See the problem is that whenever she’s around I can feel a warmth growing in my chest, and I am in awe, like I feel like I am in the presence of an earth angel who is oblivious of what her true nature is. 

I know this is all silly nonsense, but this is how I feel again and again around her....and every time I am around her my love for her intensifys.

I hope my secret remains safe.

I don't know if I'm the only one, but sometimes I'm scared of never feeling ready to share my personal space with anyone.

I'm so comfortable by my own company and I truly feel serene while just hanging out alone.

I've been alone for so long now, I'm just so used to it.


Date night tonight...

With me, myself, and I 😊

It hurts so much to love someone


at the same time,

understand how much better

you both would be

without one another.

Love is stupid.

You’d think time would make the longing go away.

You’d think time would make the silence easier.

But, no. Here I am, after all this time.

Still totally, utterly and stupidly in love with you.

Love, By: Storm.

REMINDER: Stay single until you're 100% ready to take care of someone's heart.

Throughout my 24 years of living, I have liked 20 guys and only one ever returned my feelings. All I have to say is wow, I must be doing something wrong. Someone once told me that I tend to like people who don’t like me and that truly was a punch in the stomach, but she is right.

I’ve come to think that not telling you how I felt -still feel - about you was the right thing to do.

We’re adults. I’m mature enough to control my own feelings and prioritize what matters the most - our precious friendship.

i haven’t touched this website in four year, but i am better now, i am in love with someone better now. the feelings then that were so extreme and felt like the end of the world at the time were just for a moment. there is many people out there, many lovely important people and it is good to be openly and deeply in love with the people you care about and the small things that make you happy in life.

Dear M

It is absolutely horrible when  the full consequences of "lost opportunities" show themselves to you, in waves you cannot stop and moments that you do not want to live but have to.

It is absolutely terrible to know that you gave your heart and unconditional love to someone that abused you for years.

And it is equally terrible to know that I will never know if things would have been different had I met you earlier, and fallen in love with you before I met him. 

I love you but in the weirdest, most contrived way.

I know your darkness and you know mine, but I also know every good thing that lies in your heart as you know mine. I know the things that you don't say and you can unravel the things that I leave unsaid, even when I'm saying too much.

We have come to that level of intimacy that a relationship would be hard, and we carry so much baggage from our past, so much resentment over our choices.

Too many people would try to be involved and, a few in particular, could make it very hard for me to love you openly.

Still, I wondered about us and I loved you as a dear friend.

Now you are falling in love with someone else and this is my definite cue to stop wondering, to break the intimacy and to let you go, dear friend. 

But let me say it one last time, I love you to the moon and back.