I keep writing to you in a language you do not understand and getting angry when you dont.

-writer in love with an artist

To the people of LTC,

Your crushes, friends, co-workers, classmates, significant others, or whomever you're writing to, are all very fortunate to have someone who pours out their heart by writing letters. Thank you for existing. I love you.

My feelings for you hit me like a truck, dude.

We've been friends for so long. For YEARS. And you had a crush on me, and I didn't feel the same way. I remember how mad I was at myself for not sharing your feelings, and how much I wished I didn't have to hurt you. But you were so kind, and you never held it against me. We were able to stay friends without there being any hard feelings or awkwardness.

And now...I don't know what happened. I really don't. I always just thought, "Oh, there's my friend. My best friend! What a great guy!" And the more I thought about you, the more I realized that you and I belong together. Holy shit, we belong together. We have so much in common...we understand each other. We always have. I'm a dumbass for never seeing it before.

But by the time I realized it, you were dating someone else, so I kept my feelings to myself. We stayed friends. And you told me how unhappy you were, how she always criticized you and pushed away your affections. All I could think was that if I was lucky enough to be with you, I'd appreciate everything about you.

That relationship didn't work out. I was secretly happy when it ended...you seemed better when she was away. Then I let my feelings slip. And you let me know that you'd never stopped caring about me.

So here I am, overwhelmed, falling in love with my best friend, like it was always supposed to be.

You know what? Even if you were to reach out to me now that you're newly single, I wouldn't give in. . I wouldn't give in because you can't just run to me now that the hot girl that you were hooking up with got tired of you. You can't sleep around with girls you meet at the bar and expect me to be there when you want to have an intelligent conversation. Because I deserve to be someone's first choice. I deserve more than you.

-Girl who isn't pathetic

Hey man. I'm so sure I wouldn't be writing this to you if it weren't for the time and the cough syrup and my lack of sleep but man. Man. I love you. I am actively in love with you. Actively meaning putting time and effort and energy into being in love with you I love you. I think about grocery shopping with you. I think about a future with you. I think about our jobs and our mortgage and what i could do to make you happy. What I can do to make you happy. What can I do to make you happy? Man. Listen. Listen to how happy I am with you. See my smiles. Hear my laughter. Pay attention. Please. I am so active in this, this thing

Don't leave me hanging

We're just friends but I want to grow old with you

You're in a relationship with someone you really love. I ask you how it's going between you two and you always light up. Please forgive me, I truly love seeing you happy, but my heart always falters a bit every time.

We talk a lot with our eyes; I don't see why we can't talk more with our mouths.

He complimented my meme references and my taste in music.

You are all invited to the wedding.

Beautiful girl with the glasses and bright smile,

It's time to get over you.