I'm tired why can't I just live a life of paradise?


The only romantic hope I have left is that you don't have to get everyone to love you. All you need is one  

I feel an inexplicable pull towards you

The saddest stories of unrequited love are the ones that I didn't even try

We were best friends for years and both in love with the other. We dated for a year. I fell out of love and dumped you. We've remained best friends for another two years, even while I've dated other guys.

Maybe you are the one for me. You get me like nobody else. You are so loyal and consistent. You have never been anything but sweet and kind to me, even when I broke your heart.

Maybe I still love you.

i hate being a hopeless romantic ahahah ha ha...

Just keep me where the light is....

i just want to know everything about you

i'm exhausted i'm so tired of life and moody and emo but even though i haven't seen you since april the thought of you makes me a bit happier i wish i could feel like that all the time

ull know its over when the sparks is gone