God damn I need to get laid

i summoned up all my courages and said bye to you once and you stopped in the doorway for a second or two and then said bye back and i know i'm probably imagining some stuff but that was so cute & i love u

I wanted our friendship but with more affection, more closeness...

i miss you a lot and i had a dream we were dating last night and i was so happy and radiating love and joy and then i woke up and got sad because i've been feeling lonely recently and the dream was such a nice relief


i hope you get plenty of rest. I hope you'll be in my dreams tonight.

This is how you lose her.

When your paragraph texts become a word.

When she brings it up that you seem distant but you blame it on stress.

When you don't change after she admits she's upset.

When she asks you how you are in hopes you ask in return but you don't.

When you used to text her when she didn't respond but now just let threads die.

When you make it seem like she's just a choice when she makes you priority.

When your nightly "I love you"s turn into something said once a week.

When you used to wish her goodnight but don't anymore.

When she's been crying herself to sleep every night but you don't know.

When you stop replying right away and spend hours to respond.

When you choose friends over her even if you've seen them daily.

When your nightly phone calls turn into text messages.

When forget to compliment her as you used to.

When your "i miss you"s become forgotten.

When you forget your anniversary.

When you forget the little things.

Because you don't seem to care.

This is how you'll lose her.

It may not seem like she notices, but oh she does.

Please. If you love someone. 

Do not do this.

I miss you already. When am I going to see you again? :(

I wish I were better



I've only known you a little over a year now, but I can honestly say that you're a better friend to me than a lot of people I've known for much longer. The first time you hugged me was so magical. It was last summer and we were both just kids, but you made me feel so safe and loved that even though I didn't have feelings for you then, I got emotional just because I felt so cared about. Very few people have that effect on me, and that's the night I realized that you're such a special boy. I may not be ready to let you know quite yet, but I love you so, so much.

to the stars and back,


I'm fucking terrified of going to sleep. Or growing old. Or working 70 hour weeks. Not because I don't value health, or life, or work ethic. But, because I don't want to miss a minute with you.