How I wish my heart had an "unlove" button. So I could turn off this unrequited love for her. I will probably never stop caring about her. I'm just so tired of crying over someone who will never feel the same about me and has no idea I even feel this way.

When you’re really over someone, you will not feel like you have to make any declarations. You’d rather just peacefully bow out of the situation, making as little noise as possible. I’m ready for that.

Dear self,

You've been on this website since starting college peering at the messages and it's been on and off writing things and reading things that other people have written. You're an adult now, but still merely a child. Still single. Still bruised by life. And as always, still learning and growing.

The biggest advice I have for you is to remember to keep loving yourself and if you're patient enough, love will come even though the pressure is great from society. It's important to be happy on your own and to find someone that adds to your life with the enthusiasm and positivity that you have. Times are hard, but remember to be grateful and to stay strong even though you don't feel it.

You still believe that people were put in your life for a reason and that the connections you've made taught you lessons..even though they weren't necessarily the ones you wanted to learn.

Please continue to stay open and have hope. I'm confident that good things are yet to come.


Your forever lover who will never leave your side

I write, because you exist

I like to pretend that even with the miles between us and even with zero evidence to support this, that you still think of me. That you dream of me every night. That little things in your new city remind you of me. I like to pretend that you love me.

In another life, in another world, in another everything, I would’ve said something by now, about how I feel for you. Perhaps right about this time. Because I do feel something for you. I do. I really do. But I can’t. And whether or not there’s anything reciprocal here, which is unlikely, you know I can’t. So I’ll shut up and move along, as I should. If only I could just tell you what a beautiful person I think you are. I might. Perhaps. One day.

I can't wait for the day I don't even remember, think of, or recognise you.

And I wish that at that time and after, your life had been amazing. Because I want you to be happy.

This feeling of love is like passion, I feel like I could write songs, write poems, make music, do expressive art, be unique, and most importantly be myself. I thank only one person, and that is the person who introduced me to this feeling without her even knowing it.

I miss talking to you. I miss what we used to have.

today your face physically brightened when you saw me. it felt unreal. your smile. i wanted to capture that feeling forever. then we talked for a while.

later i saw you looking for me. i was looking for you too.

my heart was racing. we locked eyes as we had to walk by one another.

what was happening??

 none of it felt real.