It's safe to say the iron is hot now

No worries anymore about leaving this thing.

I should probably track you down in person and gladly make a fool of myself before I try dating other random guys.

what am I supposed to do on nights like this..?

where all I want to do, is hold my little girl.

I want to meet her up in the stars.

she deserves so much love.

maybe I have always been grey, but you gave me her.

You gave me my entire world.

Yet you don't even see me as a place in yours.

this life down here doesn't feel like there's a point anymore.

I want to join her.

I want to help her paint the sunsets for you.

I want to teach her, how to make your sky the most beautiful. So you always remember, we love you.

And when it rains, know that its us reminding you it's okay to cry sometimes. We are crying with you.

I want to tell her, about how we chose to love eachother, even when the world was against us.

I want to tell her the story of how she got her name.

I want to tell her how much you grew to love her.

Our baby sleeps in the stars.

and you left..

how can her heartbeat sound so similar to your voice..?

why was it, the one distinctive feature she developed.. she got from you.

It should've been me that died that night. I should've gone with her.

Right now life feels so empty,

I'm sorry for whatever I did that made you decide to leave.

but I promise, when I leave,

you'll be able to see me and Delilah up in the sky, always looking over you.

~McKinzie LS


I just knew it, that day is near where our paths won't cross anymore...

feeling so heartbroken

Happy birthday queen Kaitlyn I love you with all my heart you are a women with a beautiful soul and blessed I'm so happy for you and your new man many wishes on your special day πŸ‘ΈπŸ€΄πŸΏπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ™


I have a dream outdoor get away with you...although, I'm pretty sure you don't really outdoor. A Cabin in the woods, with a stocked fridge of meal ingredients for 3 days. Fireplace in the cabin for late night chats, and a few games. After the first night, we go canoeing with the sun rise and we observe the wildlife on the lake. We debate whether we should take pictures, of the cranes, turtles and Foxes or just take in the moments.

After about an hour on the lake we go back to the Cabin, and debate on whether we go hiking of just make the best of our private and quiet time. We make some noise for about an hour, and its not even noon. So after that, we take out the ingredients to make a brunch. With fresh fruit, we savor the flavors. Staring at each other fully embracing this moment, we smile and anticipate the next time...

The rest of the day we steal looks at each other on the tour boat around the Lake. I take pictures of you on the front of the boat looking out at the landscape surrounding the lake. You say stop, and I say Aye Aye Captain...

How many days since I started?

I don’t remember


I’m fucking proud and happy

I loved being loved by you.


i never noticed you until that one day in chemistry class and i realized that you are the most perfect boy. i'm sorry for that one time when i harassed you to be on our parade float but you said you were cool with it. i realize that you probably think i'm really weird, but i'm crazy into you and can't believe how oblivious you are to the fact that i like you. i like you so much i get butterflies in my stomach whenever i see you. i'll never forget the smile you give me when i talk to you and the way you laugh at my jokes, even if they're not that funny. god, writing this all down is making me question if you really like me or not. i know that i should just tell you that i like you but i'm so scared of what you're going to say because i know the answer is no. the same way i know that one time you crashed your dirt bike or the time that you got a 60 on our pop quiz in AP world but lied about it because i got a better grade than you and you didn't want to tell me. i will never forget the way i feel about you and all the time that i've spent writing songs about you and wondering if you feel the same way. if you ever read this, let me know how you feel if i haven't already told you.


Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden

- AnonIM

I'm sorry that you had to go through those kinds of conversations. That is truly emotional damage, and I get it. Being an overt extrovert, I can see you getting into mental and religious bouts. I have seen you get pulled into manufactured arguments because of it. I think I finally see now, that you may need that to thrive as a PERSON.

I'm more of a pacifist, meaning I don't like to argue. Not that I feel like I'm always right, but it has been a safe space. I actually got into an argument once where I said something super hurtful, and didn't remember saying it 5 minutes later. Someone else had to ask me why I would say that, and I didn't remember saying it all. Although, it was a lingering thought.

I guess that's probably why my anxiety is so crippling, because I supposedly let a lot of things go. Opposites attract I guess. I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm holding on to the idea of you. The ideal you, that cooks cuisine, and wants to share experiences and beliefs. I could be deluded and believe that you wanted to talk to me, or just look at the facts.

I think I might better off talking to her or someone new altogether. Trying to find peace and a safe space with someone just as broken as me, or worse isn't working for the long-term. I guess I just have to fake it until I make it. Such a ridiculous saying, but I'm starting to believe in its transcendence (above it all).

Self-righteous Sociopathic tendencies here I come...PERSON INITIATED!

You're So Vain, Carly Simon

- AnonIM