20 minutes to make it from Bed to Bay 🤷‍♀️!?

The Dock Of The Bay


Correction, tried to post this 20 minutes ago...

- AnonIM 🛏🌞 M/EST

If there is one person who could me into a total simp, it would be her

Take it from me everyone, move on. Find someone that will love you they way you loved them.

I still love you J. Maybe I was wrong I just don't know anymore.

My God, that hurt.

You completely broke me. Tore me apart. Ruined me forever.

And then I forgot.

About you.

About everything.

Every rose, every kiss, every touch. And I liked it that way. Without you there.

But something happened last week. I don't know what it was, but I stopped being angry. I stopped feeling resentment. And I felt sad again. I felt that pain again.

And now I miss it all. The messages and late night calls, you holding me close and telling me you'd love me forever.

Because I know you won't.

We take walks in a beautiful path, near a greenhouse. I enjoy the moments of just being with you there, even though the joy fades because all I connect it to is how you fucked him there.

Maybe if not now, at some point in the future I can see us being together.

Good things take time to manifest..

"Be proactive instead of reactive".

Just something that I tell myself every once in a while in order to break bad habits.

https://youtu.be/-bzdrabPpRE goodbye R ....