Why her eyes sparkle whenever we talk? It never happened to me before to see someone's eyes sparkle like this when they talk with me ?

I've seen that face before but I can't remember where I was at the time or when.

It is 6 am here and I still think of you.

I always get lost in your eyes, each time we make a conversation I forget what we talk about.

But I won't approach you anymore nor I will make eye contact with you.

I love you still, I always will.

Even though I’m hurting

You know what? Considering where I've been, things can only go up from here.

don't tell me to trust you and that you want to make me less cynical and have "All of me" and shit when you're still in love with you ex and talk to her all the fucking time you disgusting liar you're worse than my past

am I ever going to take a W with this crush thing?

The chemicals that rush through my brain when I see you... damn.

I’m glad we made small talk today. Progress.


I think you have a handsome voice.