please give up on me..


Did you notice we wore complementing colors last night? I did. You were wearing a pink dress shirt with blue pants (and looking pretty good too, I gotta say) and I had on pink jeans with a dark blue-and-white shirt.

I have to laugh- because we clearly don’t plan these things, but there are days when we wear the same shirt from musical or some cross country invite.. wonder if that means anything. Our similar tastes. Maybe we can spark a conversation over it sometime. Goodness knows I’d love another excuse to talk to you.

(Just gonna say it again- you look really good in pretty much everything you wear 💦)

(I’d love to get your number before we part ways for the summer)

why cant u feel the same way about me??? 😭😭

a little more than a year ago i got a really bad tattoo from a sketchy guy but that’s a story for another time.

a couple weeks ago i matched with a cute tattoo artist on tinder and i was looking through his tattoo artist instagram and decided to slide in and ask him if he thought there was any fixing this thing.

he gave me his number and i sent him a picture and he roasted me first but then said yes, he could fix it.

we talked only professionally but anyways yesterday i got it and bruH in real life he’s even cuter. usually i don’t get super flustered around attractive people but i so was but blamed it on being nervous for the tattoo.

as soon as me and my friend i brought with me for moral support left the tattoo place, she said, “so you’re like definitely gonna text him right? you guys were totally vibing”

so later that night i thought why not? so i texted him that i loved it and that i was sorry for laughing the entire time (yes during the actual tattoo process....smh)

and we contin�ed to vibe over text and he told me to text him tomorrow (today) if i wanted to and it’s probably nothing but i have a really good feeling about this dude..........

i will keep you updated ltc. xx

i miss seeing your name poping ontop of my screen

i miss our little jokes

what happened?

💏 😗💕

I wish you were my age

I think it is more than a crush..... but doesn’t everyone who has a crush say that....

I get so nervous when you come up behind my shoulder to see what I’m working on. I feel like my face is going to melt.

- RK

ikaw pa rin ang pipiliin ko.