im just praying you're one of the people on this site confessing that you'll never get your feelings across to me-- because then maybe there's a chance this'll get to you, and-- maybe things can work out after all?

M, I've gotten so use to you, seeing you daily. Even on the days we don't get to talk, just seeing you makes my day better. Soon all this will change, Im all set for that heartache :(

Kiara I gotta say that I love you so much that you’re so amazing ;) -Grayson

I really want to send you a message but I am too embarassed...

I recently moved to another country. I met this woman and instantly fell for her. But I got a girlfriend back home...

I am in Love with this woman. I am not doing any move tho. I just look and admire how she is. God hear me out. What do I do? Be honest with what I feel or stay steady and not mess anything up?


Last night I dreamt I was visiting and you brought me roses. You were drawn to me as we sat face to face after almost two years.

The last time I dreamt of you, you were visiting. Only you were at my childhood home, sitting on a swivel chair in my bedroom, surrounded by the neighborhood kids I used to be friends with. It looked like you were telling them a story and they were listening intently. After all this time, that home, my childhood home, has been the ONLY home that actually felt like home...and that’s where you ended up when you were visiting me.

I can’t help but feel it’s because you felt like home...and you still do.

Here’s to hoping. Here’s to hoping and not feeling like a fool in the end.

- Scarlet

He is a part of knowing what's up.

But I want him to open up his loot crate on me.

Specifically my face.

Cause he is a bear, but nerdy and caring.

And fucking funny.

With a heart and music tattoo on his wrist.


Way out of my league.

I should probably go to chruch.

it's been almost a year since i graduated high school.

so much has changed, so much is the same. the world feels so wide, so tender, so raw. i wonder if i noticed it before. i wonder at not being able to look back, if it means i've gotten better at moving on.

Love withheld is the most painful thing.

Once you know someone inside and out, how could you not fall in love with them?