You know you're in big trouble when you find yourself googling: "how to stop thinking about your crush so that you can focus"....

I want to say hi to him but I’ve never talk to him before he’s just a stranger classmate in college

crush: *says something*


I guess you not being here is a sign. Maybe that whole convo I wanted to have would've gone wrong. Regardless of my intuition abt's just not possible and I need to accept that.

Distancing myself still feels so wrong though...

It's 4:20am. Soon I'm gonna tell you that I have a FAT crush on you and if you don't like that it's totally cool because it's been years and i need to get it out

i want to tell you that i want to hold you, but i don’t know how to say it.

I just wanna see what kissing you is like

could we maybe try it out sometime?

You don’t have to chase love. You don’t have to question it. You don’t have to lay in bed wondering what you did wrong or what you didn’t say. Love. That’s free. That’s a gift without the expectation of payment. That’s pure happiness and sadness wrapped in a bow of let’s work it outs. That’s hugs around your waist and kisses on your forehead. It’s texts back and calls before bed. It’s the security of knowing the most vulnerable piece of you is in good hands. Because essentially your heart keeps you alive. So when you offer someone your heart- you offer them your life. You trust them with it. Don’t give yourself to the wrong people. Please know what you’re worth. Please share your heart only with those who have gentle hands.

You are everything I could ever hope for and even if I can’t have you I have hope that there are more like you out there in the world. You amaze me. You give me hope.

Remember, remember

You were someone before you met him/her

And you're still someone, a complete whole, despite them leaving or things simply ending

And making you feel like a part of you is missing

You were someone, and you are someone

Just different. Maybe changed for the better, maybe changed for the worse (temporarily), but still a whole, marvelous human being.

So please remember, remember

You were someone before you met them