Thinking of you/our past interactions makes me smile. Seeing you makes me smile.

Actually interacting with you?

I like to think I’m decent with words, but trying to talk to you makes me kind of forget all of them. Why the heck is this so hard?

I really do enjoy spending time with you. I’m trying.

It's just hurt sometimes.


I want to talk to you more often and have a deep conversation sometimes. I know you are having a really bad week now. I didn't want to be a clingy lover. I wish to scream and said to the whole world that YOU ARE MINE. Because we are now keeping our relationship as a secret from other people.


midnight blue.

I would do anything for you.

Dear K

I hope you feel better soon and that we can reschedule our movie night for later in the week. Even though you probably (definitely) don't feel the same way, our movie nights, walking from work together and small shared moments are the highlight of my week.

Your smile when you something makes you laugh and that sparkle in your incredible eyes when you talk about something you feel passionate about.

I almost wrote to you and said "Hanging out with you is always the highlight of my week." But I stopped myself.

Crushes dont get easier at 30.

intuition is a great gift

havent been sad over you for a while. proud of myself.

I really think we would be so good together..I guess only in my dreams

I just want to lay in bed all day with you