There was something strangely erotic about our encounter earlier today.

I just feelt like saying this !!

And its not white white...

  • You know that there's only one place for one hersterical QUEEN in this musical industry

Im a queen and you're not my king..

I hope you didin't get my friend reaqust

one time today i thought u sent me a friend reaqust but it turned out when i read the notification it was just a godamn friend suggestion

if my words are not enough..I'll love you with my tongue just don't give me up !

Come back to me after two months, I will too..

It's snowing outside, and you're listening to Christmas songs in the office, all smiling and happy. Meanwhile I'm in the cubicle across from you, holding back tears. I still can't believe I lost you, nor understand why. It seems so easy for you to live without me. I won't be enjoying this holiday season.