I want you to know that I'm very into you at the same time that I desperately want to avoid ever giving you a clue that I'm very into you.

Sure, you said no. But you also know what I was prepared to give for a tiny chance at being with you. I would have been in all kinds of trouble. Perhaps that was a lot for you to shoulder. It was a moonshot. I stand by it because that’s the only way to get to the moon.

The last time I was in this city, you occupied my thoughts. My time. My dreams.

Now, two years later, I’m here without you. We had made plans to reunite in this magical, fairy tale location, but reality interfered. We’re both older now. More mature. We don’t talk anymore.

The last time I was in this city, you occupied my thoughts. Now, he occupies mine and you occupy hers.

Oh, but it could not feel more right.

maybe it was your laugh, or your eyes, or your smile.

it could've been your hair, or your voice, or your personality.

whatever it was, it made me fall really hard.

no. dont smile like that. no. no. no. stop. i swear you know that you're killing me

I’m beautiful. I’m intelligent. I have a bright future ahead of me.

I’m not stressing if no one wants me now because I know I’m a good catch and the right person will eventually see it.

I visit this site every once in a while and whenever I do, I always make sure I go on the more page and heart every single entry I see.

Because you all so deserve to be seen.

i’m afraid i’ll never tell you how i feel

Just sitting here watching the stars realizing I am so deeply in love with you.

It's not a sin to love a woman...

Can't believe it's taken me this long to understand that.

- a proud gay