This feeling..This connection..It’s something I’ve never experienced before..

I wonder if you can feel it too..

You never forget your first love.

Trust me, I'm happily married now.

Years pass and life changes, but you always remember how your first love felt.

My first love and I were on and off for years. We survived everything except his immaturity and my blind affection.

I’m thankful for him being in my life for so many years as my best friend and confidant. For putting up with me even when I was desperately in love and he was not. I can only hope that I was helpful to him during his life when it was difficult.

After all this time I am still grateful for the time I had with him and wouldn’t trade it for anything. All the times I had to surrender my thoughts and feelings to the Lord about him only made me stronger.

And now I have a wonderful husband who continually surprises me with how much fun we have.

So if your first love is giving you a hard time, know it’s worth it no matter what. 

i knew it was you from that first hug when you were clocking out for the last time.

i knew it was you when you tried to make my birthday a better day.

i knew it was you when saw all my pain, and said thankyou.

i knew it was you from that first kiss, that we both never wanted to end.

i knew it was you when we were holding hands cramped in the back of Jujus car.

i knew it was you when we had to fix my tire and put on the spare.

i knew it was you from the way you caught me, everytime i was running towards you.

i knew it was you the first time i saw your eyes flutter open from sleep and land on me.

i knew it was you when i heard our baby girls heartbeat.

i knew it was you when my eyes kept looking for your car when i got home from work.

i knew it was you when i was looking into the ocean and couldn’t stop thinking if you were there with me.

i knew it was you from across the parking lot, when we saw eachother for the first time in months.

i knew it was you when you found your way back.

i knew it was you, when you told me you loved our little girl.

i knew it was you, the first night i held you in my arms again, and we couldn’t let go.

i knew it was you when you visited me at work, looking in your eyes.

and i think, you knew it was me too.

its you. it’s us. forever.

that forever started a little over a year ago.

i know it’s you.

but i don’t know when it’s gonna start again, something is telling me it’s soon. any moment.

and i can’t wait.

~McKinzie LS

I visited this site for the first time at 16 and penned a lot of pained, pining letters for the high school sweetheart I mistakenly let go.

Years later, we reconnected.

I'm 27 now and our wedding is in less than two months.

The love that's meant for you will always find you in time.

Even if I could tell her how I feel, I'd still choose to stay silent because I wouldn't know what to say or how to say it in a way she'd understand.

She leaves me wanting her in ways I thought impossible.

I still think you’re the most beautiful creature in the universe. In the most profound sense of the word. And I hope you can take that for the sincere compliment it is, irrespective of what you think or don’t think of me.

Don't chase a butterfly.

Take care of your garden, butterflies will come.

I never forgot this website. Over ten years later, i'm sitting in my house waiting for my husband to come home. I remember writing about boys I wanted to want me and i'm just happy to say good things come to those who wait. I couldn't have imagined a better partner. So young people have faith - someone better who chooses you will come around it might just take some time.

Thank you for giving me hope that something better was waiting for me. That ‘something better’ being you.

Thank you for helping me realize I was worth something by looking at me the way you do. Your eyes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

Thank you for being you. I love you.

i can see us in a foreign town somewhere. maybe Tuscany overlooking a vineyard. the sun is setting in a cotton candy sky and there‘s a long line of green trees with Dr. Suess whimsy. we are content. we are together. we are grounded and free.