She’s the one 

She‘s the one they all speak of. The woman every man wants.

She‘s the one who is sweet and caring. Not just with her words, but also with her actions.

She’s the one who is loyal. I’ve been dirt broke and I’ve been piss poor. I’ve been sick for months yet she still stuck it out with me and helped me rise.

She’s the one who denied every move other man made on her. Richer ones, better looking ones, taller ones, but she still saw me as her one and only king.

She’s the one who cooks my favorite meals, buys me thoughtful birthday gifts, kisses me everytime she gets a chance and is a Goddess in the bedroom.

She’s the one my mom adores and my dad loves as his daughter in law. A woman so respectful and modest, yet so strong in her femininity and beauty.

She’s the one who is mine, and mine alone. My darling and my own angel. A woman who was always there with me during the darkest times in my life, now she’s with me reaping the rewards of the joy and light times.

Brown eyes, brunette hair, a beautiful body with delicious curves, I never knew God could create such spectacles. She makes biology look so good with her beauty and the chemistry she carries so holy.

I am blessed, and I kiss her forehead everyday.

Do you ever meet someone and think, they’re the game changer?

Because that’s what he is.

I see a long future with him and a family.

Something I never wanted.

He’s my game changer.

~My Sun, Your Stars

we broke up today.

It was the most beautiful thing.

No anger. No hate. No resentment. Just life circumstances. Sometimes there isn't enough magic in the world... at least not enough to keep us in the same country.

But he said something that stuck with me.... "we loved gently. And we leave gently."

For the rest of my life I will carry this man with me- all the way to my soul.

But I love him enough to let him go... and I think he loves me enough to do the same.

He's the one. I know that. But the universe says it can't happen. And sometimes, you have to respect the universe, too.

With you I would have rediscovered the world. I would have rediscovered life. I wanted the excitement of showing each other new places, and of discovering each other. I wanted our first Christmas morning in our pajamas, our first New Year's kiss, our first argument, our first trip to the grocery store.

Wondrous to think that your insane charm, electric gaze and devastating smile may have been intended for me, just me, of all guys, for those brief moments. But whether and why, I’ll never know.

I used to be wild in love and life. I used to kiss strangers, demand attention everywhere I went, thrive on drama, fall hard and fast in love, fall equally fast out of love, scream, cry and slam doors. I used to mistake drama for passion and stability for boredom.

Then I met him.

I want you to know that I'm very into you at the same time that I desperately want to avoid ever giving you a clue that I'm very into you.

Sure, you said no. But you also know what I was prepared to give for a tiny chance at being with you. I would have been in all kinds of trouble. Perhaps that was a lot for you to shoulder. It was a moonshot. I stand by it because that’s the only way to get to the moon.

The last time I was in this city, you occupied my thoughts. My time. My dreams.

Now, two years later, I’m here without you. We had made plans to reunite in this magical, fairy tale location, but reality interfered. We’re both older now. More mature. We don’t talk anymore.

The last time I was in this city, you occupied my thoughts. Now, he occupies mine and you occupy hers.

Oh, but it could not feel more right.

maybe it was your laugh, or your eyes, or your smile.

it could've been your hair, or your voice, or your personality.

whatever it was, it made me fall really hard.