My ability to ignore someone is really strong..

I wanna text you but I know you are busy now.

It's just not fair

And it's tearing me apart

You're just another priceless work of art

In his gallery

i never needed you.

you were never a need.

you were the first person I wanted to let inside, the first person I wanted to get to actually know me, the first person I thought might understand.

you were the person I wanted to understand.

but I don’t need you

ill never need you as badly as I want you.

And I want you to want me too.

but you don’t need me either.

we have become such needful things.

Some of us aren’t meant to find love.

You seem put together from the outside but why do I feel like you carry an ocean of secrets? And why am I so interested in wanting to know them?


the minute i stopped writing about boys that never loved me and never will, my love life improved drastically

Why am I like this?😭

👀 😱

- (TatteredDenim)

I’m a mess.🙃