I fear that if you hug me again, my heart may shatter when you have to let go

I think we’ll always have a thing.

Always have the chemistry.

But I just keep telling myself, ”some people are meant to fall in love, but not be together“ and I think that’s us.

Breaks my heart, but I don’t think we can work.

i really wanna dance in the snow right now. With you of course, because why else would i be happy enough to dance in the snow?

I was sifting through a drawer in my nightstand where I put random, miscellaneous things that don't fit anywhere else, where I stumbled upon a wad of folded up papers. Several years ago I had written a Pablo Neruda poem down on looseleaf paper and stashed it because it made me think of you.

I read it again, and I felt nothing. Then I ripped up and tossed it into the trash can. It was awesome.

He broke up with me two weeks after saying he loved me for the first time. It was a 30 second phone call, and he hung up before I even had the chance to process what he had said.

I texted my best friend, and she immediately left her house to grab wine and pizza- and, in the meantime, also told my mom to call and talk to me until she could get there.

Then we watched Drunk History, and trash-talked guys, for the rest of the evening. By the end, I was dying laughing and had forgotten that I was even sad to begin with.

And suddenly, from such a crappy day, I learned something; Everybody needs love, but sometimes it comes in a different form than what you thought you needed. And that's okay, too.

Because love, in all forms, is pretty dang awesome.

Bro I just want to watch meme compilations with you and have a good time is that too much to ask

The very reputable source that is a Buzzfeed quiz says I’ve already met my soulmate, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s you

I miss you human! I don’t know why every time we are apart this is the first place I go. I’m so tired and I miss your arms. I hope you’re sound asleep. Love you.

I remember when we were kids we used to stay up all hours of the night talking about just the silliest things. One thing that stuck with me in particular was a pact we made with one another. We swore to one another that if we weren’t married to anybody by the age of 24 that you and I would get married. You are and will always be the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and so independent. Maybe a simple small town guy like me doesn’t deserve somebody as special as you. Maybe the guy doesn’t always get the girl. But hey, here’s to wishful thinking. I pray maybe one day you’ll see me in the same light I’ll always see you. You’re so special to me, you always will be.

btw I turn 25 this week.

Stop!!! Being!!! Cute!!!

I'm supposed to get over you!!! And you're not making it any easier looking like that!!