Silently, the best part of my day is you.

When I said I didn't mean you... I did mean you. I didn't want to say it.

Sharing here cos I have no one to talk to about what’s happening with my dating life lately. Lol.

My dilemma lately is I am trying to impress this guy I’m casually dating for a month now. He asked me last time of my expectations and I said I am just going with the flow. (Is my answer that bad?) So, there. I’m trying to impress this guy cos he is completely out of my league, but everytime I do it, I always fail. Haha! My awkwardness still shows. Haha! I’m pretty sure he notices it but he’s just not saying anything about it. Despite that, he‘s still making efforts in planning our dates.

A part of me doesn’t want to fall for him but he’s too charming! What can I do? I am pretty sure I’ll end up nursing a broken heart again, but I don’t want to miss the moments and experiences I‘ll create with him.

the lord knows how much i've prayed for you.

he knows i've prayed and asked for signs if you were for me

he knows i've prayed to keep you away if you weren't for me

he knows all the times i cried for you and because of you

he knows all of this and yet he has always kept us together.

we're not together but everybody feels that we are.

i've been keeping myself away from you because all the signs are pointing to you, but you haven't made it clear.

tell me, when are we gonna try?

You're always actions. I love that. Bravery. It is inspiring

i miss you too ive never stopped caring for you

i just don't know what to do

do whatevers best for you but i'll never be able to move on either

Meron pa kayang matinong lalake sa kapanahonan ngayon?

I don’t want a boyfriend I just want my life to be over.

i still like you after being in different schools for over three years. i don't know why, i'm sure you don't like me anymore but i still have this spark of feelings for you. it's so hard to forget you (even with me being a bts army help) ur always stuck in my head how do i get you out. we're never gonna meet ever again so i wish u the best life

My friend, i am glad you had fun with your friends at the show. If i were there, we would be having fun together.