Stay away from people who make you feel like you’re hard to love.

The right people will make you feel like you’re easy to love.

It’s funny how you can just fall in love with someone. One day they may not even be on your radar, but then they do something that makes you do a double take and all the sudden you’re in love & shit. Wild.

You're back into my life. Again. This time I want the greater goods I couldn't savor when we met. Things were chaotic. Hostile. Too good to be true. I trust the universe and its mysteries, anything involving a Higher Power and the course of Life itself that this time, you're around for a renewal. You're here to aid me in letting go of the old story.


Today I have to let go of someone who I care for so much, but who cannot open up oneself and return the same degree of authenticity and vulnerability. I never stop loving you, but sometimes the only way you can love someone is to let them walk their own way. I love you so much, I hope one day you won't be so afraid of letting love in your heart.

You are the most present absence in my life . . . . . .

I need to keep reminding myself that you're just a person - I don't need to put you up on a pedestal. Of course, I think you're absolutely fantastic and everything about you is great - but you're just a person. You make mistakes like the rest of us, you have your flaws and you're not perfect. I don't know why you make me feel the way I feel about you, if you're just a person.

Oh God, I cannot stop thinking about her. Waking up with her on my mind, sleeping with her on my mind. Her being on my mind even during my work. I am so helpless.

I don’t mind being kind and generous. I don’t mind being the person who reaches out first. But over time I just want to make effort for people who make consistent efforts to be part of my life.

They were like two galaxies filled with fireworks and gold. I memorized every shape, every shade of color, how and when the pupils would change size. Every freckle, every curve, and every scar. And by then you had told me all of your favorite jokes and I loved every one of them, even when they stopped being funny.

I could've listened to every story from your childhood over and over again until we were gray and old. And by then, just like your whole existence, I would've memorized and mourned every freckle and scar that faded into every wrinkle, loving every sign of growing old with you.

I cherished every moment we shared, leaving me as the only one who will never know.

To everyone dealing with heartache:

At the first time, we all think it was the end of the world. I won't name and shame you. I know what I'm talking about.

Later we all realize something:

People come and go. That's fine. Your lover left you? You can find another. He/she/they used you? You can find someone better.

We all grow a thick skin and change our mentality. We don't settle for less. We demand respect 'cause this is our right.

If there's an ex still pestering? We don't have time for this anymore. We don't owe them a thing.

Blessed be your hearts.