Have you moved on and forgotten about me? Of course you have. I knew already the games you play to make everyone fall in love with you. I tried to resist but in the end I fell like so many others have before me.

It's not fair to make people love you with no intention of loving them back. I wish you could really understand all the pain it causes. And that you would do some soul searching to resolve whatever your own unhappiness or emotional issue drives you to do this. Maybe you need to choose what will make you happy, rather than being the "good guy" all the time. Even if that isn't an easy choice. Because at the end of it all, I only want you to be happy. And life is very short.

I wish I gave you a chance and I wish you gave me one. Love is what we would have found.

Literally the only way that little show would've been better is if he was naked. God. That chick is luuuucky af.

Too far gone to go back.

Whats not pretend?

i had a dream about you last night. nothing bad ofc, it was sweet. imy

April 4,2020

Today is supposed to be a very big day in our spirit world and there is no one i rather share that with then with you. The ideal today would have gone like this..

Wake up burn one and let our bodies create the rest. Make breakfast, lay in bed in just our flesh. Our favorite thing we used to do. Read together, create a little list of what we need to get done, Speed Clean right before we go to the store, Meditate. Embrace the authentic energy we give each other. Have many conversations from topics like Food to Architecture. Life ... That's what you are to me life and although i don't get to be physically next to you everyday especially now that you are miles away, I sit here in my parents house in a room that feels so cold and empty even though the furniture fills the gaps of sorrow.

I miss you, Living with you for 3 years was .. Life, And now i feel lifeless.

I keep it together but i come apart in the night.. I could feel you do too.

We haven't talked since yesterday, 6 PM to be exact.

Baby. Why do you do this? why do you go on and off .... I love you but why do you do this to the person who believes in you the most.

I can say i'm feeling as gloomy as this weather.

But wine and smoke to keep me from feeling. Just like you.


hey ltc community-

i recently had my snapchat account hacked and snapchat is acting as if this isnt a priority and they’re sorta taking it lightly. they don’t hav a number that you can call to speak with an actual person about situations like this. so therefore i am using my voice to start a petition so this can change. i know this community will support me in this effort, you always have. so here’s the link to the online petition.

thank you all so much in advance


when I hear songs I used to play thinking of you, I don’t feel anything. When I look at the art I used to make, I don’t feel anything. But when I watch movies and He looks at her and professes how he feels, and just looks at her, I feel the sadness of knowing you won’t ever look at me that way, and mean it. Mean it in a way where you actually love me, and I wasn’t just some girl that cheered you up when you were low.