My whole body runs in excitement knowing that I'll be seeing you.

But you tell me, you want it to be us only and that I better be free. What are you thinking? Why does it feel so surreal now?

No, I'm not going to jump ahead of myself. The only thing I'm expecting is time to catch up with you.

But the way you're proposing these statements is giving me false hope. And I'm a little irritated by it.

If you want me, tell me. If you don't feel that way, don't play me for a fool.

She's not here. But in a way...........i kinda wish she was.........even just for closure. It's been nearly a decade..............but i don't care.


See, I told you it wasn't too late for you.

3 weeks too early, but:

To me: Here's to the 2017 year of unrequited romance, some losses, and definitely no gains in the romance department.


lmao hah i honestly just friendzone myself by breathing

wow. It's finally really him doesn't even matter.

Spending time with Family on Christmas Day it's not about Presents But the True Meaning of Family and Loved ones

I can’t go to sleep because I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you have the same issue with me?

Mental illness People You are not Alone You are Amazing and Loved You can Do anything You put Your Heart too Don't let Anyone tell you Other wise God Loves you Hears your Prayer Feels your pain Sucide ain't the way out There's Help out there Believe have Faith you will Heal🙇

we feel so distant now everything we've done doesn't even feel like it was me it was a different lifetime I don't know you anymore and you don't know me