She's got a way about her

I've never seen a lady so strong yet so soft

She'll walk away from traps and she'll take more punches than any man

She practices what she preaches and she deserves everything

I wish she would break up with him

I think the two of us know, but we’re both scared.

  • I miss you
  • I love you

Maybe we can work out

Hey.. sometimes I miss you. I wish I could speak with you.

I wish I was your right person

Someday I'll look back at this and it won't hurt.

I'll be loved, I'll go on dates, I'll be laughing on the phone, kissing, holding hands, going to the movies, reading next to someone, cuddling, going on trips, I'll bake them cookies and make them tea on rainy days.

One day someone will give me all I deserve without me having to beg and they won't laugh at how I feel.

Making someone happy sometimes means

Just showing up

You're not in the past for me, you're still achingly present

here’s to manifesting getting kissed this year because i deserve it

We like to think about if we can find people who feel this way. 

Has anyone ever? Has anyone ever loved like this?

This meat and bones and softness wrapped together under blankets and more pillows than can fit on a bed.

We are cataclysmic. Holy and moving across lifetimes and state lines sometimes I don’t even know if this is something universally bound or otherworldly. 


Too delightful.

“Holy f,” we say, astonished at how the world folds in on itself and all that is left is us

and pillows

and want.