Things she does to me that make me melt...

1. Long hugs. They feel so warm and safe, and she always holds on longer.

2. Head pats. I'm short so she pats my head to say hello and goodbye.

3. Nose boops. She boops my nose if I'm staying silent too long.

(no, i'm not a dog haha. I am a girl. She is a girl. I am a lesbian. A lesbian who caught feelings, yikes...)

I'm the girl who says she doesn't need a relationship and is good alone and yet, I'm also the girl who flinches and gets shy and red when a particular boy touches her, the girl who longs to be loved and appreciated

Thank you for showing me at least a tiny glimpse into what it would be like to be with someone like you.

sometimes the person you least expected to reciprocate is actually the one who does it.

it feels weird tho, after all those years of unrequited love and you almost felt like giving up then suddenly this person gives the same energy back to you.

note to self, a gentle reminder:

he's going to find someone again and it's not going to be you and you're going to be okay and find someone too.

I got too close to the flame.

I got too close to the love.

I got too close to you.

And I pushed away.

And so did you.

I've decided that the next time we cross paths I'm going to start a conversation. Because I'm just dying to talk to you. It's been too long since I've seen your smile.

people that suffer from depression please know you are loved and many care about you. the devil can't win only if you let him. god got you.

Your words were friendly, sincere, and carefully written. They showed kindness, open-ness and gratitude. At least, from my perspective.

The thing is, you don't really know who's the one for you. You might have someone now and it may feel like they're the one, but anytime they may fall out of love, or maybe you do. There could be some personal issues that may ruin your relationship. One day without communication may lead to somebody else entering the picture. The bottom line is, love is what bind two people together but it's the choice and commitment that solidifies a relationship. I am not hoping that you guys find a perfect person to make you happy. I hope you find an flawed person like you to always choose you in good and bad days.