sometimes the person who truly adores you would give off the kind of gaze you don't even notice... most of the time.

Jeans and a saucy top will work!

I would like to say goodbye to you, and you, and you. Three individuals whom I cherished as friends, but I understand, painfully, that we are no longer friends. Much has changed between then and now. It is difficult to let go. I have not deleted you from my social media, because I think my heart would ache if I do so. I don't want to annihilate, you see. I will leave things as they are for now. But I will not look back so much, I will courageously put you in the past. I will also wish you well.


I has spent almost half a decade thinking about You. I can’t regret it, because of the art I made and the people I met. But it makes me worried about whether or not I’ll ever meet someone that drew me in the way you had. And no, no one can say I didn’t try to put myself out there. I did, and it always ended with me hurting someone else. I can’t keep doing that.

a person/persons who wrote a lot here about their crush on L, I have a crush on L, too. Can relate to your letters. Read them all

Argh, not the achilles heel.

I miss being alone with you in your room, playing songs for each other, talking about things I'd never really talked about before. ...

I'm glad I paid attention to every detail so I could remember them now, since I feel things like that may never happen again.

I miss you in weird ways I wasn't really prepared to.

“ open field in front of me 

an open field behind 

I can see which place to go 

I can see it in my mind....”


if only the answers came so easily. there are so many new beginnings, and even though some of them are good, anxiety is making me feel like I need to be scared of everything that’s changing


why do I feel like my friends don’t want me around? they shut me out. they don’t want me there. why do i cry as soon as I’m by myself again? why does no one say “goodbye” when I leave?


the people that sort of act like they want me around seem to want me around for the wrong reasons... or for reasons I haven’t yet figured out. Maybe I’m just worried but lately it’s so hard to look forward to the things that are happening. I hope i can look back and realize that I didn’t need to worry


Please don’t ask me on a date. please don’t try to start that up again. Just prove to me that you’re there for me. that would be a wonderful thing to have


I can feel you thinking about my lips. My collarbone. Whispering into my neck.

I can feel you from way over here. We’re strangers and yet our spirits know.

Damn, just... Damn.