To Pablo, You were the first cat I fell in love with.

Ever since I saw you 4 years ago on that bench in DLSU, I knew you were a very special cat. You were fat and gray, and you slept all the time but woke up any moment a random stranger sat next to you to give you a cuddle. I would pass by your bench consistently even if I was late for class just to get a glimpse of you. It was then that I knew, I had to adopt you.

Within minutes of bringing you home, you found a safe hiding spot under a table and stayed there for hours. At first, you were very aggressive. Within days, you staged a dedicated campaign of terror against Jolli, my other cat. But you were never ever aggressive towards humans. You were the sweetest boy, you never scratched or bit me on purpose no matter how many times I may have annoyed you with my affections. You loved people and relished their company. Every time I came home from school or work you'd be by the door with Jolli, meowing in harmony. You never meowed in school, hearing you for the first time actually amused me because you only did so whenever you saw me or smelt food. You also attacked any chicken meat that dared invade your sovereign circle. You enjoyed sitting on laps, but mostly laying on our slippers. We made it a habit to check the floor every time because of accidentally stepping on you on several occasions. Now our slippers look so empty without you here. I never thought I'd be saying goodbye to you this early in the year. I kept telling you, "Please make it until 2020, please greet the new year with me". And you did. You fought long and hard to be with me, Pablo. When you got discharged from the hospital after being confined for more than a week, you perked up the second you entered the door. You knew you were home. It almost seemed like everything was going to be okay because you were such a strong boy. But now, you deserve to rest.

I’ll miss coming home to a house without you, Pablo. I’ll miss your body weighing heavily on my chest. I'll miss your loud meowing every time we had delicious food on the table. I'll miss your semi-permanent "blep" face. I’ll miss waking up to you by the door of my room, knowing you were there all night, purposefully.

You had a duty in life to love. Somehow, you knew that.

I knew it too. It was always in your eyes, Pablo. Even in your final look for that distant, safe spot. If heaven exists and pets have souls, I hope to see you there again someday.

bye g, i hope your art thrives and be well :)

To all of you contributors on here: your contributions here are some of the most creative, deep, beautiful, prose, poetry, thoughts, expressions, etc, that I have ever read ANYWHERE in my life. This stuff can compete with ANYTHING that has EVER been written ANYWHERE, 'cept maybe the Holy Bible. So keep your heartfelt, soul revealing, creativity coming!! It's truly enlightening, thought provoking, and just plain ol' MAGNIFICENT!

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