All this physical pain, and my thoughts still drift to you.

demons and anxieties are haunting me tonight.

I was hopeful though,

Hopeful because I had the chance to see you.

I needed that.

Until next time though, I look forward to it.

I just need something unexpectedly good to happen right now.

these waves of darkness are suffocating me.

To the moon and back.


Babe, we're in a crossfire against each other but that's okay. It's not my fault you started it. Hope you're prepared love x

i fucking hate ppl that say something to offend you and finish there shitty sentence with a nO oFfEnSe. thats some sugar coating bullshit.

we have so much in common but he still doesn’t know I exist

I don’t need a man....

But it would certainly help with my self esteem and need for intimacy.

If not this man then send me one better

Good girls are no fun.

The voices in my head need to shut the fuck up and stop tryna convince me I‘m not worthy of love.

Wanting to drown out everything else but you. It was a real shitty, pathetic way to deal with what I now know were post-concussion symptoms. I just remember your presence being very soothing even when everything else was irritating.


I love how the people that cause the most problems throw tantrums about people causing problems. Grow up already. You’re way too old to act like this. And what a terrible example you must be setting for your child. You know who you are and you know you’re toxic and childish af. That’s why you’re single. Carry on.