it’s crazy that 2 years ago you finally told me you loved me

and now,

well now

we don’t even talk anymore

I wish it was as easy for me to let go of you as it was for you letting go of me

god it just sucks because i don't know if you even miss me at all or if i ever even meant anything to you in the first place

and i can't ask you about how you're feeling or what you're thinking anymore but i still miss you so bad it hurts

idk i wish you would reach out or show any sign that you're hurting too or that you're thinking abt me or something because i worry maybe you've forgotten about me already

- i'm tired and i can't sleep and it just kinda hurts i guess

I genuinely wonder how you've been doing now. Hope you're well.

I am eighteen years old and have never been kissed. Embarrassing. I know. Except I was just cast in a play where I have to kiss this guy who also apparently has never kissed anyone. God this is going to be so awkward.

So you like to read?? and have excellent taste in music?? and you like hiking?? and you play guitar?? and write short stories in your free time?? and you're very interesting?? and fun to talk to?? Not to mention really hot?? I'm screwed here, very much screwed

It was the first day of school, and the teacher placed us together on the seating chart.

Please tell me you miss me too.

What’s the point of feeling this way about someone when they don’t feel it too? I wish I could immediately stop these feelings inside of me.

To the writer below, and any who might be feeling this way:

Their inability to see your worth does nothing to diminish yours!!!

you are still you and every bit as pretty, smart, kind, curious, handsome, sensitive, whatever makes you, you...

Is still there.

And you deserve to love you, even if they don’t!