That moment you already plan your position when sleeping together and you'll be the pillow.. 😍🥰

I'm only interested in reality not fantasy. I am only interested in words that are backed up with actions, consistently, over time. You've devalued your words so much because of your lack of integrity and dishonesty. It wouldn't matter what you said you me now, it would mean nothing to me.

Only actions. Consistent, congruent actions aligned with positive relationship values. Repeated over time. That's all I'm interested in.

The only pain I’m in is because of you. And you royally missed the point. As usual.

The rational part of me hopes to never hear from you again. I guess I'm a bit wary of your manipulation and moods. But I do still care for you, as difficult as you are. Guess we'll see. It's never going to be the same tho. And I think once you realise that, you will get bored of me pretty fast. I do feel for you, I think you might be in a lot of pain. And I think I was once much the same as you. I think we are so similar in many ways, more than I would like to admit. I have learnt so much in our time together, as hurtful as it all was for me. Still want to wish you good, and hope you can figure things out in life and be happy and content.

It’s not funny for me. Being trolled over your crush isnt nice.

just give me one night where we're drunk enough to say it and sober enough to mean it

I still like you, but I don’t want to see you anymore.

You’re a CREEP. You would only know that shit if you had installed a camera or mic in my phone, or if you are actually psychic. Either way, you got problems, and it’s def not a crush on me. It’s such mundane stuff, yet you are fixated on me. Get a life.

You do know that I’m not actually old, right? Not that it would bother me if I was. Looks like someone’s got a complex about their age.

Abuser’s still abusin’