You’ve been on my mind since the day we met. And it sucks, it really sucks because you’ve been long gone.

I’m too slow with love.

I’m always too slow to recognize that either someone likes me or is not in to me.

Same old story....The quick and the dead.....The quick and the dead.

Me: "I like you."

Crush: "I like you too."

Me, experienced in heartbreak: "Wait, that's illegal."

Sending love, positive vibes and lots of good wishes to everybody right now. We are in uncertain times right now but I am certain that this will bring us closer in the long run. I have been terribly bored past few days but I am learning to be comfortable with silence and picking up hobbies. Here is to you all

Come back to me please. I know the chance are 1 in a million, but I miss you so much. I can't function properly knowing you don't want us. I feel empty without you.

You never got very excited about stuff. Maybe it's your easygoing personality. But damn those couple times where your eyes lit up when they locked into mine. I won't forget that.

It's alright cutting contact with someone that makes you stressed and feeling down. You're not a horrible person for doing this.

What's the point in arguing over text? Feeding drama when you could be in the mood for something else?

The end of the world really has me thinking about doing to unthinkable: confessing

Sometimes I catch myself thinking of you at the most random when I’m about to fall asleep or like when I zone out in traffic. do I miss you .......?

am i really that easy to forget

is it really as easy as unfollowing deleting blocking

tell me how you do it because no matter what i do i am still stuck on you