The first time I wrote about you on here we were in that "right person, wrong time" phase for 4 years and now we're together and expecting our first child in February

Our stars are finally aligned together and I couldn't be more happy :)

When I go to check messages and see that you’re active online, my heart races a little

When I look at old photos of me and you it feels like a wind is blowing through a hole in my chest where my heart should be

You and I are different in complementary ways. You’re calm and quite and I can be a little boisterous and loud. You like routines and I like being spontaneous. You play it safe and I take risks. But at our core, we want the same things. We feel big and love hard. I’m just more readily vulnerable with it than you are. We have chemistry. We do. You think it’s impossible for anyone to really know you but I know you. I may not know what you’re likely to order from a menu or what movie makes you cry or at least want to cry. I don’t know what triggers you and what scares you. But I do understand you on a level I can’t even explain. And you think that’s not possible. You think that’s a skill only you have. Reading people. Getting them while they never get you. I didn’t make this up in my head. I didn’t make you up. I understand you. Even your dark side. I see it and I love you regardless. With nothing in return, no expectations. In all of my daydreams of you it was never what I could get from you or how you made me feel. It was always what I could do for you to make your life better. A longing to care for you and be there for you to support whatever you do because you’re smart and capable and deserve to live your life the way you choose. You’re a special person and deep down you know you are. You know you’re different but you doubt it and would deny it if ever confronted with it. But I see you as something wonderful and spectacular, flawed as you are. You’re still brilliant. I don’t long for you like I used to. I no longer daydream about you all the time. I don’t feel that urgency anymore. It’s a calm, mellow, I’ll love you forever but I’m glad you’re happy kind of feeling.

Whenever you feel unloved just remember there is some total goober with a crush on you right this very minute and if they were to confess you would reject them in horror.

I’m just sayin, you’re not unloved. You just wish you could be in control of who loved you.

If they won’t give you their time. They’re not worth it. You are worth so much, and I promise you, you will find someone who values you as much as you value them. This is why it’s worth it to not give up.

Everything is going to be so good so soon if you keep moving forward. The worst thing you can do is give up on yourself. Love yourself more than anyone else because you are the main character in your life, and when you have no one, you will have yourself.

You are worth learning to love.

“Hope this doesn’t make things awkward”

Bro, things were already awkward because you are you and I am me.


I feel that just one kiss from you and I would come undone.


The woman who longs to be in your arms.

I think everyone deserves a chance, you know? That's just what I believe in. It's always this doubt, this lack of trust that stops people from wanting more. But what's the point if we just continue this ongoing ramble, without knowing a single thing about each other? What's the point of this friendship if all we have is talking just to pass time? To me, that is meaningless. I want to know you, for who you are. The why's and the how's and the what's. Everything. Everything about you leaves me breathless and stuck with awe. You make me want to be a better person. And to top it all off, you feel the same fascination with me. And it scares me because what is something goes wrong? What if I screw things up? What then?

If you decide to go, just..please don’t leave without saying goodbye.

Both because I’d miss you - I already do - and because I’m afraid of finding out how unimportant to you I've become.

One of the craziest things about unrequited love is how you really only know a fraction of their personality and if they reject you it’s because they are rejecting only the fraction of yours they can see