The way my name sounds in your mouth will never grow old to my ears. Even after you've left for the night I still taste the sweetness of your lips and smell the lingering scent of your cologne. You're the first person I search for in each room I enter and the only person who's name I want to see on my phone screen.    

Growing up I was warned by adults that drugs were dangerous. I didn't think anything of it until you pressed your lips to mine, and by god I knew what being high felt like. One kiss was all it took and I am forever hooked.

Your kiss is the most powerful drug of them all.     

And I don't think I could ever live without it again.

With love,


I want to send you pictures of your gift hanging on my wall and ask how your applications are going, what's the weather like over there, have you been camping lately?

But I moved so far away and I know you're busy, and I don't want to bother you or waste your time... guess I'll wait and see if you want to catch up when I'm back in town.

Please make them go away blue seth or krispy. I know they're both here, please!

(Also if you're going to comment something snarky just don't, don't)

Will,things feel ok again?

I was brave, at least I thought so. I met someone very briefly and felt a connection, I decided to look him up and long story short we went on a hike.

Everything went so wrong and he didnt even look me in the eyes when we said goodbye.

I feel so disgusting. Now I know I should never take chances like that. Better to just get to know someone first.

Roses are red, I am so deeply sad

I know I love you. I’m crazy in love with you. Possibly the greatest love of my life. I don’t know, sometimes I feel could it be? that he feels it too. The connection just too strong to be anything else but real. I can’t though, keep writing to you. Every letter I write, I know I am betraying my morals. I can’t stop loving you, this love is a force of nature. But this is not the time for writing you. I have to put this love where it belongs for now. Maybe someday timing will be right. Maybe not. I probably made this all up in my head anyways. Anyhow, every loving word written here for you are the truth of my heart and please never forget that it beats for you. I’ll love you forever.

Imisss his so much

I got played.

Man, the feeling sucks. We were friends for 6 years and that's all you wanted to try? I had so much fucking respect for you. I feel disgusted and gutted.

You’re an old soul. I can tell. That’s one of the things that attract me to you most.

I know that for the sake of us both, I have to let go. I've brought in so much toxicity into this relationship all because I get jealous easily. I tell myself that I should be happy that other girls want someone like you. I've tried so many times, but I still fall into jealousy. Can I blame you for just spending time with other girls? I can't. I feel like I'm burdening you, so for the sake of us both, I need to let go. But I just can't when I still love you so, so much.

Stop talking to me.