I think one of the reasons I check up on you so often is that I’m desperate for any part of you

I would accept the smallest pieces of you, if it made me feel even a little bit closer to you

I’m grateful for the smallest crumbs

That may be all I ever have.

I truly believe you were the right person with the wrong timing. I wonder if i should check up on you. I'm afraid of hurting you again, but the uncertainty is eating away at me.

In a parallel universe there exists a path the both of us share. I hope we're happy there.

So afraid of falling for someone again just to end up hurt and broken again. Always gotta pick up the pieces myself and act like I’m chill. Lie and say everything’s fine. But I crave love and affection so bad. It’s something I’ve never felt before.

i sincerely hoped your 'next time' meant tomorrow.

it's been a year and a half love.

i should have known your 'next time' meant 'never'.


if this makes it to front page, i'll take courage and message him first.

When I think about how much I want to take care of you and how I will never be able to, it feels like a torpedo going straight into chest. The only thing I can hope for is that whoever ends up with you will take care of you the way I wish I could.

please know that if you ever want to try again, and is willing to mend the snags in the tapestry of us with me, I will be here waiting for you.

Feels like I just had a whole conversation with you entirely in my imagination. It was delightful, you make me laugh out loud even in my mind. You are a gem.

somewhere between falling in love and falling apart.

oh to be human. it is a terribly beautiful ride, is it not?

You saved my life that day. You didn’t even know it. I’m so in love with you.