You’re mad fake.

I really miss you..

I'm dreaming about him lately 😊


He would pretty much invite everyone else but me so why bother?

I need you so much right now..😞

I hate the sex.


It isn't exactly a romantic crush of sort. I just really want to say that I have so much high regard for my professor from 5 yrs ago. I met him again recently for school purposes but when I saw him I felt like I suddenly turned back to that teen who appreciated learning from him. His teaching style just really suits me that I aced his subjects and for once actually enjoyed studying. See I'm raving about him again πŸ˜… I hope I can continue grad school and when I finish it I can boldly tell him that I really look up to him and that he had a really great influence on me. Oh shit, this does sound like a crush. I am gushing ain't I? 🀣


It’s not enough that my crushes over the years merely rejected me. They all had to crush on a mutual friend or acquaintance and I would have to watch them talk and flirt with each other almost everyday.

The pain does not lessen with each occurrence.

My best bet at this point is to bump into beautiful stranger, exchange pleasantries and hopefully numbers and go from there.