Why should I care what it ‘looked like’ to you? You are wrong. People fall in love with people all the time, in ways that you haven’t. You are being arrogant and presumptuous.

There is no room for nuance with you. You want to dictate, not to understand. you are cold and unjust.

And all you’ve proven is that you don’t actually have much sympathy for or actually like women.

It was all I could do not to lose myself in the non relationship. Whilst he was quite comfortable as he was.

And I suspect... I suspect that he ‘stopped looking’ because you interfered. Not because of anything I did.

I could be so sweet to you.

Either we find each other soon, or I just sink further into despair. I’m not reaching out to you, I did more than enough to show I loved you. If you care at all you’ll do the decent thing and reach out to me.

It sucks that I struggle so much to let people go yet I am constantly pushing them

I crafted a flower for you. I can’t seem to throw it away or regift it, I guess it will become a decorative reminder.

I love you but I do not trust you.

life's totally a hell of a ride , you can choose in  between long or short ride .

long ride , you got to enjoy the scenery , long talks & a chance to create memories  that you know it will last & cherish forever.

short ride , there's a possibility for you to have fun for awhile , but you know that little moment you  have to say goodbye . at the end , regrets  for not having enough time.

Lesson : it may take a long time for you to get what you dream for . but trust me  you will achieve it one fine day . just dont give up . Good things takes time  🖤☺️

Seeing you doesn’t rip out my heart anymore, in fact it makes me smile and I am not sure if that means I am moving forwards or backwards

I just watched her story highlight of him and their cute relationship things. Could have easily decided to just rip my heart out with my bare hands and it would have had the same effects. I guess that's what you would call confrontational therapy.

I hope one day I can be happy for us and where we landed. I hope one day I will be able to look at you without having it sting my chest with memories. Until then I will let it hurt.