we must've had a connection in an alternate universe or a past life because there is no reason i should feel so strongly about u with absolutely nothing in return.

Your actions says a lot about your character. You treat everyone you come across with respect and dignity. You try to comfort people who are going through tough times to let them know that they’re not alone. When someone asks for help, you don’t hesitate to lend a hand. You give so much to the world because you experienced and have seen yourself how life can be sometimes, which angers and saddens you. It fuels your passion to be a difference maker in other people’s lives.

So please don’t ever question your worthiness or value. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t look at what you don’t have and what you are aren’t. You have and are everything a person wants and needs. You are more than enough.

you helped me fall in love with life again.

you’re so special.

I've been looking for a reason not to love you.

Taking small steps, trying to see what you are hiding inside, that which never sees the sunlight...

But every nook and cranny, every dark alleyway just leads me deeper into your world and I forget why stepped into this labyrinth in the first place.

Note to self:

You deserve love. It is far more painful for you to hold on at this point than it is to let go. It’s only hurting you to wind yourself so tightly around the idea of someone who isn’t meant for you. You’re lovely and bright and beautiful. You bring so much joy to people’s lives. No, finding a partner won’t complete you but being loved by someone who knows and appreciates that youre a blessing to their life...that’s something you’ve been waiting for. That’s something that’s waiting for you. Now let go and go get it.

you're allowed to be sad. you're allowed to miss them or what you had. never apologize for your feelings/emotions. let yourself heal. but don't let it distract you from your goals in life and taking care of yourself. you're allowed to heal. but in the process please try to grow as your own person. you may miss them and it may really hurt but you now have the time to complete goals and start your new journey/chapter. take care of yourself. things won't always hurt this much.

I can’t help but search these letters for hints that you are here, writing about me.

Maybe if I just accepted that I am gay sooner, that the reason I was drawn to those girls was not due to friendships and mere administration, then maybe I would be this way--afraid of feeling, uncomfortable with attraction. I feel like I'm being swallowed by her, you know? Like she's great big tidal wave that engulfs me every day but she's so far away, so out of reach.

God, her smile is like this a camera--you can't help but smile yourself when you see it. Her eyes are like pools of green that I would gladly drown in. It scares me how much I feel for her. 11:11 comes up and she instantly pops in my head, and I find myself wishing that it's real. That my supplications of a life--or even just a chance--with her would come true. It scares me so much because I'm feeling so much but the chances are so slim. Oh, dear heart, please calm yourself lest you want to break.

As cheesy as it sounds...if I thought you felt one ounce for me what I feel for you that would be it. I would risk everything for you.

I feel like the Universe gathered up all of the best molecules and put them together to make you. That is how I feel.