Nassim, I love you wallahi.

I used to worry if I sent off mixed signals, but I don’t! I send off no signals whatsoever. I’ve become a master at completely concealing my emotions towards people. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now I’ll never be in an awkward situation again! No one will ever know if I like them! Hooray! I‘ll never be able to display interest! Woohoo! Guess I won’t flirt. Big deal! The important part is that I’ll never ever have to face romantic rejection.

:) yay

I was like this close to getting over him

But he’s so cute!!! Aaaaaaaa

I wish I could just talk to him again. Even if it’s just to see that he’s actually super boring just to stop me from turning my image of him into this big thing.


He’s just a boy in my english class

You really need to stop now. You know you are hurting me with this. I can't do it anymore. It makes me too sad. I like you too much. Please don't.

My chest shakes 

I want to pretend that none of it hurts 

But I’m done

Playing house with my heart 

So that I can feel like home for you

I love you soo much I cant help it even though your with someone else, when you hurt me and i hate your guts its still there im scared to show it

My cherry is none of your buissness you might of lost yours by hooking up thats your problem your with someone so obviously thats all you want otherwise you wouldnt be mentioning it

I miss you, i love you always

You gravitate towards toxic women? 


I couldn’t stand myself all morning. Racking myself over an answer to your text. I’ve never been in such a bad mood.

I used to be so good at this, I could calm both sides so well. Except... I can’t now.

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.