I almost told you the truth. It was right there, the words, they were right there on my tongue. All I had to do was open my mouth, but I just couldn’t. I guess I realized what I was about to say and my mouth clamped shut. The nerves got to me. I hope there is another chance.

i never noticed your curves 



the hint of a tanline 

peeking out below a ruffled 


the concave valleys on the 

outsides of your hips

the shallow pools of your collarbone 

your shadows 

your shape

there is a feline grace to you 

a regalness in the way

you hold your head and

 stand there

long-limbed and lank.

~ Nemo

All I ever want to know is what music my crushes listen too

Sorry if I'm up and down a lot

Sorry that I think I'm not enough

And sorry if I say sorry way too much

Me: "okay I should keep quiet about this crush, if this news leaks that could cause a huge scene and I also don't want to bother my crush like that"

Also me to every stranger ever: "it all started on the ninth of february, around noon, when I saw him in the hallway looking really cute. afterwards I was left wondering who he was and why he left such an impression on me. that obviously was the beginning of my interest in him and-"

-Rosa Lee

you seemed tired. i hope you’re not thinking too much and sleeping enough.

how are you so young but so wise as if you've lived a hundred lives. how are you so kind when you have been hurt. how do your words speak life into things when words have been used to cut you. how has your touch remained so soft.

your kisses were gentle and soft

oh how we both smiled after.

why was that more intimate than anything else we have done?


i’m sorry if it’s taking me forever..

you’re always in my thoughts. 

every single day 🍜

can you please shift from best friend to boyfriend like right now