My parents expect me to find somebody and move in with them but I don't

my crush is silly and a distraction from the realities and ugliness of life

that's all they ever are

it's still nice to see him and play make-believe dreaming of what could have been

The only purpose it had to serve was to warrant a reaction.

me: he was kinda cute

also me: YES he was, but I’m also kinda cute

I miss this happy memory. God knows I do. But I can’t do anything now, move on and focus on things that matter.


Seeing your face is like looking at a sunset, I never wanna look anywhere besides your hazel eyes. I wanna twist your hair around my fingers, or even better, listen to you play your guitar.

You are a mess, but I love you still. I wanna be held in your arms again, and never let me go. I was so proud to stand beside you, and be like your trophy. I don't mind how you treated me more like an object to brag about, I liked it like that.

"She's smart, to the point she does my work and save my ass!" or "There's nobody better than her, she's the best" or even better "You have such pretty hair, anon." While he pet my head and played with my hair.

Oh, what would I give to be yours again..?

I expect you to approach me about this in the near future and I will instinctively go into fight or flight mode.

She doesn't have terrible taste in boys

Boys are just terrible overall

Where do I go from here?

The timing of that was a total coincidence and you’re a fucking idiot.