so are you... you know...?

wanted to check on you but its not my place anymore

I want to hold her and cook for her and help.

I've had this one obscure meme saved for years, just waiting for the moment when I found someone with the exact same sense of humor as me WELL GUYS I ACTUALLY FOUND HIM I FINALLY GOT TO SEND IT

I’m too scared to tell you,

but you’re my favorite part of every day.

two years ago, i was writing letters to a girl that didn't care.

two years ago, i was aching.

now, i'm with my soulmate. i've found the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with. i've found the girl that makes me want to grow again.

love will come.


I dreamt you messaged me about wishing we lived in the same place, so we could hold hands.

It was just a dream, but I said yes in a heartbeat- I’d move anywhere to be with you.

I woke up and was so confused when I couldn’t find the messages.. then I realized.

It was only a dream, but how I wish it wasn’t.



Um, she really likes you

exactly as you are

baggage and all

So you’re telling me that I let you into my life, got attached too quickly, smiled everytime your name popped up on my phone, thought you were different than the rest, and even talked about our future.....

...just for you to leave

I can’t stop dreaming about you. You know that old saying where you can’t sleep because you’re awake in someone else’s dream? My dear, you must be so sleep deprived, and I am so terribly sorry. But at least when it happens at night I get to see you happy. I get to pretend you’re doing better than I know you really are. Try to get some rest, darling, and I’ll try my best to let you.