All I have is love for you, and I miss you a lot.

Just woke up from a dream, I'm very confused and blushing a lot. I dreamt I was.. DATING. 

I don't remember clearly every detail for now, but.. It all started in the living room.  He was lying in the couch watching an animation or playing a game, I don't know well.  

I was en route to call him, then I tripped on the rug and fell almost on top of him, a total stranger at least to me.  All of a sudden my mom pops right in that moment and smiles widely, and me being the slow poke I am didn't get it right away. He helped me to sit and pulled me to him in a way I was lying on top of him and held my waist so tight almost suggesting something. He said: "She thinks there's a thing going on between us." 

I shook my head trying to get out of this state, then suddenly things "fast forwarded", we were walking in the streets. A huge van pulls over and claims that a friend arranged a trip for us.

Later, all I can see is the road, uphill and downhill, lots of nature and ruins (tunnels made of stone And so on).

And then, some kind of hotel, the scene constantly flicking to bedroom, dining room, outside.. 

Wow. What the heck? I mean.. Seriously? I won't even look up the meaning behind it 'cause it's too complex.

I’d rather be single than go through another heartbreak.

If you can change that, then props to you. 

I would gladly go through it again if fear doesnt stop you.


Life can crush you... well, love can crush you. In many different ways then one. When someone you love, says they don’t love you back, and never will, it’s bone breakingly hard to get over. Sometimes they don’t have to say they never will, you just know from their actions. 

I met this guy last year. I’ve had a bad history with guys, I have a habit of dating people who are more boys than men. But he, he was different. He listened to me. He cared about what I was saying and my views on life. He goofed around with me, made fun of me. He thought I was beautiful, and we grew to like each other. Possibly I grew to like him much more. But like other guys in my life, he left. He left me for another girl. Thinner, prettier, but a stone cold heart she had. Yet 10 months later, after he left me, he messages me at times. He leads me on. I listen to his problems, but when it comes to mine; He doesn’t seem to show any interest... he makes me love him. But I know, I have to move on. Because I deserve better, even though at times I don’t feel as though I do... 

HAHAHA i wished you good luck here and for the first time since the start of your exams, you told me how the paper was.

You said the paper was hard and that past years were easier but uh. pretty sure you'll get a great grade. :') cant relate

- nugget

I was like a beautiful glass painting , but you came; love me, and broke me.

And now Im trying to pick up the pieces, but the more I try the more it's cutting me.

Will I ever be whole again?

my shadow dancing without you for the first time

In every waking moment, you're the immediate thought in my head, and every sleepy snooze, you're the last thought of the day.

It's scary how much your life suddenly revolves around someone, I feel so vulnerable but I trust you too much.

- J

I really hope I get to marry you someday. - J

You did say you wanted a good sturdy truck and you got it and I must say it suits you

I am very happy that you were able to get what you sought

I have to confess this

I know this is really stupid but every time I see a ford ranger, any white twin cab ford ranger for that matter my mind goes into seek mode

I would unconsciously do that with all the vehicles similar to yours

Therefore I always have to remind myself not to actively seek your face out

*slap on forehead*, stupid, stupid, stupid

I love you Tony


Rantings of a woman in love