everyone from my block thinks we're something more.

you made it clear today that were just friends.

okay, thanks

It's a really nice feeling putting on pajamas fresh out of the dryer. Somewhat similar to a long hug, or cuddling before bed. Or at least, I assume so. I've never had anyone to hug or cuddle with, and I doubt I ever will.

Warm clothes will be the closest I'll get to the warmth of another...

~Awkward Nerd

I'm still wondering why the universe let our paths cross even though I'm pretty sure you were not going to stay?

I'm still figuring that out..


you are so attractive and I'm afraid to drink with you and accidentally blurt out my feelings for you.

Also, please stop taking care of me when I don't realise I'm about to walk into a pole cause I'm just being a millennial who's always on a phone. I'm just trying not to blush in front of your face but it's so hard. You are such a gentleman and I am such a potato.

I feel like I need to work on myself a bit more to date you (that's to say you like me too but .. ahahahah I don't even know!)

I really like you.

hi i dont know what exams you're having now but good luck

- nugget

Buddy Holly,

I watched three romance movies back to back, and I couldn't stop wishing you'd say anything to me. At the same time, I also wish we could've have been friends for real, instead of whatever back and forth we had...because in the end, even in the movies, everyone insisted that a relationship founded on friendship is the lasting one.

A lot of my friends are learning this or have learned this with their own relationships. Both married and not.

I'm not saying I want to marry you! Not dealing with that fast romantic shit again....

I just want something real.

Is love at first sight wrong? Why do I feel so bad for liking you, when I've only known you for 4 weeks and couldn't stop thinking about you after I found out we had one class together. Most people don't know you at all, but I do. But you probably don't like me huh? Because, obviously you've only known me for so long.

Do the stares mean anything? Or is it just me? Did you find it creepy when I stared at you back? Why do you give blank faces? Is it because you're nervous, or you couldn't care less about me? You talk to me fine but you blow off other girls. Have I been friendzoned already?

There's so many questions, I wish I could ask you.

I don't expect you to like me back. But so many people already know I like you. I'm sorry about that. A lot of it was out of my control. If I could turn back time, I would've told no one. But I'm stupid like that, so I'm sorry. If only you knew. I hope you never do.

- Honest thoughts, from the girl who's sincerely sorry

I get it.

You just aren't into me.

It hurts, I won't lie.

But I've never been rejected before.

So thank you.

Thank you for showing me that men can have self control.

Either that, or something is really wrong with me.

Which is it?

is it weird to relish pain because it makes you feel more alive

i'm still heartbroken about me and a guy and my pain tonight about it kind of proved how real and full of life I am

and I'm not exactly happy now but I guess this is a silver lining?


Rantings of a woman in love