We like to say that we don't see it come

We could not see that we fall in love

Happened so quick and we don't know

When we suddenly crossed over from like to love

I can't say that

I saw it coming right at me

Like a train and I could not get out of the way

I tried to think myself out of my bind

That could not be a train

It didn't make any sense

There were not even any tracks

Then the impact

It must have happened late at night

When I was fast asleep

Now I can feel the after shocks

Of being struck by you

Every time I see you

An echo of impact

I have the most comfortable hoodie. Kinda bigger than needed tbh. Almost big enough for two.

Our interactions are so few and far between, we don't have a reason to cross paths very often. But today I came across something hilarious that was yours that I just had to send you. So after some hesitation, I emailed it to you and immediately I heard you burst out laughing at your desk down the hall. That was a nice feeling.

Shortly after, you passed me in the hall and we both had big smiles on our faces. And with your huge smile you said "Hi, W. How are you?" and I grinned right back and said "I'm good, O."

Today was good. I'd like to make you laugh again and have you smile at me more.

Not saying I'm lonely but

I feel a little lonely when I'm alone sometimes

Hope you're doing well

I miss you now although your presence at work will make me sick to my stomach again.

I will never understand the correlation between a woman’s age and her attractiveness and/or value.

I made a mark on myself to put myself into submission. Next time you see a girl whose name starts with "S," check her left hand for a purple mark near her thumb, on the top of her hand. If you're reading this, you'll see it. If you ask, I'll try to answer you. Don't be surprised if you don't see it.


If I was a candle and I heard your name, you'd be the fire.

You set me on fire.


Please just let me sleep

I want to remember how to sleep