I dont know.

I look at you and I get mad sometimes.

Love you 💯 😗💕

I'm sure many fall head over heels for you, but are you sure there's even one among them who loves you like I do?

Do they stand awestruck at the sight of paradise, or do they just see a nice body and a pretty face? Do they dream of being both your partner and your best friend, or do they just want a trophy wife?

Do they ... ? Do they ... ? Do they ... ?

Love, By: Storm

kelan kaya tayo ulit maguusap. in person.

sino ba talaga mahal mo?

Dear chubby cute boy with fluffy hair,

"Hi! Aren't we in the same year?" This is the way I'm imagining you would come up with an excuse to talk to me if you were really interested every time we meet on the bus.

But you don't talk to me.

We make eye contact a lot and these days you even smiled at me and I smiled back at you, but I think all these feelings that I have towards you are in vain. You won't approach me nor talk to me.

So this is one of those letters in which I'm letting of my feelings. May you meet a great person in the future that could brighten up your life just as you did with mine!

With love,

the girl who always wears mom jeans

Keeping a straight face in front of someone you literally just dreamt about kissing last night is always so much fun. Like a game.

I’m respecting your boundaries.

you called me “my girl” for the first time yesterday.

and I’m still smiling about it.