I need help. I want to write a good letter to my crush (as in one to give to them) not necessarily a confession or anything, but they're having a hard time lately and I want to offer them words of encouragement. Any advice?

You will miss me when Iā€™m gone..

I reaaally want to meet you. It feels like you like me, yet you didn't ask me out yet. Whyy

Maybe someday, I'll be seeing you around. And maybe someday, we can pick up where we left of...

A bit annoying to fall for a taken guy.I really want to kiss him.

I just want to cuddle with you šŸ˜ž

I adore you- idk what to do

I'm confused. Am I the only one who's watched every single one of "Ask Kimberley'"s videos on YouTube and still have no idea if he likes me? I don't even know if I have the patience to explain it all here!

I ask you in your kindness to have mercy on me in my lowliness. I adore and love your most excellent, and admirable self, dear sir.

He has this distinctive kind of handsomeness that no one can really understand how I find him so beautiful. I can't stand it when people accuse me of only liking him for his looks. It just makes me so mad. It's his heart. I swear, it's golden. He found out I appreciated him and hasn't been rude once. He's so sweet and shy it kills me. His face was literally pink when we talked and I loved every second of it. Such an adorable boi! And he kind of does look like a smiling golden retriever puppy. No, seriously. Google it!