I do not see myself as pretty as other people see me. I try to but I don’t see it. I have a healthy self-esteem and I love myself the way I am but when people talk about how gorgeous I am I’m just so confused. It’s as if they’re talking about my pink hair that I’m pretty sure was brown the last time I checked. I’ll never get it. I do feel like I am prettier than I was as a teen and that I was an ugly duckling back then but I friended a popular guy that I used to go to school with and he said “how can I forget about your beauty”? And I’m like huh? I have days where I feel prettier than usual but overall I don’t feel like I’m what one would call beautiful or gorgeous. I’m just curious. There’s a person inside of ourselves that other people know and we may never even meet that person.

In the midst of all the chaos in this site, let my letters preserve the undying love I have for you my love.

Chem M.D ⌬

Calm the fuck down to the anon below. Anyone can write here. Mods remove this letter


I am not your typical woman. Nor typical are you. What makes me different is not what makes you different. What makes me different is what makes me me. It's part of my wholeness.

Never think you're nothing less than whole, because how can someone be unwhole?

As a female, the word has made me think I should be weak, I should be quiet, I should be insecure, I should be cute, I should not laugh out loud, I should be proper, I should, I should, I should...

Never dare define yourself by what someone wants from you. Not by what someone else thinks you should be either.

Loving someone shouldn't change who you are. Love isn't about changing your wholeness.

Love isn't anxiety. Love isn't fear. Love isn't pain. Love isn't feeling less.

Love is sharing the whole of you. With those open to share. Love is working together. Love is enjoying together. From the wholeness and understanding of two people. Not from people who were made to think they are unwhole.


Ughh this is messing with me. Do you like me or not?????

II love you to 😘💕

I’m practical and considerate of other people, something you have yet to learn.

Normal people: “if your crush talks about you to others, that means he is thinking about you and that’s a good thing, right?”

Me, a stalker that messes up 24/7 around my crush and who is probably hated by that very same crush: “are you sure about that?”

-Rosa Lee

Crushing on someone who knows about your feelings but doesn’t really acknowledge it, that shit sucks


We'll continue to avoid each other. It's working.

But do you wonder what came from being closer. Admit it, we shared some connection.

I still miss you. I hope we talk again soon. Avoid you is just a show i put on.

Without seeing you I feel incomplete...

I hope you understand what we've created...

Miss "U"