i am sooooooooooooooo done with you.

Are we never gonna talk again? :/

I like you. but you'll never know. Never. 😔

J and D are so fucking nice i love it

Honestly when J went to the library to look for me and my friend (since we were classmates and he had to inform us something) i wanted to grab his arm since my arm was draped onto my friend, and he was just there in arm's reach. Luckily i didnt cuz im pretty sure he'd tell that to someone or something idk.

And when D was just there with my friends, his smile was so damn nice. Something i havent seen in a while really.


The other day, when I realized some guy was flirting with me and I got annoyed and I'm like back off. I only have eyes for you.

rick and morty marathons alone are great.

rick and morty marathons with you are the best.

Miscommunication sucks. 🙃

Why am I still dreaming about you?! i hate this. I'm in a current relationship and we're already on our 3rd year. But my ex keeps on poppin in my dream lately even though i'm not thinking about him. TRUE STORY. We're not even talking! I dont see photos of him anywhere so I dont get it. This is so annoying.

I have fantasies about you showing up to throw pebbles at my window and whisk me away for a midnight drive

and i promise this could be everything you needed