I miss you. You'll never know how much I forever will.


I just canโ€™t shake the thought of your fingers slipping into my ass out my mind... ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

I guess you are just not....that into me.

You would have done something by now

At least would have said something.

Sorry I even bothered

Men like him need to be kept at arms length.

He likes the chase.

He likes validation.

He will treat you like a queen but when once your interest is reciprocated...

Heโ€™s gone.

Am I cruel for playing emotionally unavailable?

Perhaps but the saying โ€œFind someone who loves you more than you love them โ€ rings true.

If its finished then just leave me alone im 34 and sick of the games.

It's so nice we can still have a laugh, without being friends. So nice that we can talk, without being friends. There have been so many times where I missed being your friend, but I don't actually miss that anymore. We've both got our own-very different-lives to live, and although I miss our friendship, I don't at the same time; it was toxic, based around alcohol, and lust got in the way.

I wish you well with every inch of your life, but this time, it really is goodbye!

Take care, always

Who's beging bullied


Why are you not on facebook anymore