We ended things last night, but it was beautiful? I don’t know. I understand you and your pain, and you understand me and mine. I will miss you. A lot. But we are both in different places of our lives right now that being together would be holding ourselves and eachother back. I’m glad we both recognized this. I am glad to have met you and will always be so grateful. I hope our paths cross again someday. And if not, good luck, my love.

I am going through a difficult breakup right now and the owner of the company I work for, a multimillionaire, caught wind of it. He called me outside and asked to take a walk with me. We circled our office complex about three times as he spoke words of wisdom to me, much like a father would. It’s the little things like this that mean the most to me and remind me that even when people do terrible, ugly things, there are still good people in this world. There is still good in the world, even if it doesn’t always seem like it.

I keep imagining giving her a piggyback ride.

It’s getting pretty serious, ladies and gentlemen.

Today, I woke up to the chime on my phone on the nightstand.

It was you, and you said good morning, with my name.

And I smiled, even though I wanted to sleep in more. Because it was you. You were thinking of me in the morning. Imagine that.

I look at this website and go “wow, people really do feel things. People have emotions for other people.”

Because I don’t know anyone in real life that would show how much they care. What if everyone is like this to some degree?? What if people were more colorful than I thought?

You know you're in big trouble when you find yourself googling: "how to stop thinking about your crush so that you can focus"....

I want to say hi to him but I’ve never talk to him before he’s just a stranger classmate in college

crush: *says something*


I guess you not being here is a sign. Maybe that whole convo I wanted to have would've gone wrong. Regardless of my intuition abt this...it's just not possible and I need to accept that.

Distancing myself still feels so wrong though...

It's 4:20am. Soon I'm gonna tell you that I have a FAT crush on you and if you don't like that it's totally cool because it's been years and i need to get it out