I don't live in reality when I'm with you and that's the problem.

Do you know what it feels like loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away? 🎶

I have no boundaries. I'm too open. I easily trust in people because I've read them wrong into believing they were trustworthy. But that's just me. Anyone else? #walkingcontradiction

I hate that I can't unlike him

I've tried

I surrender

Now back to my project

I def understand why he cheated on me and I don’t blame him.

She’s gorgeous AF.

Where is my person? They are extremely late.

I gotta stop lurking on LTC every day reading these mostly pretty dumb letters. Not sure what I’m getting out of reading them but I keep checking and using it to procrastinate

It really annoys you that you can’t score with me doesn’t it? And nobody ever will, so I’m the one who needs self esteem and intimacy? When really it sounds like you’re projecting there mate! You want it off me and it kills you cause you can‘t get it. And you can call me ugly, but honestly I’d love if I am because it means no more attention from asshole men like you.

I’m so sick of dating guys that think just because they k ow how to cry and watch chick flicks they’re emotionally mature. Because it’s more feminine than what is expected of most males in a patriarchal society.

You’re sensitive. Not always emotionally mature. There’s a difference.

most of these male rappers life is not glory or filled with it but the devil not God speak the truth no lies.