So, he wants me. Hmm, interesting.

For every day I can't tell you I love you, I'm going to tell you on here.

I love you.

I can't wait to see you tonight.


i'm just looking for real friends on this site!!!! with my love have a nice day everyone (:

i won't let my own expectation go higher than reality. i know how much it hurts when my expectation fall hard to the ground. nope. i won't repeat the same mistake. i hope..

we're just similar in many ways and get along well

but he doesn't feel the same like i do i guess.

since he didn't make any move

but it's okay, what's meant to be will be.

I am deactivating my FB and every social media profiles. I’m just passing by to say goodbye. I’m taking a break ‘cause nobody likes me now.”

Then, good riddance. What were you expecting? After all the drama, you still hope I’d be feeling sorry for you? 

Nobody? You can lie better, ok? You wasn’t “The Guy?” Where is your other friends? Oh and also, where is that girl you exposed on the Internet? Thanks to you, her parents slut shamed her, I guess you wanted it all along. What happened to your “Sugar Mommy”? Were you lying too? Pffft, doesn’t impress me that she didn’t want you, the so-called and self-proclaimed “Attacker”,“Reaper of Virginity”, “Irresistible”. When in fact, you’re going home alone and everyone knows what you did, pathetic.

Just be gone already.

It’s like everyday he says it’ll be a good day and he’ll try harder and he wants to be a good boyfriend but it’s alaays fucked up

I feel like everything I’m doing is wrong. I feel like I’ve been showing you more love than I ever have and being the best girlfriend I could be. It’s been a year a half and I still don’t feel like I’m as apart of and connected with your life as you are mine. I feel like no matter how hard I try you don’t notice it. I feel like you’re more mad at me than you are happy cause of me. I feel like you don’t love me as much anymore or want me anymore, I always initiate things but they don’t go anywhere or you shoot it down. I don’t think it’s fair you get to go to sleep right after talking to me and wake up with me still there whereas I have to fall asleep hours after not talking to you and struggle to fall asleep for hours and I never wake up with you still on the phone. I feel like you don’t put the effort in anymore and you’d rather be without me than with me. I feel like all I do is mess up good days and make you yell at me. I type in everything that physically made my heart hurt that you’ve said to me and I type in all my true feelings at night when I’m saddest. I don’t know what to do anymore. I should just give in and be the girl you want and not the girl I am anymore. I wish I was dead. I’m not happy. I can’t sleep. My boyfriend is always yelling at me and saying things to tear me apart. He needs to learn to put a filter on. He always speaks what’s on his mind right off the bat rather than thinking it through and thinking of the consequences cause all he wants is to hurt me and make me feel little so he feels like he has the upper hand. He doesn’t care about me as much. I try to include him in my everyday life and he’s just always so annoyed with me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I need to go. I can’t do anything right 

Yeah, I was upset with you yesterday

But today is a new day.

3:05 AM

If you would give me the chance, would you let me Hold your hand?

Would you let me stare into your eyes and tell you what I see in your soft brown eyes?

If given the chance, would you let me hold you? Tell you that you are loved, that I'll always be here for you no matter what?

Would you let me keep you warm from the harsh weather? Where we can sit in front of a tv and watch your favourite movies? Or tv shows. Just as long as I get to see your smile.

If you knew I felt this way, would we still be friends? Something more?

Or will we fall apart?

I wouldn't be surprised if we did fall apart. It seems as if we're not even freinds anyways. It seems like you're pretending to like me (platonically). Like you'd rather be with anyone else in the room but me.

Its alright I guess. I'm used to being ignored.

Just know if you ever need anything, I'm just a text/phone call away.

Miss you x

~Anonymous Blue Heart x