I like you even more when we don't talk

I wish we never met because you're too hard to forget.

baka way nadin to ni God para ayusin ko muna yung sarili ko para maibigay ko sakanya ng buo yung buong puso ko, wala ng takot, wala ng pagtatago, wala ng kasinungalingan, yung buong buong ako.

I ruined everything. Our love could be the most beautiful thing i ever had but i was stupid. So frkn stupid. i’m so afraid to ruin this euphoria, this thing that we have the love that we have, it’s so surreal. you were perfect and I ended up ruining everything. I lied about my past and now you don’t want to include me in your future anymore. It frkng hurts so much. You dont deserve me.

He probably posts those pics for a lady friend he likes and not for me. Gosh, how foolish of me.

but babe, I know you want me to try and sleep.

I did.

But tonight made it so hard.

my mind wouldn’t let me escape it.

I’m so so afraid.

I tried... I tried...

but everytime I close my eyes I see him on top of me..

I still feel his breath on my chest.

I’m shaking. I’m scared.

But I tried.

And someday, you’ll be there to remind me that I’m safe.



Im glad our paths crossed.

I enjoyed every conversation with you.

I lost myself to you when our eyes met.

I hope we meet soon.

I miss you

i’m about to go on a first date with another guy. the situation is complicated, but please God let it be you in the end.


wishing we'd never met

what we had wasn't love the way I think it should have been and I want to fall in love.