The night shift is starting to get to me.

You used to text memes, you used to call me in the morning, you used to call me randomly throughout the day just to talk.....

Now you do none of the above......

And the truth is, I couldn’t be happier......

I had a timeline in my head when I started to like you, of how I wanted things to go.

Meet, then if we still seemed to have a connection, wed start to hang out more, flirt, tease, etc... It would develop gradually and maybe then we'd transition into something romantic, kiss, start dating if all went well... Then we'd start delving into something sexual. The usual timeline.

Unfortunately, real life never goes how you want it to go.. We havent met yet.. we got really close, started sleeping on the phone together, talking every day, no romantic talk, not even sure you like me.. but weve now transitioned into sexual conversation.

Its nice, but I didnt want it to happen like this.. I didnt want to go there at all, even a little, until things were certain. And they are far from it

I am so interested in him. I was not expecting this to happen. Tell me how someone you haven’t seen in years you suddenly see out at a restaurant and now you can’t stop thinking about them?? It’s been 4 months since I last saw him and I think about it all the time.

Why am I so hard on myself?

To be a woman means no matter how much you accomplished in your life, all of that is null and void unless you have a significant other.

nice to see you again sexy eyes

anyone else turned on by body worship? am i weird

i hate my body so much and society the guys ive been with have made me feel so awful about it. it turns me on to imagine someone being completely obsessed with it and sometimes just compliments are kind of a turn on

my friend told me about this guy she was sleeping with who made her look in a mirror while ykno lol and would be like “look how fucking gorgeous you are” and i was so envious 😭 but instead everyone just likes degrading..

I feel the butterflies, the lump in my throat, the nervousness when we talk, again after so many years i feel it all, when this girl smiles or even looks at me. I feel like she might be into me i have seen some signs, we do talk regularly but still I am scared to let myself go and invest my all, my feelings and also my hopes into that gorgeous smile of hers, im scared of the what if's , the possibilty that we aren't feeling the same things. Even so i wanna say no to myself i wanna say BE IN love, have a crush,make the first step even if i do end up being hurt. Thats what I say to myself when she smiles at me at least or when we talk. But then other times the insecurities kick in or even worse the doubts.. I dont need anyone to tell me to do it though, everyone knows what he needs or wants to do even if you get hurt in the process, You need to go with it , fight for it and even if it doesn't turn out in your favor, hey at least you tried.. I need to tell myself just that.. Just do it !!

For you S....

If you are so interested in reality....act on your feelings.

Lots of realities were once fantasies. That’s the point. Your lack of initiative and imagination really hurt me.

To trust someone, to believe in them, takes courage.