Shake shake shake

That's unfortunate you couldn't enjoy it together

i want a gf i want one specific gf in particular..... last yr our friend really wanted us together for some reason and i lived for it. wow i wanna Kiss She until i’m dizzy

so many ppl that i’d never have thought would find someone to date have significant others and it’s because they’re not COWARDS like me aw yeah! i just want somebody to luvv

more goth than country

Remix time

He was a gamer boy 

Slammed the phone down 

Never even said, "See you later, boy"

it still hurts to know I dont mean what i thought i did to you, but it reminded me that no one will ever love me like i love them.

Its a lonely feeling composing your suicide note in the weird hours of the morning.

I'm sorry I couldn't save our marriage B.

I love you more than words can express.

Your wife

Honey Bunny.


I can hear your name and see your picture without meaning a thing. I can listen to those songs without feeling a thing.

But when he makes me feel expendable, that's when I wonder if anyone could ever want me the way you had.

I would say it's too late since thanksgiving is already done


Some people eat it on Christmas