I’ve had sex but I don’t think I’ve ever made love.

Thinking about it all of my relationships were shallow and had no emotional substance.

(I’ve been there)

the truth is

you can proofread

and proofread

but that one typo

is still going to sneak into

the printed copy

just like when

you build walls

around your heart

to protect it

yet that one

sneaky feeling

manages to get in.

- the wandering writer

Is Love blind?

How the person you want feels about you really does influence your heart.

I'll love you forever and ever. One part by fate, the other by choice – that's all there is to it.

Love, By: Storm

Idek what you want with me. You literally have a man and you hit me up every day. Y’all women some unstable creatures.

Have fun visiting your girlfriend at college instead of going to homecoming.

Why is almost everyone on this site female?

wrapped up in his arms

thinking about you.