Right person wrong time situation


oh no no no i’m not supposed to be crushing hard on you

Hi Everyone,

This may not be the best place to say it but I'm stuck in quarantine and have no support system because I am the support system.

My dad has stage 4 lung cancer. He isn't responding to treatments. He has outlived his prognosis twice now, praise God. I am an herbalist and have him taking supplements and a nutrition program (which he has fallen off a bit because of nausea and appetite) which have helped but it is aggressive.

Mom called me sobbing today.

Dad was crying. He doesn't want to die- he doesn't want to leave us.

We are praying for a miracle and I need some prayers and support. For anyone willing, will you please lift my dad, Dan up in prayer- in whatever tradition you follow- for his recovery and relief from pain.

Please Friends, I'm falling apart, my dad is my hero. He is my rock. I feel like I need to run and find help but there isn't any. I've done all I can and am now waiting on Jesus. He has helped me/us before and I trust he will again. But please any prayers would be appreciated in great faith.

I feel so alone.

My heart is on the ground.


Thank you ltc community...for your flashes and letters and short stories and poems and every little thing else that you add to this place. Life is so limbo right now. Being able to read about all the feelings flying about is a bit of a daily comfort and a way to connect with folks. So again, thank you for all of your words and feelings.

I’ve always been a loner but then you came along and showed me what it meant to feel loved. But you left as quickly as you came. Now I’m stuck here wishing I’d never met you because now that I know love I don’t want to go back to being alone

In my dreams, you’re always there. But, when I’m awake, you’re nowhere to be seen.

Sigh, By: Storm

The universe is screaming



No wonder I am single. I was at Starbucks one day and a handsome man was sitting down and reading while drinking his coffee. He kept looking at me trying to catch my eye.

I kept my head down with my body tense and arms crossed. He got up and left.

Shyness is a curse.

I feel like we were something in our past lives. I mean, we even have the same initials and birthmarks on the opposite sides of our calves. Everytime I talk to you a blanket of familiarity wraps around us and I feel like we always understand each other. Even if we stop talking to each other for a while we always pick up where we left off, as if the distance was never there.

Now that we never talk anymore, I feel like the glances that we throw each other is a way of saying that we still miss each other

People are temporary. I need to stop getting attached.

Soon, I'll get used to your absence.