And on our third date, we took a nap

Do you know what's really bad for your heart? All those mini heartbreaks.

Like that moment you realize a relationship or a friendship is ending. You realize how slowly it's dying without drama, without fights. And eventually it's just silence.

Or all those moments you realized that person wasn't "the one". All those moments combined. They accumulate. 

What about that moment you remember something that used to matter to you? A dream or an object or a hobby. You wonder how you forgot about it. You remember what it made you feel, what it meant to you, but it's just a memory and the feelings are impossible to revive.

Or the very, very sad moment, you realize you have nothing to say to someone you used to talk to a lot.

I don't know man, these mini heartbreaks make my little heart very tired. When each of them happen they are barely worth any tears, but when I realize what they did to my heart, I'm overwhelmed with sadness. Because I know life is so full of them, and I don't have enough going on to make my heart feel fresh again. 

I don't know.

I'm just sad.

you look at me and I can't breathe my chest is warm with everything I want to say I'm in love with you I'm in love with you and it kills me every day


I know living in the past is unhealthy

But that's where you are.

I am giving myself permission to have the chance to fall in love with you.

Why are freckles seen as an imperfection? Freckles are fucking adorable. If you have freckles please know you're amazing.

I dipped my toe in the water and I drowned in you.

Here's to us, LTC.

Here's to the sleepless nights and the over-analysis.

Here's to the beautiful moments of overjoy and love and the beautifully tragic ones of heartbreak.

Here's to the anticipation, the lead up, the let down, the loving, the leaving.

Here's to saying what shouldn't be said, to not saying what needs to be.

Here's to the eyes that say more than words can, the held hands that mean so much more for us than for the other.

Here's to doing the right thing, the wrong thing, the bad timing, and the serendipitous encounters.

Here's to finding the one in the wrong one, the right one at the wrong time.

Here's to looking for love in all the wrong places, and finding it somewhere we never expected.

Here's to our hurt, to surviving through it all and mending and growing and getting back on our feet.

Here's to our victories, to finally understanding what we deserve and getting it.

Here's to our love.

wake up with me.

we'll be in tangled sheets as the sunlight streams in, and i'll kiss you good morning on your nose, or your mouth, or your cheek.

wake up with me.

i'll hold you for a few hours, or if you'd like we can play video games. sit in front of the television while snacking on cereal, or oatmeal, or eggs. whatever you like to eat.

wake up with me.

but we don't have to get up. we could stay in pyjamas all day, eat up all the leftovers, play games, read, watch shows, talk, or hold each other.

wake up with me.

i want to know what it's like to love in domesticity.


Every time I hang with him, I manage to run into something and hurt myself.

And every time, I laugh, hard and unashamedly, at my own clumsiness, and he giggles, smiling back.

And wow. What a smile. I'll run into a million more walls if I get to see that smile every time.