L- i try not to think about you, but I do. all. the. damn. time.

You’re complicated and confusing and sometimes act withdrawn and yet you’re the only one who I feel has truly loved me and I need you....and all of your imperfections.

I’ll always love you. So you’re missing out on A LOT of unconditional affection and cozy cuddles. Just sayin’

Love, By: Storm

If I could talk to you without all the backround noise that would be great.



You know that feeling when your heart is like


This is why I don't like falling for someone. I always end up a little obsessive and crazy.

if she's still on your mind all these years later

there is a good reason for that

Have you ever had that intense feeling of missing someone, even though that someone is always around. Like you long for their touch and smile...You want to lock your eyes with theirs.

you taught me want i want in a partner and raised my standards forever, and we didn't even date

Trying to look calm and composed lest they know the ‘secret’.