Stop watering dead plants.

do you like water?


do you like drinking water?

uhmm... yeah?

then you've already fallen in love with 70% of me...

thought i'd get over this dumb crush over the summer but here we are :(

oh man. i'm sad. we aren't a thing but you've somehow invaded my entire being. i can't help but think of you. the loneliness is chipping away my pride and self-control. i can only hope this too will pass.


I wish everyone could feel how I feel about you. Its exhilarating and terrifying and tramautic and inspiring and beautiful and little bit traumatic and breath taking and so freakin crazy. I mean, regardless of whether or not you really love me too, jeez, guys, this feeling. Is. Just. Everthing.

If you feel the same way, then... god. Please just tell me, cuz I bet this feeling feels even better if you share it.


Many people I’ve crossed paths with. Very few I have truly connected with. You’re one of those few.. I’m developing feelings for you. When we talk, I feel a silly grin on my face. You’re the one I want to share my thoughts with. When I leave you, it feels like I’m floating on a cloud. You make my heart feel safe. I feel blessed that we crossed paths. You are slowly capturing my heart and I trust you. Thank you for that and this, whatever it is.

I want to flirt with you all day long. I want to tease you and by teased by you. I want you to wrap me in one of your hugs and hold me for a long time. I want to have deep conversations and playful conversations with you. I want to be around you and laugh with you.

I think I'm a little bit in love with you but I also love being your friend. I am content with any moments we share. I am so grateful for our connection.

- Clown

there’s this boy that likes me and I genuinely am interested in him, but I think about how much baggage I carry — my family is .. something else, I’m not emotionally stable . — but he likes me. regardless. and I’m scared to hurt him, to make him unhappy, when I want nothing more than for him to be happy and free.

we are strangers six thousand six hundred thirty eight miles away, and i still feel like you are the one.

I should've told you when I had the chance, I should've told you that  I'm never not day dreaming about you, and when I'm asleep my mind becomes a kaleidoscope of you. I don't let myself think about just how much I miss you. It feels too dramatic. But I'm frightened of how much everything reminds me of you. You don't even know it, but you have my whole heart in your palms. Be gentle with it.