once again, i’m too shy to ask their birth time to see if we’re compatible with each other. 🙃🙃🙃


i have to get over you

to the person who will eventually be my other half:

i don’t know how we’ll meet, or when, or how long we’ll last. i don’t even know if i’ll be your first love(r?) but you’ll definitely be mine. i’ll take care of you. i hope you take care of me too.

also get here faster will you? i’ll wait for you forever if i have to, you know that. but right now i’m in desperate need of cuddles and i wish you were here.

— v.

i miss you. i miss you and it physically hurts me to think about you? i don’t think that’s normal.

i should really let you go.

When you pretend that you have a crush on another guy so people won't know who your real crush is 

*nervous laugh*

LLove you 🙌👅 😘💕

PPlease don't make me find some one else who I'll hate and don't love I can't stand the thought of physically doing that with someone I don't care about or have feelings for the only person I want is you forever 🐯💋 😘💕

My feelings for you snuck up on me. Until, one day I realized that I liked you all along.

Now, looking back, I don't know why I'm even surprised. You encouraged me so much, you showed so much faith in me.

And it's so easy to talk to you. We always somehow manage to lose track of time.

For the first time, I actually feel like I have a chance. If nothing else, thank you, you've helped me be more confident. Thank you for beingmy friend.


lmao some ppl on this site should be careful w their comments. Like people are being vulnerable and saying their truth so don’t be dumb and challenge their feelings. Be more mindful.