I can to say that I care but I'm not receiving it from you.

//feeling a little cold.

You said you find it hard to get the words out dont worry i've got youđź’•

I know it wasn't him, right? Like, it couldn't have been him. And I want to know why his nose is so weird, unmatched to his face. Size and color. And the way he has a lisp. And the way he's so nice to everyone.

I hate it.

I hate how he calls me man in the complete same tone as he always speaks, but with a very condescending tone. It doesn't make sense.

But...does he even make sense?

I don't know. Just.........fuck him.


I think I still might have some feelings left for you. I saw your name pop up and my heart jumped. Maybe I just kept telling myself that I didn’t have feelings for you when in reality, I still do. If that’s the case then



i hope that you’re all staying safe out there, wherever you are - we’ll get through this together, even though we’re apart.

i can fall in love with the sound of words 

she isn’t thinking about you. she doesn’t dream about you and she doesn’t care where you are. she doesn’t check your social media like you do hers. And I know you want more than anything to believe that. To believe she actually had feelings for you. That she stays up at night wondering if you were thinking about her too. But the truth is, she’s sleeping soundly next to someone who isn’t you.

Just a friend or a stranger would do. Just someone by my side right now.

Lonely soul