You have full access and my permission. You can look at the email.

She never tells me what's going on and then, it sets her off like a bomb. On her limit. Not holding back. I did an effort to be there for her.

Sadly, she still repeats patterns: Letting abusive people walk back to her life including a guy she met at a text game, I wish good luck to this MF 'cause it's coming to get him.


ill love you always. idc.

cuz **** if was up to me, up to me **** your mine.

let by gones be by gones

up every night you got me up every night stuck on your eyes your.


why do i feel so awkward around you? i never know how to act, it’s almost like i forget how to speak. you’ve put me in a trance.

all I can say is I didn’t believe in it until it happened to me.

I feel so drawn towards you, and my intuition is almost always right about you. I check your twitter and know you'll be liking this or that when I scroll, and at the end of the day, when I check your likes, I usually see that I was right.

I don't know you too well since we've only seen each other once, but I feel so magnetized to you. Its like I know you deep within.

Online, it feels like we have the world to ourselves. Its... so different.

I can't even explain it.

cause, what if I never fall in love again?