He said we were never meant to be together.

Thank you for existing ☺️

Insert Smile and Happiness here 😊

Yung matutulog akong nakangiti 😆 para akong shunga dahil sayo 🤣

Nakakawalang gana

To the person who hurt me most-

Don’t tell a person all about yourself. Unless you know for sure that you’re ok with them breaking your heart into little pieces. Don’t let them know all of your quirks. Don‘t let them get the upper hand when you're done. Don’t let their texts hold power and make your day better. Because in the end you’ll still hurt whether you give yourself to a person or not. Don’t date someone if they don’t feel a connection. Save yourself the pain 🥺


You’re an adult using a childish website as a means of bullying because you’re too much of a coward to do it face to face. Wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation now would we E.

You're a grown up on a crush website for little girls

I'm never going to understand why you've given me so much and have never asked for anything in return.

I'm never going to understand why you never want me to pay you back, even though I insist upon it.

I'm never going to understand why you think so positively of me.

I'm never going to understand why you can't see the beauty I see in you, even though i talk about it every day.

I'm never going to understand some of the cute things you say about me when you're so drunk you can barely stand.

I'm never going to understand why you're afraid of "bothering" me with your ramblings.

I'm never going to understand why, after all this time, I'm still in love with you.

But I can only hope that, one day, you'll understand how much I love you.

Let's forget about all of the what if's, could have but didnt and focus on the present. It was a chance for a lesson and a missed for a reason.

Good bye.