Yes, I believe in you more than you believe in yourself. This will not change whether or not I have romantic feelings for you. You are smart, capable, and most of all, practical. A lot of people see your potential, and you earned our respect and admiration.

So keep your head high and I know you'll get things right. I am always rooting for you.

I’ve read a few things online that said something like “if they care about you they would make an effort to do so” but what if they’re just afraid? I’ll admit I truly do care for someone but I’m afraid to let them know. I wish I wasnt afraid, id love to tell this person how I feel about them but it’s also the fear of knowing the truth that scares me

it's been three months and i thought i was doing fine but i know deep down i'm not and i still miss you so much and it will always be you.

this is madness. you’ve already consumed my thoughts enough for me to have issues finding sleep. i’m in trouble now right?

You can’t crave emotional intimacy yet burn bridges.

-Note to myself

The real reason I need a bf/gf is because I just randomly got the urge to tell someone that if I was an earthworm I’d love them with all 5 of my hearts and frankly the amount of romantic potential in me is being wasted as I write this

i finally got the nerve to kiss them. finally after staring at each other, thinking the same thing, i did it.

we're both dorks, and afterwords they said

"do you want to hear a secret?"


"i...have a crush on you."

"no, really?!"


maybe i'm bitter.

all those times we spent talking till 3am,

the countless inside jokes we've shared.

maybe i'm a little soft,

to be swayed by your words,

the banters and the flirtings,

how did you not expect my heart to be moved?

and why did i ever think yours would too?

now you're happily in love,

and here i am, stuck in the same place.



Even when you’re smiling and laughing at something really dumb, or grinning at another friend, I don‘t even feel jealous and I start smiling automatically because you’re smiling and I love it.

hello again,

it's been a while.

I had almost given up on you, in fact I may have.

then, out of the blue, there you were. standing next to me, talking to me.

I don't think I'll ever be able to explain to you how my heart swelled with joy.

I am so damn lucky. We walked together along a path I've walked on day by day hoping to see you, and YOU started the conversation. maybe you do care about me...

then, I saw you the next morning, and you sat right next to me. you smelt amazing which caught me off guard because I was already overwhelmed by how perfect you are, and you talked to me for the whole bus trip. you have the most beautiful smile and voice and face and I just want to get to know you. so, so bad.

the moment when you got up to let me get off the bus, I smile every time I think about. feeling safe so close to you. wow. I don't think I'd cope if you actually hugged me.

i haven't seen you for a week now, other than from afar, and it's breaking my heart a little bit more every day because now I actually have hope.

i truly believe we're perfect for each other, so I guess I'll just have to be patient and see if I'm right.

until I see you again, you'll be in my thoughts and dreams,

green eyes