I would’ve lost a lot, but I would’ve gained you. So I would’ve had it all.

I'm not sure if I really want a relationship or if I’m just sick of seventh wheeling every day.

I won't risk anything by now.

I won't add him on any social media nor ask for his number, no, things only get worse this way.

So, I stick to Tuesday or Thursday, two days that there's a chance of talking in person.

my first dreams with you in them were always about what would’ve happened if you fell for me instead.

but for the last two nights I keep dreaming that you have a really stupid haircut. 

tbh idk how to feel about it, just hoping you don’t get dreads or go bald anytime soon.

I know it’s over, I’m just not over it.

He's always travelling. Always explores on his own or with friends.

He is always looking in new perspectives and sophisticatically enough, he immerses himself into an unknown culture with an open heart.

I don't think I'll ever meet anyone quite like him. The way he speaks and how a smile slowly crept up as he tells me the wonderful insights he has learned.

I love this man.

But I know I'm no good for him.

You don’t need to be mine. I just want you to be happy.

And for the first time, I was happy to be on the sidelines, as long as I could see you smile.

It's true, the "what if's" really do hurt more.

I can't believe I got hit with a ton of feelings today. I thought I was okay. But I guess you're never really completely okay. It's just times like this when I miss you. Or maybe I just miss what we had. I miss your touch and I miss the hugs and the kisses. I miss the intimacy. I crave it. I just want it again. And interacting with you today made me feel so sad. Because we aren't like that anymore. I'm not like that with anyone anymore.