Bro I just want to watch meme compilations with you and have a good time is that too much to ask

The very reputable source that is a Buzzfeed quiz says I’ve already met my soulmate, and I can’t help but wonder if it’s you

I miss you human! I don’t know why every time we are apart this is the first place I go. I’m so tired and I miss your arms. I hope you’re sound asleep. Love you.

I remember when we were kids we used to stay up all hours of the night talking about just the silliest things. One thing that stuck with me in particular was a pact we made with one another. We swore to one another that if we weren’t married to anybody by the age of 24 that you and I would get married. You are and will always be the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and so independent. Maybe a simple small town guy like me doesn’t deserve somebody as special as you. Maybe the guy doesn’t always get the girl. But hey, here’s to wishful thinking. I pray maybe one day you’ll see me in the same light I’ll always see you. You’re so special to me, you always will be.

btw I turn 25 this week.

Stop!!! Being!!! Cute!!!

I'm supposed to get over you!!! And you're not making it any easier looking like that!!

I can only imagine the type of heartbreak I would type

If you decided to snap my heart like you snap your fingers

along to the beat of the tune playing in my car

I don’t want to just be a note 

in your song

I want to be the whole damn orchestra

Complete with the air guitar

I want to be every lyric you belt out off tune

Even if you don’t get every word right

I want to be the melody that’s stuck in your head

All day, everyday.

- Silent

It hurts so much when the person you deemed as your happiness is also the same person who made you cry.

- starrystarrylove

Everyone alway asks if I have a boyfriend. And when I end up telling them that I dont, they question my sexuality. I don’t get offended since liking girls isn’t a bad thing but it just makes me think. Are sixteen year olds supposed to have a boyfriend already? Since when was it mandatory to have a partner just to show your sexuality? If I was lesbian or bisexual, I would tell the world. Me not having a boyfriend just shows that I’m not comfortable to have one. I just dislike people who are quick to judge instead of learning the reasoning being it.

We came in to each others lives on the slimmest of circumstances, a chance meeting, a crossing of paths. I don't think anything could have prepared us for the next few months.

Our pasts building up walls so high we lost ourselves behind them, everything fighting against us even time itself. But yet here we stand, our walls collapsed for each other, time standing still and waiting for us.

For the first time the world is silenced and the fog has lifted. We can see our true selves in each other and where we are heading.

We're keeping quiet in our secret place, only a few let in to see the beauty unfolding before their very eyes. We've lifted ourselves from darkness and found the light, formed a foundation so strong nothing could shake it.

So, we may be hidden for now, but this is me shouting it to the world.

Yours Eternally,


Someone will always put the effort in if they care about you. If they didn’t expel any effort trying to get to know you, don’t waste your time. You can do so much better.