Why are you still in my heart after all this time? I dont want to love you, I didn’t choose this. But I do, so very much. I’m afraid to see you again. How intensely I will feel in your presence. It’s becoming a distant memory, your face, your eyes. The feeling I feel sitting across from you. Not just comfort and safety, I feel that I really like you, I feel attraction, connection. Then I feel stupid all over again because you don’t love me that way. I keep reminding myself that you are a lesson. Knowing you taught me that genuine people exist. That soulmates are real, because our connection is surreal. That I can be myself. That’s the greatest gift anyone could give me. Because of this simple act, I can grow. I love you and its ok that you don’t love me back. I’ll still always feel in love and genuine caring for you. I really wish you peace, light and love.

In the midst of a pause in conversation or the car ride home, I felt myself relax in serenity. My innocent crush replied to my message and although it wasn't romantic or dreamy, it left my brain hyped up on endorphins and my head in the clouds. Oh, how good it feels, this familiar euphoria, this well-known bliss. How much love I have saved in my bones and within my veins, ready to pour onto the boy who is at fault for the hair on my arms that stick up and uncontrollable smile.

I am a bubble floating within this sweet, cotton candy sky and I am ready to burst. I'm ready to love again, guys. I'm ready.

I’ve admitted to myself that I love you. I just can’t admit it to you.

not to be dumb but i want to marry u

Your eyes are indecesive. They never seem to know what color they want to be.

Blue as the sky we looked up to, while we moulded clouds with our minds. Emerald as the grass beneath my toes as we started to become distant. Grey as the storm that gathered in your eyes when you said goodbye.

Your eyes are just like you. They never seem to know what they want.


have you guys ever hungout with someone and you just click? it’s all natural, all flirty, and hella fun? because same. and i wanna thank god i met him because wow i don’t think i ever been this happy before & to the one making me happy, thank you.

When I look at you, my soul lights up. You make me smile, laugh and want to be the best version of me. I am ready to love someone and that someone is you.

So i just accidentaly liked his instagram pic from a year ago, time to throw my whole phone away.

Don’t smother aspects of her personality. Don’t quiet her opinions or her strength or her freedom. Don’t make it seem as though she has to manipulate her insides to be fitting to you. Admire her as she is or let her be.

I think I found this website ten years ago.

so here's the advice I wish I'd had ten years ago:

  • when a good guy cares about you, he doesn't leave room for doubt.
  • if you're not sure if he's really a good guy, look less at what he says and more at what he does.
  • and finally, with a good guy, you don't have to choose between your goals and your relationship. because he'll want to help you reach them.

(in case you couldn't tell, I fell in love with a good guy in those ten years. and it may not feel like it now, but you will too.)