It may have been one night and you’re on the other end of the world now - but if I close my eyes it feels like you’re here

I never even got to find out your star sign

I'm trying really hard not to break my promise. But this feels wrong.

LtC Community - do you think it's possible for a girl and guy to be very close friends without one developing feelings for the other?

This is kinda messed up but sometimes when I watch something and a character with a name of someone I dislike dies or gets hurt its like a tiny revenge

all I want is you

I always said I wouldn't date military because long distance scares me and I lived the life of an army brat seeing my parents rarely being in the same country. 

But then I met you and broke all my rules


i want to go on roller disco dates with you

dear daybreak,

I’ve been feeling lower than low without you around. I don’t know when I’ll ever hear from you again. I don’t know what I did to have this happen to me.

We got in a fight and he said I was needy, a drag to be with, he doesn’t like that I sleepover everyday (he‘s the one that invites me every night), cussed at me, said he wishes I had friends so I would bother him, and also said I was taking his life away from him.