i wish we could turn back time.

not having you in my life anymore is killing me.

after years and years of writing letters here, to people who were never meant to read them

i've finally written one with its intent to be read by its recipient and its recipient only. one to be sent in the mail to bridge the 2600 kilometers between us.

and i cannot wait to read hers.

my dog knows so much about you

One of the biggest problems with online dating is how many candidates there are at once. It's like the person you talk to is always looking around the corner to see what's next instead of you both just focusing on each other. I really just wish I could meet someone organically but it's a billion times harder with the plague going on. This bites

She's a strong woman. Someone who smiles softly, even in pain. She revels in silence, unaffected by how scary quietness is. She is crafted by the gods of nature themselves, long silky black hair that flows down to her waist, and sleepy eyes that pull you into the depths of her own soul without a single word.

every time I hear someone mentions you in their conversation, I feel sad.

You can run but you can’t hide from

weird inexplicable crushes on inappropriate people

wish I could tell you that I miss you, but some things are better left unsaid

You have been the best part of 2020.

hehe :) i give up :)