If I would’ve known that you wanted me, the way I wanted you… then maybe we wouldn’t be two worlds apart, but right here in each others arms.

We almost knew what love was…

But almost is never enough.

Just another night thinking about you…wish I could run into you again and this time actually speak to you.

If you actually got what you wanted, what you pine for, would you be comfortable with it? Would it be good for you? Would it be good for them? Would it be healthy?

It's my birthday today 🥺

Can I get a hug from you all 🥺

Even if it's only a virtual hug 🥺

Thank you and God bless you all 🥺

always choose sleep over your crushes. that is all.

Whatever the future holds for both of us, I only ask for one thing. Please, don’t forget me. Take me with you in your memories wherever you go. For you will always stay in mine

I’m so proud I let go of what I thought I wanted. It’s so easy to get lost in someone and ignore the red flags. You try to see past them but they’re there clear as day. I was stuck on this person for years. They played me like a board game and I kept allowing it to happen. Hurting myself in the process. Last year was my wake up call. I finally let go of it all. No longer crying over him, questioning my worth. I feel so free

This may sound silly to some but I finally managed to send my crush a friend request. I was literally overthinking it and had to give myself a pep talk but ya girl finally did it and he accepted 🙌🏼

Better self talk:

i did my best with what i knew at the time

You are still at the centre of everything for me. I’m working so hard and I’m so tired. It is difficult but I will do it all. I just wish I could come to you for comfort