LTC I need help/advice/wisdom/something:

So a few months ago I contacted a friend I had reconnected with at the beginning of the year. We’ve known each other since elementary school, and we were even locker buddies all throughout high school. I had a crush on him numerous times but never acted on anything.

Anyways, I reached out because our friend group would go out for drinks occasionally and I was trying to organize something. Keep in mind, I knew he had a girlfriend of about 3 years and I knew he was very serious with her and so I was being Completely innocent and friend-like.

It came to my knowledge they had broken up, and had been for awhile now, but he had said he was going to try to make things work out if possible. So I still wasn’t phased. Anyways we met for drinks with friends and hung out the entire weekend and had a blast. So we planned to do it the weekend later, except in his city.

so this is where things get confusing....

So we were doing drinks as per usual. And the first night his ex messaged him needed a place to stay. And him, being the nice guy he is, let her stay. In fact, she slept in the same bed as me. But she was clearly using him. She demanded to be dropped off at a certain time in the morning. So he woke up extra early, made breakfast. And she fell back asleep and said she didnt need to be dropped off anymore. He tried cuddling with her and she kind of shrugged him off. It was just kind of shitty to watch.

After she left, we ended up drinking again and he was starring at me a lot that night. keep in mind wed been consistenrly talking since I reached out and was becoming a very close friend. So we went out and got way too drunk, danced together, and made our way back to his house. When we reached there I was very drunk and he asked if I wanted to sleep in the same bed so I didn’t have to sleep on the blow up mattress. And I didn’t think anything of it because I thought he was trying to work things out with her. But then he ended up cuddling with me all night. Nothing happened and it was all very sweet. He never tried to do anything with me at all.

I woke up and he was still cuddling me. I dismissed the entire thing as just a drunk night ans we left.

Fast forward to us still talking everyday, and I went and visited the city. He invited me to come over and watch movies, and again he cuddled me. So my dumb ass realized that he could have feelings.

Anyways. Fast forward to now, still keeping strong contact, and he says he is still trying to make things work with her, but he said she’s doing things he’s not happy with and hes just going to see if things naturally pan out, and if not, he will let life happen.

Now. My thoughts on the entire thing: I think he has feelings. But I know from experience when it comes to a long term relationship that it’s hard to let go of the past. And I don’t blame him for that at all. I think he is seeing what happens with her, and kind of investing in me in the meantime. I don’t want to put my feelings into this because I don’t know what’s going to happen.... but I find myself not being able to help it. And he’s truly one of my best friends. We understand each other so well and our humour is complimentary. I’m not sure what to do or think. But I’m just trying to give him space with the situation and continue talking to him. But I also don’t want his ex to come after me or to start drama.

If you read this far, I’m so thankful. And I would be even more thankful is you have your input!

- The Redhead

It's your choice, you have options. I don't have any other options cuz all I want is you

You get more handsome every time I see you

you're my biology teacher

i'm falling in love with you

explain the science behind that

She writes you a letter, you ignore her and respond to a comment about your age, then call yourself sexy.

Okay 👌

A coworker was introducing us to each other, not knowing that we’d been talking, although only here and there, for a few days.

Him: “So do you know each other already?”

Me (mumbling and shy): “Uhh, uhmmm, yeah, I think, yeah, a little bit...”

You (with total, mischievous confidence, winking at me and raising your eyebrows and with a gigantic grin that could all have been interpreted as “we’re sleeping together”): “Well, I don’t know, do we know each other?”

Him/his face: [what the hell is going on???]

Me/my face: [what the hell, we’re at work here, who does that???]

Still, it meant nothing, apparently. Women are weirder than they think.

Our song popped in my head today. Miss you, Ry. You were the person who made me believe soul mates could exist. I wish you hadn't left the world so young. I'll never forget you.

Your Angel

We gotta go through the awkwardness to get to the good stuff, it's inevitable

Now I'm getting worried. I wish there was a way for me to find out if you're OK.

I stopped fighting the fact that I care about someone I don't even "know". I just do. Maybe I knew you in a past life...anywho

Hope you feel better, love.

I know you don’t understand how it is that I’ve so rapidly felt that way about you, and that it was probably more to handle than the sum total of what you’d ever handled before. You were not ready for that. For an emotional outburst that seemingly came from nowhere.

But know that I barely understand it myself. It was a lot for me to handle, too. And I certainly wasn’t more ready for it than you were.

On the other hand, it’s so simple, so common, so human:

Boy liked girl. Boy told girl. 

That’s all.