On those nights you are unsure, I’ll be there to tell you it’s okay. 

I promise if you lean into me I won’t let you down. 

even if most of your socials are currently deactivated i still think of you.

i wonder how you’ve been doing nowadays.

And still, when the day is over and all is quiet, and I’m warm and comfy in bed,

the last place my thoughts always drift back to

is you.

You ever have a crush and just think, "I have no chance, why am I trying?"

i feel dumb and desperate.

im sorry, i hope you understand.

Damn those feelings hit me like a bus today

This level of want for you is so past normal it's ridiculous. Sometimes I think that you want me too, but I know it will never happen.


i love the way you smile when you talk. i love the way your neck looks when your hair is over your shoulder. i love your passion. god, i love your eyes, i really do. they shine amber, you know? when they used to meet mine, i felt my stomach drop. i could hear my heartbeat. it was so good to see them again. bittersweet, but worth it.

i want to write about you, but i won't ever talk to you, will I? still, still, i'll think about your smile for a little while longer. do you mind? you don't know, you never could, you don't know me. you might not even remember my name. but you're in all of my bookshelves.

i want you to meet my dog.

(that's the best declaration of a crush i could think of).

love, a writer.

Hi guys

I think there's something wrong with me. I'm 24 and I've had crushes and all that, but I've never met someone I have connected with. Or whatever it is that's supposed to lead to love (I've never been in love).

I'm picky, everyone says that and I agree, and I have high standards. I just want a guy who actually wants to know me for real, you know. Who I connect with and can be vulnerable with. Someone I can have an actual conversation with. A proper, deep conversation.

It seems like it's hard to find love when you're an introvert. Or maybe it's just me...

Please help me guys.


For weeks, I've been writing and deleting letters. Because I can't articulate it.

It feels like my heart is suffocating. I just really miss you-- all the pieces of you.

There's so much more but that's all that matters.