I'm so glad I'm alive at the same time as you

You may not be around, but i'll always have strong coffee and hard rock from the 80s. I can roll with that.

I often find myself


With my eyes closed


When they open

I find that my feet

Have failed me

For they keep bringing me

Back to



We were hiking through the woods at night, heading back to your car. You stopped behind me at a clearing and pointed up towards the moon. Venus was twinkling beside it. The air was still, the night was warm, and the ground below us was bathed in moonlight.

This was about as picturesque and romantic as it could get, so I quickly turned around to look at you and maybe have a nice moment. Apparently you'd had the same thought - I caught you mid-pucker, eyes shut, looking completely ridiculous while on your way to kiss my cheek. I squeaked from surprise, laughed out loud, then pecked you on the lips.

"You turned too fast!" you exclaimed. You started walking quickly, hiding your embarrassment. If I'd had any sense, I would've spun you around right there for a real kiss, but I didn't because we're just a couple of awkward goons - good at joking and good at kissing, but not so good at the in-between.

Dear 16-year-old me,

You're going to have an unofficial first date with your crush in like, 7 years.

You're going to watch a movie together and then have ice cream afterwards.

Also, he's gonna flirt with you a bit. And text you first.

And it's gonna feel so surreal.

Hang in there. It was totally worth the wait, trust me.


23-year-old me

I was meant to find you, but you were never meant to stay. I hope in another life we work out because you could have meant everything to me.

I, for one, love forehead kisses……..just a hint

Months ago, I thought that we would remain friends and only that. Now I'm here, lying in bed, next to you, feeling the warmth of your back, the softness of your skin, the comfort of your body, and the pure bliss I get knowing you are mine.

Oh my god we shared an ice cream


I think I wanted to be needed and loved by someone more than I wanted him.