I'm just a little heartbroken over you

i just feel so alone, even though i'm surrounded by people who care about me. how does that even make sense?

When suddenly you face the reality that your BFF became your crush.

Let it be known that if people can say “lol” without laughing, then they sure can say “I love you” without loving. Don’t be fooled.



I’m so nervous around him that I get flushed cheeks, stutter, and have even felt light headed at times.

Pathetic, but first you have to admit you have a (or in this case several) problem(s) before you can solve them....right?!?!

The pain of sending a song to your crush and being left on read...

I used to post about crushes that I had. Tonight I can't. The most beautiful soul that walked the earth, has left me beyond heartbroken. My sweet mom decided to leave me and join my dad. All I feel is numb.


i dreamt that we were cuddling under the stars weeks ago. the thought of it still makes me smile.

Have you been busy?

I want to talk to you, not text. I want to see you and hear your voice.

Can we call sometime?