I hope you are okay..

Imy :(

You told me you were crazy for me, you told me you imagined me being with you all the time, you told me you loved me and you couldn't stop thinking about me. The next day, you told me that you didn't like my music taste because it was not positive, then you told me that you didn't trust me for some reason and that you didn't want to talk to me anymore. So, the things you said the first day were lies? How can you behave like this one day and the next day like you don't give a fuck?!!!

You are so taken, that I have this weird fantasy of being able to obtain a clone of you for myself. The problem is- I’d probably be in a waiting list, for there are several of the female (and I am pretty darn sure 1 of the male) persuasion that want you just as badly as I do. 

How can such a nice, intelligent, handsome, blue-eyed girl magnet be so close and yet so far from me?!?!?!

When was the last time you talked to your person?

do you ever miss me

I gave up on someone who didn't even take time to properly apologize to me for all the things they did and said. They think one liners are good enough. I was such a fool for caring about them, my heart hurts. While I suffer over all they did, they are sleeping peacefully, laughing with others. I just wanna cry, cry, cry until I feel nothing anymore. I hate my dxmn heart. I hate it, I shake and freeze because of them, there is so much pain. I wish I never believed any of their words. I wish I never gave them a second chance.

Dear J,

I know its kind of too late to tell you this but I did love you. That does not change anything, but pls know that I love you too.

From the beginning u knew that I had trust issues, yet u still pursued a relationship with me. Thank you for everything.

I was nothing close to the perfect girlfriend, but I did love you very much. I only broke up with you bc I didn't think that this would work out.

I m sorry

-your ex gf

you know what’s silly?

every little thing. reminds me of you. patient names. birthdays that coincidentally coincide with yours. patient last names. signs on the freeway. every frickin honda civic—red, maroon, silver, light blue. dark colors—it doesn’t even matter.

unsent text messages i used to be braver to send.

and then when i get to hear about other people’s love lives…maybe that’s why i’m so bitter. maybe it’s because i deny the ache in my heart for you so badly.

is it normal to feel afraid that my friends might not like you? shouldn’t all that matters be the fact that i like you?

my heart hurts. stop that.

- pinkfluffyclouds

I wasn’t really sure if you were talking to me on Tuesday and yet I was still there nodding my head, smiling going ‘Mm-hm, Hah yeah’. Just incase you was or incase you felt lonely like nobody was acknowledging you were there