You are more than just a memory to me

there is this guy i like alot i can never get him off my head i am always thinking about him. we used to talk as friends but people started teasing us and he stopped talking to me bcoz of those people and now he doesnt even wanna see my face and i love him so much and i dont know what to do should i tell him how i feel about him or no but he is a year younger than me idk if that matters....

Watching a game show this morning with Wild Man while we have our morning coffee. And a question pops up that asks what a pudu is, the answer choices are; deer, horse, bear, or sheep.

He said, “Horse.”

I looked at him like, “the fuck? A pudu is a deer.”

him, “bet.”

Me, “alright, I’ll bet.”

Guess who was right? Me. 

Then the asshats gonna say, “lucky guess.”

Mf I spent my entire childhood with my nose in an ‘animal encyclopedia‘, complete with pictures, names, and scientific names. I probably know more about the anatomy of his dog than he does. Animal planet and discovery channel was my shit back in the day when they had good shows.

I woulda won that 50,000 no problem. You stick to painting and I’ll stick to random animal facts. 😤

~Del 💙

you looked so cute today I’m weak when you have your hair down I hope you know !!


You welcomed yourself back into my life and within seconds you destroyed everything it took us years to accomplish.

Now I’m left with what if’s and slowly trying to clean up the mess you made.

this guy that I lowkey have a crush on was wondering how to make a hickey and he even explained how he tried to do it on himself (his hand) but it didn’t work... and seriously, how tf do I find that so sexy yet so freakin endearing at the same time lmao

So today, I finally told this guy that I used to like him back when we were closer friends. I’m so glad I did it. It’s such a huge stress off my mind lol (been having this problem since last year).

And then after that, we talked about more love-related things. Fun time. But whenever I make eye contact with him, it feels so... loaded. Or maybe I’m just seeing things.

Today I have a nightmare feeling in me.

I dont know who you are.

hello!! we took a picture together today!! my friend and I are very obvious about me liking you, I know, and I’m sorry. but whenever I see that picture, I smile.

No, I'm not the man I used to be lately

See, you met me at an interesting time

And if my past is any sign of your future

You should be warned before I let you inside

Hold on to whatever you find, baby

Hold on to whatever will get you through

Hold on to whatever you find, baby

I don't trust myself with lovin' you