I was on the phone to one of my good work friends this morning and I said, "me and H talk everyday, all the time - but we don't like each other, plus he's got a girlfriend and we can't go there". She looked at me a with a smirk on her face and, like "yeah, right". I like H although I wont admit it, since we work together - I don't know how H feels about me... because well, he's in a relationship...but we are super close during work. Am I missing something?

I like you so much. You’re the reason I go to school every day, the motivation to come to school, the reason I dread weekends and long breaks. I honestly don’t know how I survived summer vacation without seeing you for two months straight. I think of you everyday, not in a creepy way. Every time I see you my heart skips a beat and I always want to be around you. You’re so funny and nice and fun and interesting and everything about you is so perfect. Every physical touch is so… nervous? I like the feeling because it makes me feel closer to you. I loved waltzing with you and hated that I missed a practice because I was called away. I love when it’s raining because that means I get to share my umbrella with you because you never bring one. I wish one December 3rd i would get a sweater from you. I become a little sad with sone jealousy whenever you talk to her because I always feel like you ignore me when you talk to her and that you would rather talk to her instead of me. I feel like a ghost that died twice when I’m in a “conversation” with you two when it’s just you two getting all close and touchy and talky while I just stand there like a sad little person. I watch all those crush videos and those silly Tik Toks about initials and I think of you every time. It’s so fricking cringy but you’ re just so likeable. Literally every girl has had a crush on you one time or another. I reject the shipping that everyone does and roll my eyes whenever they say something about me and you but deep down I wish it was true. It’s not just a hallway crush where you just “like” someone for their looks and don’t really know them. I can maybe imagine a actual relationship with you but you’re sometimes just so.. distant and ignorant of me. I genuinely feel like I annoy you sometimes. It’s so awkward whenever we walk alone and I try to initiate conversation but I feel like you just want to get away from me. I feel like that sometimes you just see me as a homework buddy and not your actual friend and I want something more. This all sounds so stupid and obsessed stuff about a silly little girl thinking about her crush. I can’t ever actually tell you this because I’m waayyy too chicken and I don’t want to ruin our friendship of three years and counting. I get way too excited about simple things from you like waiting for me after class or asking about my day which a normal friend would do so I’m trying not to be so close. I hope you know this but also I’ll neve r tell you ever. So I guess it’s a one in a million chance you’ll see this.I left a few hints if you do and I think it’s pretty obvious here and in person. I’ve dropped so many hints there’s no way you don’t know. Bye rebel



i really fucking like him holy shit he's so cute and sweet and kind you guys he watched a two hour movie with me and didn't get bored and he held my hand he is so !@#!@$#)$!)!!!!!!!@__#!_#__

went to target today to get decorations for the office. and there was mistletoe.

fake. obviously. otherwise the nargles would be swarming—that’s a joke y’all.

but weirdly…okay maybe not weirdly—i thought of you. always wanted to do that cliche thing. so silly.

i know. anyways, i hope your studying is going well. i believe in youuuu. i know it doesn’t come as the easiest—but haha sometimes i feel like you seriously underestimate how smart you are. i mean that.

finals season to push through but i genuinely can’t wait to see you. lol hopefully my heart calms down a little bit. can’t be thirsting after my best friend…even if i think he’s one of the best people i know.

- pinkfluffyclouds

I really wanna enjoy this month with all my heart

With good memories, sounds, fun

I’m enjoying again my work

I’m LOVING floating between the calm and the stars like I’m reborn again

I‘m learning to see/breathe again

And that’s it

That’s life

Dear liann J - ♥︎

we didn't know each other much but there's so much i wanted to tell you. Honestly, I'm just gonna say it, ever since like I found ur acc i was way too scared to actually text you. like it's been 1 year actually. but when i did it finally i was relieved and i was happy i thought maybe we'd have a friendship that would lead to a relationship. but then i found out you were taken, so i unfollowed you because i didn't wanna ruin your happiness and then last month we had a good conversation that only lasted a few second's honestly. but i just instantly felt comfortable with you in that moment. i don't know why but i used to feel like you were my soulmate. i pushed away this one really nice person because i only thought of you. i don't know why i felt so deeply in love with you. but it was all real, and when i found out you were going through a toxic relationship thats when i was ready to admit my feelings so i could show you what it feels like to be loved and appreciated, because i know you're a good person, and you deserve more than being treated like that. but i got scared and backed away from telling you. and then i tried starting another conversation and checking in on you after you posted that tiktok because anyone hurting you or making you feel mistreated hurts me in a thousand ways i couldn't explain liann. so i checked on you even if i knew you were probably bothered by me or annoyed by me that didn't matter as long as i knew you were okay. i didn't wanna force conversations or anything because i didn't want you to feel uncomfortable. but recently i unfollowed you because it felt like it was more of a one sided friendship, because i was the one reaching out… it felt like you didn't want a conversation it felt more like you just replied to me. i don't know i see something in you that i can't see in anyone else, with me being introverted i don't like bothering many people but you were just special. and i know i said sorry too much when i was texting you. it's because i didn't wanna lose you even when we were just getting to know each other. but i wish you the best in life and i really hope you find happiness and peace, don’t let anyone treat you less than what you deserve - N♡

I need an advice…

Today I was having a good day

But then my best friend told me that she was having a date with someone

And then

I became so sad

And so weird

I don’t know if I was jelaous

If I like her

I don’t think so

Maybe I’m selfish

Maybe I’m too needy

Maybe I‘m having co dependency

I keep thinking of you and checking for you Laura. The worst thing about this is you most likely don't even think of me at all. I can't stand myself and wish I wasn't this one-basket Skinner.


I really like u bcoz ur so cute

-guess who

You're in my thoughts again. Haven't "Seen" you in a while.

Cheers to December. 🥶