It only just struck me that I shouldn’t have to beg for your love and attention. If you wanted me, it would be obvious. If it was meant to be, it would have been by now. So no. It isn’t mixed signals. It’s just that I’ve had it all wrong from the beginning. You gave me attention because I was basically forcing you to do so. And I’m not going to anymore. I deserve someone who will want me and won’t make me wonder if they really do. I deserve someone who won’t talk to me one day and then disappear for weeks. I deserve so much better. And you deserve to be with someone you actually like.

You were never mine, but I’m setting you free. I’m setting both of us free.

there is a certain romance in being alone. of quiet mornings and being still. of watching films or reading books by your lonesome. of being one with nature. of long walks and being lost in your own thoughts. of controlling your own time and space.

being with someone is great, but nothing feels better than learning to love who you are and not needing anyone to feel complete.

We watch over the horizon of this insignificant town, away from the happening, out in the nowhere.

"Why do you think the street lights sparkle?" you ask me.

I know why the street lights 'sparkle'. I know how, why, and when they sparkle. But - and this question goes so much further than finicky street lights - do you really want to know? Do you want to know the scientific phenomena that instil glitter in your eyes, or would you rasher it remain a beautiful mystery?

I can tell you a lot of truths, I can take a lot of beauty away from your life. I can tell you why fire is blue, and red. I can show you how melodies daze. I can explain the rabbit on the moon.

My life is missing a lot of beautiful mystery - or - at least, it was. That was until I met you.

I cannot explain anything about you. I cannot explain how you can be so sweet, and cute. I cannot fathom the depth of your heart. I cannot comprehend the grace in your stride, the cheer in your voice or the pain in your smile.

So as you look at the sparkles in the horizon, unable to explain their beauty, so too do I, at the sparkles in your eyes.


I gave him the keys to my house. He didn't know I rarely gave them to anyone. Much less the key to every single door.

I let him sit on my favorite couch. The one that's by that lamp, the one on which I have my tea while reading a book every rainy afternoon. He said it was too soft.

I showed him my broken window. The one that makes that funny quirky sound. He said I should get it fixed.

I told him, let's lay on the rug. Yes, that white one that's softer than the touch of a feather. On a rainy day, he came in with his wet boots and stained it with mud.

I kept letting him in, until one day, I had to take the keys away.

He didn't understand that these weren't just objects in my house.  The couch was meant to embrace him and make him feel safe from the rain. The quirky window.. supposed to make him laugh, and the soft rug was there to caress him.

Now I sit alone in my house, reading on a rainy day. 


you deserve everything.

everything good in this world, happiness and love and light.

but the world never gave it to you.

it's all falling apart for you, and it feels like i can't do anything to help, but i will always be here to love and support you.

the world gave you pain and hurt. it gave you darkness, but you learned to create your own light. you've never been given a life that would cause someone to be happy, but you do it anyway and that astounds me.

i'm here for you, and i'm angry that the universe could fuck things up for someone so beautiful in every way.

I used to think that people who got all obsessed about someone and were in deep love with them were pathetic.

Now I am I way deeper love and more obsessed about you than those people I used to scoff at.

And the really pathetic part? You are a friend of mine who is seriously taken.

Karma kicked my ass I guess. Definitely humbled me.

I stare at your picture and think about you and who you are and what you do and I just get completely lost in my head. You are overwhelming.

The feelings I once had for you resurface every now and then, and I’m reminded that love can linger even if so much has changed.

I learned many things from you, except how to not love you.

No melody is as beautiful as your laughter. No song is quite as amazingly you- and yet- every song seems to sing about you. It’s as if the whole world has stopped to admire you- but yet- sometimes it seems like it’s a tune only I can hear.