I miss you so much it hurts physically.

This is the cheesiest shit i've ever written, but just saw a video where this girl said that the first time she met her husband she thought... "there is the rest of my life standing right in front of me." That's exactly how i feel about you.

Let's not waste any more time. I want to experience life with you.

If we could just say something other than "Hi, how are you," I think we could really hit it off.

you're still the only thing that's ever felt like poetry.

Ive loved you for so long. I messed up. I wish I could reverse time and make things right

I never thought I could say this but you're such a sweet memory. I will always appreciate these small happy moments, even though they mean absolutely nothing.

If a boy makes you feel crazy, he is not the one for you. If a boy makes you cry, he is not the boy for you. If a boy leaves you wondering, he is not the boy for you.

He wants you to shoulder the pain of witnessing his vulnerability. Not only does this make him a coward, it makes him a loser.

Him: my heart feels weird

Me: what?

Him: feel it *takes my hand and puts it over his heart*

Me: it’s beating really hard are you okay?

Him: it’s fine, I think I finally know the reason why it’s felt so weird lately

I don’t know what just happened but now my heart is starting to feel weird too

Last night I felt you staring at me when you thought I wouldn't notice. I looked over a few moments later to see you smiling with a funny lil look on your face. When I asked what you were looking at, you just grinned and shook your head at me.

I wish you could look at me that way forever.