Without you in my life, I stumble in the darkness.

Chem M.D

And our love is a ghost that the others can’t see

to shy guys. Did you ever regret not expressing your feelings to someone you deeply loved?

You backtrack a lot. Like your extremely hesitant to share any of your thoughts. And when you do, you immediately regret it.

i haven't lived a second of life in your shoes, and honestly i don't think my feet quite fit

so when i ask you to sleep all i can ask is for you try with me, while i make me hobbit feet fit

if it doesn't work, i'm not angry, i'm glad you attempt

because all we can do is keep stretching out those shoes of yours to make room for two

and it won't be quick, but it will be fun, i can tell you that


the perfect opportunity to speak

& you haven’t said a word

not in a while ....


if it isn’t a big deal to me

why does my heart feel funny like this?

waiting hopefully

yet preparing for disappointment...


will you talk to me again?


I’m drunk and thinking bout you AT!

I don think I’ve fallen for you... I know that I’ve fallen for you!


i was talking to you and you were ignoring me and were looking at something on your phone. i thought you were texting another girl as you smirked, but it turns out it was just a picture of me.

I wrote a song about you and I don't even know why

Even though I don’t have a crush on you anymore, that summer was the best. I was so in love. Even though we only saw each other once a week, that whole summer still looks, tastes, smells, sounds, and feels like a memory of you. The new foods I tried, the new songs I discovered, the new places I visited, the smell of that food and those places, and the feelings I felt, all while thinking of you. That’s so crazy but so special. I don’t think those memories will ever be tainted, no matter what has transpired.