I feel like I don't give my best friend enough credit and all I do is ramble at her about him. But honestly, I wouldn't still be here without her. She means a lot more to me than I can ever say. Like if I ever have to run away from home she's the one I'm calling in an instant.

I feel like I should say more but I don't know what to say so I just wanna say

Thanks C

I don't know what it is but a man who can express his love for his woman and love her completely in a wholesome vulnerable honest way is SO beautiful.

Fuck it

To be honest, I'm not even sure if this is a letter to a crush or not. Maybe I just need you so bad because you're a little bit like the brother I always wanted.

I feel really fucking ridiculous for clinging to you the way I do. I feel helpless, and I hate it, but the truth is... I am helpless. I haven't seen you in four days, and already I miss you a shit ton.

You made me promise that no matter how depressing things got, I wouldn't drink myself into a coma while you were out. Well, things got depressing, but I'm a girl of my word. So I guess I can walk onto the pool deck with my head held high tomorrow morning, and maybe even throw my arms around you for the very first time. I guess I deserve that hug, 'cause I'm gonna be awake, alive, I'm gonna be sober.

I'm not an alcoholic, I don't drink that much, but we can both agree I tend to drink for the wrong reasons. Thank you for giving me the motivation to get up in the morning. Every morning.

And thank you for giving me the motivation to walk over to you tomorrow, sober.


so i just wanted to tell you that i remember the day that we were sitting in class and you told me that my eyes looked pretty in the sunlight and i remember when you walked me home the day that i was sobbing because of my mom and i remember hugging you in the dark and laughing because you smelled like mint and i remember the texts and the calls and the notes and i remember everything. i know you’ve moved on but i haven’t. why did we have change so drasticall and lose each other in the process?

- me

i thought i had moved on but then i saw you again and i felt like i couldn’t breathe and my hands shook and i thought i was going to break down crying when you talked to me

I know that you're my One. I've known it all along. I just need you to be brave for me because everyone makes me feel so unimportant and like an after thought. I need you yo be the one prson that makes me feel special.

Someone tell me I'm not the only one who suddenly thinks about someone after a significant amount of time passes without seeing their face. Because I feel like an insane person who should seek therapy.

I wish you’d say Hi to me...

How do you know it’s love? or even true attraction? I don’t really feel anything and I can’t tell if it’s him, that I really don’t have feelings for him, or that I can’t really feel at all.

Anyone else here still have their imaginary friend from childhood?