I know you don’t understand how it is that I’ve so rapidly felt that way about you, and that it was probably more to handle than the sum total of what you’d ever handled before. You were not ready for that. For an emotional outburst that seemingly came from nowhere.

But know that I barely understand it myself. It was a lot for me to handle, too. And I certainly wasn’t more ready for it than you were.

On the other hand, it’s so simple, so common, so human:

Boy liked girl. Boy told girl. 

That’s all.

This is probably going to be embarrassing... but at least I am anonymous.

I bought a dildo. I feel dirty for doing this. Hey, no man will ever come into my life, so I guess I gotta do this stuff by myself as usual!

My sister just compared my crush to a smiling puppy. Hm.

lol, nice to see there are some IGOT7s here!

so given all the signs, he likes me and i like him but we’re too shy to approach each other. it’s selfish of me to think so, but i wish to just give up and forget this ever happened, even if it hurts. i am not ready to begin a relationship. i wanna finish school but how am i supposed to get rid of the tension between us if we never get closure? i’m confused because i like him a lot and want to date him but am too afraid of heartbreak all over again.

why is life so complicated.

There’s something about you that makes you inexplainably irresistible. Maybe it’s your deep, mesmerising pools of black? Your deep and sexy voice I’d listen to all day, everyday? Or that rare smile of yours that makes me turn into jelly?

Whatever it is, all I know is that I’m obsessed with you FFD.


One year.....

It feels like it was yesterday

The Chem Prince

a tribute to Chester; you'll always be one of my favorites.


I want to heal a heart I didn't break.

I'm afraid of loving women.

And I'm scared of loving men.

Flashbacks coming in every night.

Don't tell me everything's alright.