Dear younger me,

I just wanted to give you an update, because I know you are struggling so much right now.

This week, you did something amazing. You came out to your cousin, sister, Allie, and Carina. They know you are trans, and they still love you.

Right now, you feel stuck, and lost. You feel like you aren't going anywhere, but I promise you will find the courage soon. Now, all I have to do is tell mom and dad, then go to the school. I'm making progress for you. I know you like pushing it off for the sake of other people, but I need to take care of us right now. So, please don't worry. You will actually get there!

I love you,


I never regretted falling in love with you.


I saw two old people smile at each other today....they didn't know each other. But I could see something special in those smiles.....and it reminded me of my situation with you.

I hope all of us get what we want on this website community. Whether its to get over someone, get the crush in school to notice/talk you, to get a text back, or get the boy you've loved from afar for 6 years.

I wish we could all get what we want so dearly in life. Lets keep each other in our prayers and warm wishes.


I'm going to change my name.

First name: Awkward

Last name: Silence

Everyday I'm falling in love in different ways but with the same person.

This isn't a letter to a crush, but this is a letter to the guy that could've been. 

During my senior year of high school, I left the small town I've loved and known all my life to a city that's busy and bustling, to a school that's huge and intimidating. For the first time in my life I was the new girl, but things didn't play out the way I wanted.

I hardly made friends, people thought I was too weird to talk to, and as a result I would spend almost all of my lunches eating alone. Sometimes I even found myself sitting in the bathroom just to waste some time before my next class.

As the school year went by, there was always one thing I HATED the most: being alone, in public, before my last class. I would sit outside, alone, and eat lunch. Sometimes I'd even bring a book to "read" just so I wouldn't have to see everyone else with their friends and feel even worse about myself. Even the friends I did have would see me and just walk past me.

One day, I spotted him. He was with his group of guy friends just joking around. I quickly looked down at my book and felt embarrassed to be sitting alone. Soon, I noticed someone sitting beside me and it was him. He came and he brought along all his friends. And even though he could've just sat down, said hi, and turn back to his friends, he talked with me instead. That moment changed my life. And so did he.

So to you, guy that made my heart so happy I could cry, thank you for simply being kind enough to look past your popularity and my oddity, and thank you for coming to sit and talk to me. You have a beautiful heart.

And maybe we could've been more, but what you gave me was more than enough. I hope you never forget what you did for me because I never will. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I've finally found someone to adopt a dog with.

I keep writing to you in a language you do not understand and getting angry when you dont.

-writer in love with an artist