You are everything I could ever hope for and even if I can’t have you I have hope that there are more like you out there in the world. You amaze me. You give me hope.

Remember, remember

You were someone before you met him/her

And you're still someone, a complete whole, despite them leaving or things simply ending

And making you feel like a part of you is missing

You were someone, and you are someone

Just different. Maybe changed for the better, maybe changed for the worse (temporarily), but still a whole, marvelous human being.

So please remember, remember

You were someone before you met them

yesterday we sat with our legs tangled up on the Barnes & Nobles floor and read love poems to each other from Pillow Thoughts and Milk & Honey, and even though he's a welder, he somehow manages to touch the deepest romantic part of my soul

it's not the fact that we won't get happily ever after or that you'll find someone else. It's the little things. I'll never see you with bed head or listen to you ramble about your favourite things. I'll never watch you dance and sing to your favourite songs or watch you play with your dog.

I'll never hold you in my arms or bury my nose into your hair. I'll never trace patterns along your back as you sleep on my chest. You'll never know how much I love and adore you and I'll never have the privilege of calling you mine.

and that really hurts

i feel obligated to describe you so one could see you through my eyes. in order for them to know how you make comets soar in my mind at the mere thought of you, i have to write all the details down. i should have them add up all of these little tidbits together in order to see how lovely you are.

but where do i start?

it's as if crumpled stacks of paper are on the floor, unnumbered and undefinable. it's a new language which i can't decode.

it's okay though.

maybe all it takes is someone to notice and to be a bystander. if they keep a watchful gaze on me, it'll be clear to see the stars in my eyes when i look at you. it's painfully obvious that you send my heart flying to faraway planets just by being close to you.

I still can’t recall the first time we met

What I do remember is that I really liked you from the start, but just as a nerdy friend

And then suddenly all I could think about was the way your eyes were sparkling when you smiled

I wanted to kiss you so badly, I still want to kiss you

You’re on my mind constantly even though I haven’t touched you in months

You’re everything I didn’t know I was looking for and I just wish that we can have one more chance

I still can’t recall the first time we met

But now you’re the only one I want

You set something on fire in me. You bring out the best of me. You make me feel so alive.

You are so unapologetically you that I'm not scared to be me.

Today it was confirmed that you like me. And I like you.

Today we found out we like each other.

my boyfriend loves memes, he sends me memes all the time. But he has a specific one that he loves, the Kermit holding the phone meme. The one where he's hugging the phone. He thinks its the cutest thing ever and the other day he told me he was Kermit and that I was the phone. My heart literally cried.

I didn’t really begin to “blossom” until my mid-twenties, which may not sound as comforting as I believe it is but I wish I could tell that to my younger self. You don’t have to have it all figured out at any point in life but least of all when you’re 15. I don’t know how to explain it other than I began to see myself as me instead of the me I felt like I should be based on the way I thought other people perceived me. I know, it sounds ridiculous. I began to appreciate my body and all of the things it does for me, rather than living by the constant self-insulting soundtrack in my head. I learned how to be confident enough to stand up for myself. I opened up to my doctor about the anxiety and panic I’ve been in the ring with all my life and I’m getting help. I feel like I’m worth being loved.