I never thought I would love again, and yet here you are making a fool out of me.

Why do I get the feeling this is a story of Biblical proportions

I feel like my lack of romantic and sexual experiences will lead me to cheat on my first partner.

I’m scared of myself.

People come and go. But I think you should know, that I think this will work.

Whatever you and I shared, well it was different. I couldn’t get into bed with any of your exes. If that’s what you’ve done...ewww.

So you guys get together and then talk about how I was a toxic gaslighter when you’ve both taken all you can from me? This be the case, you deserve each other and not in a good way. Someone else is always to blame even when that someone is sincere and good to you. And even when you profit and they don’t.

No matter how beautiful or intelligent you think someone is, no matter how much you like them, no matter their achievements or their interests, or how long you’ve been together with them,

all of that goes out the window if they don’t have a good personality.

if they can’t even give you basic respect and empathy, they’re not worth your time.

You’ll always be the one who taught me that.


So what did you actually do, then? You going to tell me, or are you just going to keep using this site to make judgements on things you have only looked at from a distance? God knows your behaviour can’t have been honest or above board.

I had a dream that you had found out about me and him and you were furious about it. You could barely even look at me and when you did, your eyes were full of disgust.

I wonder if you could call 📞

I will keep ranting until you give me an answer. You have put yourself in a place of judgment over a situation that you knew next to nothing about.

Of course I’m not going to contact you, you have mentally terrorised me, there is nothing to say. But as you still seem to be policing my life and thoughts at a distance, yes I will keep talking.

You are not acting out of any sense of justice but from your own wounded ego. Reason doesn’t enter into it therefore either.