And everytime i see the Sun rise i think of you

"Have you been cheating on me this whole time?"


Yes, I have.

Because you lied to me this whole time.

About who you are. What your name is. What your age is. Where you go to school. What you look like. Your future plans. Your friends.

I dated two people at once, but you should always keep your head up.

You're better, smarter than what you give yourself credit for.

But fuck you for undermining my young worth.

I just can't help these feelings for you


please don't leave me yet

I need to tear myself down and then rebuild the pieces

I'm tearing myself down but haven't got a single clue how to rebuild the pieces

You hang out with a lot with girls.You have lots of female friends. You put your social media profile pic with girls.

I'm so jealous and at the same time envious of your social skills and wondering whether are you dating someone or not.

My heart pinches every time I think about this


~Neko-tan (^._.^)ノ

These snowmen twist behind like quiet leaves

And my wrist bone hardly shows

So it's no wonder

Why I wasn't worth it

not a hopeless romantic

just hopeless


I am fickle. Past the regret and obvious physical, maybe that was why I wasn't enough.

But you changed my life.

My instagram account is private now

Not for a crush, an ex, or an old lover

It's for a girl

And old friend

I told her some things about my life

She didn't care or believe me anyway

Fuck you R