To everyone here:

You are enough. You will always be enough for the right person.

If I can’t see myself being best friends with you then there’s no relationship.

I’m just thinking that we would be perfect together. It sounds crazy but I have these visions of us and I’m squeezing your love for you is endless.

It would be nice to enjoy the sunset with someone.

To LTC users,

Please don’t send disapproving comments to those who complain about their crush, talk about things they dislike about their crush or say kinda rude things about them. This is a website to rant about your honest feelings. Love is messy and complicated and people easily show their ugly sides when it comes to love. Besides, you don’t know the underlying problem. Some people have a crush who has hurt them a lot. Some people hate the fact that they are in love. Some people have issues with expressing their sincere feelings and hence resort to being negative. Some people are glad that they can point out the flaws in their crush instead of sucking up to everything they do. Some people just have a bad day. 

Please let this be a place where people can express everything they feel, not just the fairytale romance side of it all. 

-Rosa Lee

The frequency I put out is miles higher than yours.

That’s why we don’t have that chemistry.

And that’s okay.

I’ll find that person that matches my vibrations.

I want to try and tell you what you mean to me. I don’t really know you, but at the same time, I do. It’s like I’ve met you before. I feel like I could tell you anything and you will understand me. I know you don’t believe in this, but you strike me as someone who has lived many lives. You are a person who stands by your choices, which I respect. You ask me questions about what I think and you check in with me about how I am. I’ve never encountered that before, which is ridiculous to say, but true. You demonstrate a huge amount of responsibility which is incredibly sexy. Your mind works the same way as mine. You can read me so well. When I see you I can help but smile. Even if I’ve had the shittiest day. You make me laugh. You make me not take myself so seriously. You make me want to show up to work. I feel so safe with you. It doesn’t even occur to me not to trust you. I want you. I want to take the rest of my life getting to know you. Solving the puzzle that is your brain and your soul. I want the baggage. I want to shit. I want the sadness. I want all of you, all the good and bad pieces. That’s what I think love is supposed to be. I am in love with you. I love you. Even if you don’t feel that way about me, I want to thank you for being you and for letting me get to know a little part of you this year. You taught me that I can trust again. I pray that you find someone that can be an equal partner in your life who you love just as much as they love you. 

J, Thank you for everything. ❤️,M

Im 25, you think by now I'd have gotten my life together at least had my first job, had my first relationship, but I'm just a late bloomer..and one day I will have blossomed into the gorgeous flower I was meant to be. -anon.

so I told my crush I liked him! I got rejected but I was expecting it. just glad to get those feelings off my chest

does anyone else feel super empty this summer or is it just me?