Hi, just know that you are loved

Hey..I hope you've been doing okay and taking care of yourself. I’ve taken time to step back and think and re-assess things but feel like I'm not getting too far. I'm still hurt and confused and feel like I didn’t get closure, and I really want to know what’s been on your mind. It's taken me quite a while to think of what I wanted to say and get the nerve to actually send it. My hands are shaking as we speak. 

So I am still in love with you to this day. I just want you to know how I feel about you truly.

You appeared and disappeared suddenly, like a lightning bolt. But for that one powerful moment, I genuinely felt you were the embodiment of my destiny. I really did.

I accepted it already, but it still makes me sad.

you’re the first person i want to meet when this all ends

On those nights you are unsure, I’ll be there to tell you it’s okay. 

I promise if you lean into me I won’t let you down. 

even if most of your socials are currently deactivated i still think of you.

i wonder how you’ve been doing nowadays.

And still, when the day is over and all is quiet, and I’m warm and comfy in bed,

the last place my thoughts always drift back to

is you.

You ever have a crush and just think, "I have no chance, why am I trying?"