How do I tell you I like you? It would be so out of the blue and I don't know how you would react or feel etc

Sometimes I don't know how I could feel this way about you, especially when I haven't seen you in a very long time.

I just have this feeling, like we're meant to be with each other. Who knows if that is true or not? But something is telling me otherwise.

There is only one certainty and that is that I am in love with you and have been in love with you for quite a long time now. The rest is up for debate and interpretation.

I want you to know, if you fear reaching out, don't. If you think about settling for someone else, don't.

There's this girl. We work together. She is bright, fascinating, kind, sassy, and above all, beautiful. I mean yeah she's looks great, but her soul is just captivating. I swear, I've known her before. As a dude, I never thought I'd feel this way. I never thought feelings like this existed. I was terrified of reaching out. I convinced myself she was never going to like someone like me. I know, I put her on a pedestal. I just couldn't help it. I thought I would be humiliated and heart broken if I told her the truth. I feared she'd laugh in my face. I was scared that it would make work awkward and unbearable. I feared she would never acknowledge me again and I told myself I could just sit and be her friend.

I couldn't. It was now or never. We were both moving on in our careers and moving on to different jobs. I realized the fear of losing her was far greater. So, I told her. And guess what. She loves me too :)

Do you ever scroll through, wondering if I left one for you?

Do you ever scroll through, like I do?

I keep convincing myself that if I can just see you one more time, I'll be able to figure out what this is and it will all make sense, but I always come away just as confused as I was before, but with the ache of missing you reawakened.

I feel like what we have transcends reality. Everyone has all of these things happening to them, but i feel like what is going on between us is somehow bigger and also so much smaller. I feel like the pieces of my soul that are clinging to you and the pieces of your soul that hold on to me, are out there together somewhere, and that's why I feel this connection regardless of the situation. We'll always be a part of each other. I will always be there for you, whether that means never speaking again and just knowing that I'm cheering for you, or if that means we see each other every day. I'm here and always will be. I hope you can find comfort in that.

I miss you.

I have an inexplicable, unprecedented, weirdly strong urge to tell you, whom I barely know and with whom I’ve exchanged perhaps ten words over a few months, that you’re absolutely, genuinely, seriously, sincerely one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Just tell you that. Nothing more. And then leave and leave you be.

But now I think you’re gone, and one of the most gorgeous women in the world, among the prettiest of pretty sights, was, amazingly enough, right here, right next to me. Perhaps it took me too long to realize, busy as I’ve been. I got to see her in the morning and in the evening and sometimes in between, and sometimes she smiled at me and I smiled at her. How fantastic is that, in hindsight? I was incredibly lucky just to have you around. And now you’re gone and I can never tell you.

You’ve made me fall for you probably unintentionally, mostly from afar, almost without saying a word. And you also probably don’t know it, and never will. I don’t think you’re aware of the power of your beauty and effortless charm.

In life, we cross paths with all sorts of people all the time - people who we might in that instant find, funny, beautiful, interesting, or even people that we know for years - but we still mostly move along without any second thoughts. Without any spark.

And then sometimes we run across someone, even fleetingly, who, apparently for no reason other than some weird, paradoxical quirk of the heart, and even if the thought is totally ridiculous, triggers something somewhere, and makes us wonder about it all.

For some reason I cannot fathom, and being very mindful that for a million reasons it all very much makes no sense at all, you are one of these rare people.

try to avoid you try to avoid thinking about you try to avoid being sad about you & then I RUN INTO YOU IN A CITY OF TEN MILLION PEOPLE come on universe.