I wish you were certain about me like I am about you. But you can’t be. You’re still in love with the person before me and I understand that. I still love the person before you, but I’ve learned that just because they couldn’t be apart of my life, doesn’t mean that I can’t keep them in my heart.

And maybe I have to think about you in that way, too.

Will we see each other tomorrow?

Hope you are alright

Not sure if you're scared to ask or what.

I miss you, but I think I miss who I was when I was with you more.

Hi ate J

Sungiit mo pero I like you kulit mo kasi pero mabait haha

- Y

M. S. ,

I very rarely remember my dreams. But occasionally I do remember them. Holding your hand was nice, hugging you was nice. But that is a just a hope, a want, a dream.

Forgive me if I daydream of you today. Or tomorrow, or the next day. I would be so lucky. You're so freaking attractive. You're so freaking cool.

Today, I want you to have a good day. I hope that you slept last night. I hope that you feel great today. I hope that you smile and laugh, and that they're not fake, but genuine. You deserve more days where you can do that, and feel that way.

I miss you.

We had a fight.

It's over now and we've talked it out. There is something so wholesome in being able to be so mad at a person you love and still, come back together as a couple. I love how it makes us bond closer and stronger.

I love how we're growing together and experiencing the rawness and bitterness of how hard a relationship can be.

But more importantly, I love him and I hope we build a lifetime of memories together.

You can for as long as you want.