How do I find someone I only saw once ?


If you're reading this, slide into my DM. I miss talking to you.


Feel like I haven't seen you for ages

I miss you so much.

Is it weird that I want to tell you that I love you all of the time? I am not trying to convince you that I love you, cause you know I do. I am trying to convince you that no matter what happens I am here, I will listen to your stories repeatedly, I will listen to you breathe over the phone if that’s what you need from me, I will be here if you want someone to cry over the phone with you, I will love you with my whole heart. Maybe I am giving you too much of me but I don’t care. ♥️

love you 💐 hope your ok😗💕

I hope I see you soon.

I don't know what will happen between us and what the future may hold, but I sure like where it's headed.

I orgasmed in my sleep.

It was a strong one.

As a matter of fact it woke me up in the first place.

Thanks to you.

A quote I found that sums it all up:

“Love can have

Some unexplained moments

Undefined emotions and

Unbearable pain too”

I can’t explain my feelings. I have no many questions and so few answers. I would‘ve hoped to have long ago moved on by now. But somehow, it seems impossible to let go. And maybe I’ll never see you again. But all I wish for you is happiness -SEM