Y'all realize that we're growing up with LTC, right?

We started posting in our 20's or younger but we'll still be posting when we're 45. We're gonna do life together. We're gonna know each others hopes and dreams and heartaches. I know I'll be back in 10 years. And so will you.

ASDFGHJKL okay so this is like one of the cutest things that's ever happened to me??

So I've liked this guy for 3 years because he is just a genuinely good person. (As in, I love him.) But he went to an out of state college so I kind of said goodbye to him and spent the last six months trying to get over him BUT THEN HE MOVED BACK HOME because he didn't like that college.

So he planned to start college at one that's nearer to home, the one that I was planning to go to!

So I started this week and I was super nervous but also looking for him, and on the 2nd day I ran into him and his first class got cancelled and I was early and so we just kind of agreed to spend the time with each other? And we said let's go to the library and just kinda explored and then WE LITERALLY SPENT THE AN HOUR IN A TINY STUDY ROOM JUST TALKING. It was so easy and and natural and flawless. We also met up for lunch and then planned to have lunch at least 2 times each week because our schedules coincided. Now I see him everyday and I just missed him so much and I'm so HAPPY.


All my fellow beautiful love letter writers who also happen to be LGBTQIA ... Today is a hard day. A really scary day. But I've got you. You'll be okay. Don't stop loving, don't stop being you, and don't you dare get back into that closet because the world needs you more than ever. Let's be brave and wild together.

Much love.

There was this boy I went to high school with. He had the sweetest smile and the goofiest sense of humor. Just talking to him lit people up inside and I know that was his aim--to make people happy. His arms were covered in these amazingly awful tattoos because he let his friends practice on him while they were apprenticing. He'd make a joke to fill any silence. He was even nice to me, the school's social outcast.

I never had a crush on him--barely even knew him, if I'm honest. But a letter on here reminded me of his smile and I thought maybe this could be a good place to share the memories a little. He's been dead for almost six years now. I'm not even sure why it still hurts this bad to remember that, but it does.


early in the year just for fun i put an anonymous pickup line in your locker and everyone knew about it but still no one's figured out who did it

tomorrow in science i think im going to go up to you and say "hey are you exercise because you're breathtaking" and see if you still remember the mystery note in your locker from all that time ago

i realize what was wrong; it had been too long since we held each other

how good it was to rest where your heart lives

Let's do life together.

Guess who went out and bought a sexy little red lace number and had three dates this week? This girl

And yeah, maybe I gravitated towards the red lingerie because I remember once you told me that that was your thing. Maybe I remember everything you've ever told me. And maybe I didn't even enjoy the dates. But you know what? Those guys took the time to meet up with me. They initiate. That's more than what could ever be said about you. And the lingerie, (although red, and unlikely to be seen by anybody), made me feel pretty. Maybe I'll buy a different color another day. Maybe I'll go on a date with someone else and have it be amazing. I'm making progress, and that's the main thing.  

-Girl from your past, who isn't pathetic

the boy i've liked for 5 months told me he loved me tonight, approximately 22 minutes ago. still haven't stOPPED CRYING